The Puritan, by Augustus Saint-Gaudins, at the Community
    House. Click here to read about it at the Met Museum site,
    and here for the site the paragraph below comes from.

Hopedale HIgh Class of 1986 30-year reunion. Click here for names.

Hopedale in December 2016

Hopedale History Ezine for December 1 - The Draper Companies, 1878-1892   

Ezine for December 15 -
The Albee Corn Mill   

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    To be fair to Rev. Ballou,I'll point out that he said a number of times
    that the Hopedale Community wasn't a communist organization.
    The reason for that was that the members didn't have equal
    ownership. They could buy as many shares as they wanted or could
    afford, which resulted in the two Draper brothers owning a majority.

    Location where the G&U station stood.
    Click here to see photos of it.

Click here to see the history of the Harrison Block.

    Freedom Street, December 2. Click here
    to see more photos of the bridge project.

    Above - These Hopedale Pressed Metal ash trays turn
    up on eBay now and then.

    Below - The former Hopedale Pressed Metal building
    is now occupied by several different businesses.

Soward Street, December 2

Sumac moon, from the Milford Trail near Dilla Street.

Click here to read about the Rosenfeld family and business.

    Above and below - The first snow of this
    winter. About an inch fell on December 5.

Dr. Sgalia's Christmas party at the Community House.

    Click here to see more Milford Daily News
    front pages and other articles in the week
    following the Pearl Harbor attack.

    The Freedom Street bridge project nearing
    completion. Click here to see more.

    Hopedale Pond, December 8. It has a skim of ice, which has
    come and gone a few times over the past several days.

The bridge was opened to traffic on December 9.

    I just ran across these while looking at a patent site. A
    great tool. Everybody should have at least one. Petersen's
    earliest locking pliers patent was granted in 1921.

    The six photos above are just a small sample of what you can
    find on the Massachusetts section of the
    website. You might recognized the picture in the lower left, which
    is on Church Street in Whitinsville. Click here to go to the site.

    Billy Draper's Store, December 14. Click
    here for Now and Then - Billy Draper's.

    December 15 - Ice looks nice, but weather
    prediction for the weekend looks like it
    won't last. For now it's good enough for a
    couple of guys to get out there.

    Again, as I've done a couple of times in the past, I'm posting this for the
    enjoyment of those of you looking at this from warmer places. Note however,
    that while the temperature was 3.8, it actually felt like a more comfortable 4.
    Probably just because of rounding though.

    Inman street. A few inches of snow, followed
    by a bit of rain fell on December 17

Unitarian Church, Mendon. Photo by John Trainor.

The Parklands

    Hopedale's most momentous celebration was Christmas, held in December to
    commemorate not so much Christ's birth - which was supposed to have been in
    the spring - as his example.  It was a conscious defiance of New England's
    religious past, when Puritans had spurned Christmas as a heathen holiday.
    Edward K. Spann, Hopedale: Commune to Company Town. Click here to read
    more about Christmas in early Hopedale.

Site of Billy Draper's Store - December 21

    Senior Center at the Community House.
    Knitted items will be donated.

Community House Christmas tree.

    No skaters on the pond when I've passed
    by during the last couple of days, but the
    fishermen are out there. The pictures look
    like the pond is covered with snow, but
    actually it's ice, and it looks pretty good.

    I noticed a hit on the James Northrop page showing up as coming from Moscow, so I
    thought I'd take a look for a bit more on where it came from. Can't say that it means
    anything to me, other than the hope1842 URL in a couple of places near the bottom.

    Hopedale Pond last Christmas. It's a little cooler this
    year. About 40 today, with enough ice on the pond for
    a few kids to be out there skating this morning.

Extended family gathered for Christmas dinner at town park.