Draper demolition - Milford News article, August 7, with
    photos added as the project continues.


                     HOPEDALE BUSINESSES


    This site was started in 2002, shortly after the publication
    of Images of America: Hopedale, to relate more of the
    history of Hopedale, Massachusetts. In 1842, a Utopian
    socialist commune was established here in a section of
    Milford called The Dale. The commune failed in 1856, and
    its assets were taken over by the major stockholders of the
    Community, Ebenezer and George Draper. The
    companies they established eventually  evolved into the
    Draper Corporation, at one time the world's largest
    manufacturer of automatic cotton looms. In 1886 the
    village separated from Milford to become an independent
    town. Hopedale has an area of only five square miles, a
    population of about 6,000 and is located in the Blackstone
    Valley in south-central Massachusetts.

    Massachusetts maps showing Hopedale's location.

    While this site originally included only Hopedale history,
    since 2005 some current stories and pictures have been
    added. Most of them can be seen by going to the Recent
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    on at the Draper plant, with photos added as the project continues.

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