Click here to go to the Hackett article on Henry
    Patrick, and Rico Calarese's Food Center.

    Below- Patrick's Store was where the parking
    lot is now. The former Rico's Food Center now
    houses medical offices.

Hopedale in January 2016

Hopedale in December 2015   

Ezine for January 1 -
Hopedale in 1916, Part 1   

Ezine for January 15 -
Hopedale in 1916, Part 2   

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The former Westcott Mill by Spindleville Pond on Mill Street.

    In addition to Lake Wales Plastics, since the end of the
    Draper years the former West Foundry has also housed
    Gerrity Lumber, Wickes Lumber, and now, G&U Logistics.

January 1

    A little paint and a star on the door,
    and there it is - a Bluesmobile.

Inman Street

Freedom Street

    This ad is one of many Hopedale items currently on
    ebay. The furnace company didn't make furnaces. It
    was the foundry division of the several Draper
    companies in the nineteenth century.

    Hopedale Pond with a bit of ice - January 2.
    There was ice on the first, but it didn't last long.

The Hopedale Bowl - January 2

A dusting of snow on a skim of ice - January 4.

    The Park Commission would like us to stay out of the Fourth Fireplace/Maroney's
    Grove shelter until the roof is repaired. I've decided that I'll obey.

    Last year, the passenger cars for the Polar Express sat on the track in Hopedale
    for months after Christmas, but this year it left town on January 6.

    Council on Aging annual New Year
    breakfast, with an excellent meal
    provided by Atria Draper Place, and
    entertainment by the wonderful
    Hopedale High acapella group.

    Hopper cars? That's a bit unusual in Hopedale. I
    wonder what's in them. Whatever it is, maybe it's
    the reason the passenger cars were taken out
    earlier than last year. I was thinking maybe ballast
    or some other material for the extension to Milford,
    but one G&U watcher I asked said he thinks they're
    carrying wood pellets for the bagging operation in
    Upton, and that at present they have more cars
    than they have room for there.

    January 9 - I suppose one of the nice things about ice fishing today was
    that it must have been pretty easy to cut the holes. Also, the temperature
    was a comfortable 40, although that left a lot of puddles on the ice. The
    land in the background is where the icehouse used to be.

    Yeah, that's why I pretty much just use
    other people's stuff on this site.

January 18 - A few inches of powdery snow fell overnight.

A windy trash collection day.

Hopedale Pond - January 21.

    Clearing the way for Dunkin' Donuts. It's across
    Route 16 from Cumberland Farms.

    These abridged novels from Time
    could save you some time.

    The snowstorm that's quite a disaster for much of the eastern part of the country
    has been predicted to just brush by us, leaving about one to three inches.

    By morning about five inches of snow covered the ground.

January 25.

Photo above sent by Jack Hayes - two feet of snow.
Photo below sent by my son,DJ.

    Actually it looks better with snow. Click here
    to see more of last year's snow.