Inman Street - January 2

    Neighboring town photos for January -The
    mysterioius Upton Cave. Click here for more.

January 3 - It's starting to feel like winter.

    Saturday, January 5 - A nice day to be
    on Hopedale Pond, 40, not too windy.

Hopedale in January 2013

Hopedale History Ezine for January 1 - A Model Community  

Ezine for January 15 -
Building a Mill Village

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    Monthly Council on Aging lunch at Father Reilley
    Center, Sacred Heart Church - January 10.

January 12 - A foggy day.

A little snow on my apple trees - January 16.

    Here's a long-handled bucksaw I made last
    week. It reaches branches of my trees that I
    wanted to cut that were out of reach of my
    ladder. It works much better than another idea
    I had tried; bolting the blade to the handle with
    a foot or so projecting from the end. Of course
    you can buy a saw that will do the job, but I
    wasn't about to do that when I had what I
    needed to make this around the house.

G&U yard, January 17.

Lapworth               Tillotson   

January 19

A little cold spell - January 24.

    Does anyone (other than you, of course) ever look at this site? Here's a graph
    Yahoo provides on this. The numbers are usually highest the day I send out
    the ezine and the following day. I sent the mid-January one on the 13th.

Community House - Ladies' Parlor.

January 25

January 26

Hopedale Pond, January 27. Click here for more.

Clear blue sky - January 27.