Drawings by Mary Owanesian at the Bancroft Library.

Trolley bridge abutment near Little Red Shop.

    Click on the photo of the highway barn to see some
    of the highway department vehicles of long ago.

    Drawing by Dick Volpe for a patent application for an improvement to the bobbin battery
    for Draper's Northrop loom.     Click here to read Dick's memories of growing up in
    Milford, service in the Navy, and working for Draper Corporation, Whitin Machine and
    Data General. I have a large number of Dick's drawings. Inventors names on them, in
    addition to Philip Cenedella above, include Harry Thatcher, John Cugini, Paul Consoletti,
    Wesley Tinkham, Ralph Brown, Randell Sample, Joseph DuBois, George Noll, John
    Nydam, Joseph Budyzna, Frederick Sprague, Joseph Evans, Gordon Robinson, Edward
    Nichols, Guthrie Stone, and many more. If you're a family member of one or more of
    them and would like copies of the drawings, email me using the link on the homepage.

    Quarry in Milford, off of a side path from the section
    of the Milford Trail between Dilla and 85.

    Above, middle - Me and my shadow. Well actually,
    him and his shadow.

    Below, Used car, needs work.

Hopedale in September 2016

(With a few items from Septembers of the past.)

More photos will be added during the month.

Hopedale history ezine for September 1 -
School Report, 1916   

Ezine for September 15 -
William Lapworth, Part 1   

Hopedale in August   

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    Hopedale, Newfoundland. Click on the picture
    to see photos from several other Hopedales.

    Click on the clipping above to go to
    the story of the Hopedale Avenger.

    Why does a flock of turkeys cross the road? In this case,
    to get to the other side of Sprague Street, Northbridge.

    Hopedale High graduates of the Class of 1926. Note
    the next-to-last name in the middle group.

    Click on the drawing of General Draper High School
    to see what the building committee wrote about it a
    bit before its completion in 1927.

    A question that has come up from time to time over the years is, What
    happened to the mortar that used to be on the lawn of the Legion home? I
    was asked that again today. If you know, I'd love to hear from you. You can
    use the email link on the homepage.

    The Hopkinton Center Trail. There's more to see walking
    along it than  trees. Click on the eyes above to take a look.

    Here's another sight from our walk in Hopkinton. While we were in the
    area near the athletic fields, this hawk came from behind, brushed the top
    of my head, landed in front of me, and then flew about 20 feet into the
    woods and perched where you see him in the photo. He stayed right there
    and let me approach for pictures. I don't know birds, but from the pictures
    I've found, it looks more like a sharp-shinned hawk than anything else I've
    run across. If that's wrong, I expect someone reading this will let me know.

    Ancient Hopedale history, going back to the
    glaciers and beyond. Excavation at Mellen Street
    next to the entrance to Phillips Brothers Field.

    The picture above is from VisitingNewEngland.com.  Take a look and see what it has to say about
    Hopedale. While you're there, you can find a lot of other articles about traveling around New England.
The Milford Historical Commission

Invites people interested in the history of our Main Street

To Walk from Memorial Hall up and down the street noting

the unique brick and granite buildings along the way.
The Walk will start Sunday, September 18, at 2 PM in front of
Memorial Hall

Please come share your stories of the Main Street as we walk to
Draper Memorial Park

Then proceed to the Sacred Heart Church and the Doughboy

For further information please call:  508-473-8571

    These pictures are from glass negatives that were
    donated to the Bancroft Library by Hester Chilson in
    the 1990s. They were taken between 1900 and 1910
    by Hester's foster father, Edwin Darling. A couple of
    years ago I printed them and took a walk around the
    neighborhoods where I thought they might have been
    taken - Lake Street, Bancroft Park, etc. I didn't come
    up with an answer. If anyone can tell me where it is,
    I'll put the answer here.

Hopedale Pond - September 16

Day in the Park - Click here for more photos.

I saw his program a couple of years ago. He's very good.

    Here's another flock of turkeys. This one is on Fiske Mill Road in
    Upton. The Nipmuc Rod & Gun Club is just beyond the  little patch of
    woods in  the picture. I checked to see if "flock; was the correct term.
    Here's what I found: A group of wild turkeys is called a flock, whereas a
    group of domesticated turkeys is known as a rafter or gang.