Google Earth street view of Inman Street. Click here to go to it. When you
    get to the Google Earth page, you can drag it around for a 360 degree
    view, or use the mouse wheeel to back out for a satellite view. You can
    also click on the pictures at the bottom to see other street views.

    Hopedale High Class of 1961 at their 55-year reunion. First row - Carol Rose Edmunds, Linda Francis Varney, Paula
    Bresciani Scalzi,Carol Cutter Whyte. Second row Muriel Moore Colthart, Karen Caulfield Pendelton, Carol Barsanti
    Pellegrino, Judy Hattersley Oldfield, Joanne Flooks Johnson. Third row Rolland Morin, Bill Beard, Bill Krauss, Ken
    Johnson, Roland Boucher and Rick Iannetelli

    Another recent HHS reunion was the 57th for the Class of 1959.  The row of seven, from left, Jack
    Hayes, Craig Travers, Joyce (Burton) Anderson,Betty (Chute) Mellen, Bev (Anderson) Harris, Kurt
    Anderson and Pete Billings. In the back is Leigh Allen, and in front, Dan Malloy. Thanks to Bev for
    sending the picture.

    From the Town Report for 1906. What's now named both Route 16 and
    Mendon Street was then West Main Street, the name remaining for some
    years as it had been when this was still part of Milford. Click here to see
    the story of the cupola sitting in the middle of the park.

Hopedale in October 2016

Hopedale history ezine for October 1 - William Lapworth, Part 2  

Ezine for mid-October -
William Lapworth, Part 3   

Hopedale in September   

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Above and below - G&U Railroad yard in West Upton.

Pecking holes in my apple tree. Thanks for the picture, DJ.
An ebay item from another Hopedale.

    Click here to go to an article on all the Boston area
    references in the Simpsons' Boston episode.

    Drilling a well to keep the Community House lawn green - October 10.  
    It's not a result of the drought. It was in the plans before this summer.

October 13
124 Hopedale Street

    Above are the houses that will be razed if Cumberland
    Farms is enlarged according to the present plan..

    The current one-pump station and 1,962-square-foot convenience store would be knocked down to construct a facility
    with four pumps - or eight pumping stations - and a 4,786-square-foot store, according to documents filed with the
    Town Clerk.

    Together, the three parcels contain three two-story houses that would be removed, according to the plan. The
    company is “looking to acquire” those lots, Reidy said.

    Owners of those properties have all filed authorization letters with the Town Clerk granting Cumberland Farms the
    right to submit applications to obtain permits and approvals for developing the property.

    With the new facility, the company would also seek to make it open 24 hours a day, not the existing 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
    operating schedule, according to Reidy. Milford Daily News, October 12, 2016 Click here to go to the rest of the article.

Google Earth view

Red - Cumberland Farms
Green - 124 Hopedale Street
Blue - 121 Mendon Street
Yellow - 125 Mendon Street

Now and Then - Cumberland Farms   

ZBA conditions for Cumberland Farms, 1983   
    The picture was taken on May 10, 2016. The house at the corner,
    114-116 Mendon Street was taken down on May 25, and demolition
    of 124 Mendon Street (just a bit of it can be seen at the bottom
    center) was completed on May 23.

Fire at 7 Glendale Road, October 6. Click here for video.   

Click here for the names that go with the faces.
125 MendonStreet
121 Mendon Street

    Town applies for $1 million grant to redesign Route 16/Hopedale
    Street intersection. Click here to go to Milford News article.

Spindleville Pond - Above - October 17 ---  Below - October 21

    Click here to go to a 360 Google Earth street view of Julia's
    house in Cambridge. Thanks for sending it, DJ.

    1863. That must have been one of the earliest "steam carriages," but there it was in
    Scientific American. The article gives the name as H. Roper, although he normally went by
    Sylvester H. Roper. He also invented a steam-operated motorcycle that's in the
    Smithsonian. His son Charles, also an inventor, first for the Drapers and later for his own
    company, lived at 50 Freedom Street in Hopedale.

Hopedale Pond - October 20

Freedom Street, October 21

Mill Street

Chopped-up tank at the now closed bp station, 140, Milford.