Autos Whirled Around Milford and Hopedale

Ten Thousand People Crowded Main Street
Last Evening to Witness
The First Event of Kind
Ever Held Here

    The first automobile parade ever attempted in Milford was held last evening as
    the chief event of the fifth day of Old Home Week, and was a conspicuous
    success in every detail. Seventeen machines of all descriptions traversed the
    principal streets of this town and Hopedale for about an hour, led by the 16
    horsepower Wayne touring car of W.D. Leahy, and tremendous crowds lined the
    streets admiring the gaily decorated cars as they passed in review.

    Click here to read the article and to see photos of the makes of cars there were
    in the parade.

    You can't take it with you, but evidently you can receive it
    by mail after you're gone. Vernon Grove Cemetery, Milford.

    Above and below - Draper houses at the corner of Inman and
    Elm streets under construction in 1920. These photos are from
    Draper photography department negatives at the Bancroft Library.

    More Inman Street houses. These, photographed
    in 1920, are south of the Elm Street intersection.

    North side of Depot Street. Left to right, highway
    barn, Little White Marketplace, police station.

    The Town Hall Spa, Mei's Diner, Rebecca's, The Town
    Common, and maybe a couple of other names over the
    years. Click here for Don Handley's memories of it
    when his father ran it as the Town Hall Spa.

    I don't have a picture of the Hopedale High Class of 2017.
    Hope you'll settle for the Class of 1919. I'll leave it to you
    to match the names below with the faces above.

Hopedale in June 2017

Ezine for June 1 - The Height of Luxury   

Ezine for mid-June -
94 Freedom   

Hopedale in June 2016   

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    A well-fed rabbit in the front yard eating clover. That's okay as long
    as he stays away from the lettuce, etc. Thanks for the picture, DJ.

    June 2 and it's Groundhog Day again? I thought we had that
    a while ago. This guy is looking out from under my shed.

June 4 - Draper Park, Milford.

    June 4. Gypsy moth caterpillars on one of my apple trees. It hasn't been as
    bad as it was in 1982, but I'd say this year is the worst it has been since then.

Click on the poster to go to MASSWALKINGTOUR.ORG for more information.

    The Parklands fairy walk, June 10. Unfortunately I didn't have the
    time to go all the way to the bridge for more pictures. It appears
    to have been a huge success. Loads of people there. For more
    (and better) pictures, see the fairy walk Facebook page.

Cumberland Farms project.

    Thanks to Ron L'Heureux for these binders from his days in the Draper Apprentice School.
    In addition to hands-on training, students were required to study correspondence course
    material. Ron said that some of the booklets were written specifically for Draper looms.
    Click here to read Ron's memories of the course.

    Why does the turkey cross the road? There's been some mention lately
    of the "Shaw's turkey" that's been seen often near Shaw's Market on
    140 in Milford. This guy was in Hill's Plaza on the other side of 140  
    Thanks to DJ for pointing it out. I was looking the other way. A few days
    later I saw it on the nearby traffic island.  DJ also noticed the Apple
    Maps vehicle in the picture below. I wonder if it was doing street views.

    We have had a very strenuous year in
    combating the Gypsy Moth and
    considerable time has been devoted to this
    part of the work, having destroyed many
    thousand Gypsy Moth clusters. The Gypsy
    Moth menace will probably be very serious
    the coming year, and cooperation will be
    imperative to successfully combat this
    common pest. Report of the Tree Warden,
    Charles E. Nutting , 1917

Cumberland Farms project

    Thanks to Sarah in West Virginia for sending
    these photos of Dutcher temple rolls. Click here
    for a page about Draper and Dutcher temples.

    Charles River, Boston - June 20. Photo taken
    from the Mass Ave bridge by my son, DJ.

    Yes, it's evidently the same turkey again. I saw her in the
    nearby traffic island on Monday. I took this picture of her
    in the Santander Bank parking lot by Freedom Street on
    Thursday. (June 21) I was told at Rite Aid that she's
    been around for two or three months and they've named
    her Theresa. I presume that's because turkeys should
    have names beginning with T. A few minutes after
    seeing Theresa, I passed by a little skunk at the side of
    the road. I was a bit worried about him in that location,
    but after taking a few pictures decided to leave him
    there and hope for the best.

    I saw her on the traffic island at 3 Friday afternoon. She seemed to be
    getting around okay.

    Minor mystery solved. Now and then for some
    years I've seen mention in old newspapers and
    town reports of Gleason's Corner. I had no idea
    where it was. Yesterday while looking through a
    list of fires in the 1926 town report, I saw that there
    had been a chimney fire at the home of a Mr.
    Varnum. I checked a town directory for 1927 and
    found George Varnum at 221 South Main Street.
    That's near the intersection of Plain and South
    Main streets. I'll probably never go through there
    again without thinking of it as Gleason's Corner.
    Now to see if I can find out anything about Gleason