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Google Earth view - Copart Auto Auctions, Route 140, Mendon

    I counted 19 hopper cars in the G&U yard. They've
    been there for at least a couple of months.

    Inman Street - April 3. I measured five inches of snow on the ground this
    morning. Most of it was gone by mid-afternoon. More coming tomorrow.

    Progress Street. The picture below is from Amy Burns.
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Hopedale in April 2016

Hopedale history ezine for April 1 - Bancroft Park   

Ezine for April 15 -
A Ride on the G&U   

Hopedale in April 2015   



Mellen Street bridge. Click here for Then and Now - The Mellen Street Bridge.

Freedom Street entrance to the Parklands - April 3.

    Got LNG? It might have come in on this tanker which brings it
    in to Everett.

    GDF Suez, the company that owns that tanker, is also the
    company that owns the generating plant in Milford,

    From Wikipedia - In June 1964, the world's first purpose-built
    LNG carrier, the "Methane Princess" entered service. That's got
    to be one of the most interesting ship names that I've heard.

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April 4.

    Hanger Deck of Carrier by William F. "Bill" Draper,
    from the Palau strike series. Click here for more.

    Goodbye, Lady. Goodbye, Tramp. They're now under a couple
    of coats of paint at the Bancroft Library children's room.

    Above - Town Park, April 4.

    Right - Town Park, April 8. Evidently
    the team was staying dry during a
    shower. They were out on the field
    when I went by an hour later.

St. Mary's, Milford

April 11

    A gift to the Town of Hopedale it says in the caption. Click here to see
    who to donor was. No, it wasn't George Albert Draper. He died in 1923.

Make way for ducklings. Thanks for the picture, DJ.

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The marathon in Natick.

Milford News article - Results for Milford area runners.

    Damage at the Rustic Bridge. Photo from the Parks Commission
    Facebook page. Click here to go to the page for more.

    Click here for more pictures of the
    bridge and the stones in the water.

    Above - beaver lodge - Hopedale Pond. The
    tree at the right, cut by a beaver, is the same
    one that 's leaning in the picture above. This
    isn't far from Fisherman's Island where I
    found a tree cut by a beaver last summer.

    On April 27 I took a walk to the Rustic Bridge and
    took more pictures. You can see the edge of the
    bridge at the bottom of the photo. At least two of
    the stones appear too far out to have just fallen in.
    Looks like somebody wanted to see a big splash.

Skunk cabbage.