This list will bring back some names from the past for some of you.
    Also It's interesting to see that most of them lived in Hopedale.

    Part of General Draper's home, shortly before it was
    demolished for the high school to be built on the site.

General Draper High School, September 21, 1928

    It may be hard to believe to those who remember a somewhat
    scary ski hill, but that's where it was. With a bit of the top chopped
    off, and trees growing all over it, it looks nothing like it once did.
    More on the ski hill.

    There's nothing quite like the Blackstone Gorge anywhere else
    on the entire length of the Blackstone River. To get a more
    impressive view than the relatively calm scenes that you see
    here, visit it a day or two after a heavy rain, or here on YouTube.

    Baby 'possums alongside the rail
    trail (the SNETT) in Blackstone.

    Click here (or on the picture) for a 360 view
    of the inside of the Bancroft Library.

    It might take a close look, but the stone in the picture
    above is a state line marker. Just 100 yards or so after
    leaving the parking lot at the Blackstone Gorge, and
    starting down the trail, you'll be in Rhode Island.

Hopedale in September 2017

Hopedale history ezine for September 1 - A Letter to Clare   

Ezine for mid-September -  
I'm Engaged!"   

Hopedale in September 2016   

Hopedale in August 2017  

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    If you grew up in Hopedale in the mid-twentieth century,
    three of the names above should be familiar. If you kept up
    with the news in those days, Sen. Dirkson's name will be
    familiar also. Looks like the picture was taken in the Draper
    cafeteria. Like the other black and whites on this page, it's
    a Draper photo from the Bancroft Library.

    Some brochures at the Bancroft Library to let
    you know of events in the Blackstone Valley.

    Hopedale Cable - Same building as the barber
    shop at the corner of Hopedale and Union streets.

    I don't think that $4.95 a month deal mentioned in
    the 1984 article is still available.

    Click here for Milford Daily News article on improving Hopedale
    Pond - "Hopedale officials, Polito, fishing for funds."

38th Annual
Hopedale Day in the Park

Sponsored by the Hopedale Cultural Council
In cooperation with the Hopedale Parks Department
And a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Rain date: Sunday, September 17

Hopedale Town Park  10am-4pm

 Juried Art Show,  Craft tables,  Music,  Food,  Games      

8:30am   Memorial School  5K and Fun Run-   Draper Field   

10:00am – 2:00pm      DJ Mike Rutkowski

          Music, fun, and games at the bandstand

11:00am      Rainforest Reptiles-  basketball court

Noon                TMI Self –defense Hapkido Demonstration

12pm-3pm        Clarity the Clown and balloon creations

2:00pm      Infractions- on the bandstand

 Little Red Shop – open all day

 Kayaks and canoes on the pond with Fin and Feather

Besides all the great food and entertainment, there will be over 25 craft booths with a
variety of items: ceramics, jewelry, toys, puppets, home decor, fashion accessories,
soaps, candles,art, photography, and much more.

Get your holiday gift shopping done early and support our local artisans.

Day in the Park - Click here to see more.

    The new Cumberland Farms is nearing completion. Click here
    to see how the work progressed over the last few months.

Kwik-E-Mart, Springfield

Quick Mart, Milford

Life Flight landing at Milford Hospital, September 24.

Dutcher Street, September 22.

Hopedale Pond - September 1921