Click here to see more on the Rosenfeld family and business.

    From Paula Roberts - My husband, Monte Bourque, has been sorting through his cards and
    bookmarks and things and found this card which was sent to his Aunt Marion of Lancaster.

    Click here to see a page on Gov. Eben S. Draper and The Ledges.

    Above and below - Park Street pre-fabs built by Draper
    Corporation in 1947. Click here for more pictures of
    the one in the foreground above under construction.

    Years ago the town reports listed all of the calls the fire
    department responded to. In the two pages from the
    1945 report,you can see one of the ways the end of
    World War II was celebrated.

    A search for "Hopedale' on ebay will show many items from Hopedale, Mass,
    (mainly postcards), some items from several other Hopedales, and lots of ads
    for Hopedale boots and Hopedale furniture. So far I've been unable to find any
    connection between these products and any of the Hopedales.

Hopedale in August 2017

Ezine for August 1 - Home Ec and Wood Shop   

Ezine for August 15 -
C. Howard Walker and the Bancroft Library   

Hopedale in July 2017           Hopedale in August 2016   

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    The Milford Stone Co. is on Route 16 on the Holliston
    side of Milford. Click here for a few more photos, and
    here for the Milford quarries of the past.

    Who are those people sitting on the front steps
    at 18 Dutcher Street? Click here to find out.

    A former G&U caboose is now at an ice cream place
    in South Yarmouth. Click here for more on that.

    I was looking through town reports this week for information on the early
    days of the Hopedale Police Department. I was surprised at how little there
    was for the early years. While other departments were in them from 1886
    on, there was no list of police until the 1903 report, and no indication of
    who was the chief until 1914. Sam Kellogg was the chief then, and he
    remained in the job until his death in 1943. What you see above is the first
    police department report that gave anything more than a list of the officers,
    and that's from 1959.

    The above was in the 2016 town report, in addition
    to two pages written by Chief Giovanella.

    Above - An architect's proposal for the Draper Gym. (Photo from
    a Draper negative at the Bancroft Library.) As you can see, some
    changes were made. The Gym and the anonymous donor.

    The G&U on Hartford Avenue, Upton, doing
    some switching in the Upton yard.

The Hopedale Pest House - Click here to read all about it.

    The death of John Foley on August 5 was a sad loss not only to
    John's family, but also to all of us associated with the Hopedale
    Village Cemetery. John was very devoted to his job as cemetery
    superintendent. We could not have had a better man.

    "...a public play ground of suitable contour for sports such as base
    ball, football, etc, requiring a large acreage of fairly level land."

    Do you remember what brand of gas was sold at the Draper gas
    station on Dutcher Street? I don't. Looks like that might say Atlantic
    White something. Flash, maybe. I did a search, and yes, that was a
    brand. One site I looked at had this response to a question about it.

    Atlantic Refining came out with White Flash in about 1931 along
    with Hi- Arc , their premium leaded ........ Ed Shaver

    Above - Graceland in Memphis.

    Right - The somewhat less famous Graceland in Hopedale, at the corner
    of Dutcher and Adin streets.  It was originally the home of Warren and
    Mallinda Dutcher. The home was named for the Dutcher's daughter,
    Grace. In the 1950s and into the 1960s, it was operated as Graceland
    Convalescent Home.

Silver Lake, Kittville, Grafton

G&U track work, Grafton Center, August 19.

Trucks leaving Mendon for a new home - August 20.

Field Day parade, Dutcher Street.

    The Old Stone Baptist Church next to the Wachusett
    Reservoir, Route 140, West Boylston.

Field Day - August 1907

Over the Blackstone River, Millville

    G&U yard, August 25. This turned up here a couple of
    weeks ago, and then it was gone. Back again.