The tunnel shown above is on the SNETT in Blackstone. It's not completed yet, and much of it in that vicinity is fenced off, but in an
    hour's walk on Sunday, February 1, we saw about 30 to 40 people walking there. Here's a bit about it from the SNETT website.

    The Southern New England Trunk Line Trail (aka the "SNETT") was designated as a National Recreation Trail in 1994. It is built
    upon a segment of the former right-of-way of the New Haven Railroad's Midland Division, which operated between Boston and
    Putnam, CT.

    Today, it runs nearly uninterrupted for 21 miles between Grove Street near the southeastern edge of Franklin State Forest and the
    Connecticut state line in the Douglas State Forest. Although the trail is open and very scenic, note that much of it is currently
    unimproved with heavy overgrowth best suited to hiking and mountain biking.

Looking down at the Blackstone River from the SNETT on February 1.

Hopedale in February 2016

Hopedale history ezine for February 1 - Hopedale in 1916, Part 3   

Ezine for February 15 -
The Blizzard of '78   

One year ago -
Hopedale in February 2015   

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    February 5 - A few inches of wet snow.

    Right - Snow on the clothesline.

    Ruth and Frances Howarth, super swimming sisters, were in the news a lot in the late
    1930s and 1940. They grew up at the Adin Ballou house on Dutcher Street, very handy to
    Hopedale Pond. As you can see in the clipping, their winter swimming was done at the
    Whitinsville Gym, and elsewhere for meets. Click here for more on the Howarths.

    Hopedale High's undefeated basketball team was the big news in
    town in February 1957. Click here to read about more of the games.

Mellen Street Field, now named Philips Brothers Field.

February 5

February 6

It's kind of like The Godfather, except they're smiling.

Williams Street - February 6

                                   Freedom Street Sidewalk to Close

                                 By Zachary Comeau, Daily News Staff

       HOPEDALE - The town is looking to ask Town Meeting to spend an undetermined amount of money to repair the failing sidewalk on Freedom

       Town Administrator Steve Sette said Friday that a recent state inspection determined that the sidewalk, which runs parallel to the Draper complex
    and along the street over the Hopedale Pond dam, is failing due to compromised support beams.

       Sette said when inspectors come again, the town could be required to close the sidewalk, so the town is expected to do so “within the next week or
    two,” Sette said.

       Sette said town officials, including road commissioners, were made aware of the condition of the sidewalk two to three weeks ago and decided to
    embark on repairs.

       A support beam under the sidewalk is “beginning to corrode and become unsafe so that the sidewalk someday could just cave right in,” Sette said.

       To prevent that from happening, the town is proposing to dig up the sidewalk and install a new support beam.

       Utility lines under the sidewalk will have to be disconnected and reattached during the process, he said.

       Sette said a construction cost has not yet been determined, as the town is waiting for figures from an engineer.

       “We will probably be looking to go to bond at Town Meeting for the amount,” he said.

       The meeting will be scheduled for March 9, and the warrant will open and close on Feb. 16 and 19, respectively.

       The sidewalk and a lane on the bridge could be closed until the spring, Sette said.

       In September 2015, Sette said Phillip Swachman, who owns the dam and the massive Draper complex built over the Mill River, had engineers
    assess the dam to inspect its structural integrity, but it was determined to be safe.

       The building has been vacant for decades. It was once a major hub of textile loom manufacturing until the company closed in the 1970s.

       Swachman and his company, First American Realty, have owned the building and adjoining parcels for about a decade.

       Sette said Selectmen Chairwoman Sandra Biagetti met with Swachman privately recently. Biagetti could not be reached for comment. Milford
    Daily News, Feb, 5, 2016

Click here to read the entire article.

    Dr. Park's staff wishes him a happy birthday as he reaches the half-century mark on Valentine's Day. His office is at 54 Hopedale

    Click on the picture to go to the ezine for mid-February - The Blizzard of '78.

February 20 - late afternoon
Town Park - February 23.
Hopedale Pond
If you're interested in old Milford photos, here's a link to a Milford Facebook page where more are added every day.
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For sale again so soon???
February 25

    February 26 - Hopedale Pond "iceout." It looks like this will be another year of two iceouts In 2012 the pond was clear of ice on
    February 20. It froze again, and the next time the ice was gone was March 8. . Click here to see the dates and photos from the past.

    Upstream from Hopedale Pond, at the mill pond on Route 140 along the Milford-Hopedale line, there was still a bit
    of ice.

February 23.