My son, DJ, took this picture of Gov. Eben S. Draper
    during a recent visit to the State House. He said that
    nearby was a portrait of Gov. Elbridge Gerry, whose
    name became part of the vocabulary because of the
    unfortunate practice of gerrymandering.

    From Wikipedia - He is known best for being the
    namesake of gerrymandering, a process by which
    electoral districts are drawn with the aim of aiding the
    party in power, although its initial "g" has recently
    softened to /dʒ/ from the hard /ɡ/ of his name.

    The photo above, taken on December 17, 1924, shows a class in what appears to be the Dutcher
    Street School.I was thinking that the one below, taken on the same date, might be from the Chapel
    Street School but evidently not. According to Sanborn insurance maps from that period, Chapel Street
    didn't have lights. Evidently they figured big windows provided all the light that was needed. In 1924,
    kindergarten was at Chapel Street, which also had first, fifth and sixth. Park Street School had two
    seconds, a fourth, and a combined fourth/fifth. Dutcher Street had first, third and seventh and eighth.

Hopedale in December

December 1 ezine - Lt. Draper, 1861   

Mid-December ezine -
Lt. Draper, November 1861   

Hopedale in November 2017   

Hopedale in December 2016   

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    It seems to be a mystery as to what happened to the mortar that
    sat on the lawn in front of the Legion Home for many years.

    The portrait of Gov. Draper at the State House is the same as
    the one inside the main entrance to Milford Hospital. To the
    left is a photo of the plaque next to the portrait at the hospital.

Ballou house - 64 Dutcher Street

7-9 Social Street

155 Hopedale Street

    That's my neighbor Wade doing some work on
    neighbor Manny's chimney. Better him than me.

    Need a bobber? Here are a few just waiting
    for you. They're at that popular fishing spot
    on Hopedale Pond, just a short distance
    downstream from the beach and bathhouse.
114 Mendon Street

High tide in Boston, December 6.

Community House Christmas tree.

G&U train in North Grafton - December 8.

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
    My back yard on December 9.

Thanks very much for the beautiful centerpiece you made, Lisa.

    Above - The Draper home in Washington, D.C.Click here to read
    about the Drapers and the mansion on the goodreads site. You'll
    have to scroll almost halfway down the page to get to it.

    When I got home yesterday, the picture above was on my front porch. This
    morning I got a phone call that solved the mystery of who had left it there. It was
    David Atkinson. Dave and I were classmates in the lower grades, more than 60
    years ago, until he moved to Mendon. The picture is in excellent shape, but
    because it's under glass I couldn't get a good photo of it. It shows Company I,
    Milford National Guard at Camp Devens in 1929. Dave's grandfather is sixth
    from the left in the back row. If you recognize anyone, please let me know.

Napoleon's is gone. Now it's Christiano in the Harrison Block.

    In July, Dave Boccasile sent two pictures taken when the Boston
    Celtics played at the Draper Gym. He just sent six more, including
    the two you see here. Click here to see the rest. They're at the
    bottom of a page about the two times when the Celtics played here.

    Card sent to Mrs. Jesse Byers in Hoosick Falls, New York on December 6,
    1904. It was mailed from Hopedale and arrived in Hoosick Falls the next
    day. Its for sale on ebay, along with loads of other old Hopedale cards.

Familiar with the story of Sylvester Roper? If not, here it is.

    Hopedale Pond on December 22. The ice was getting
    just about thick enough to be safe. By the time I took the
    lower picture, a few hours after the upper one, a couple
    of people were on the ice, but a bit of snow was falling.

    The ice that formed on trees last night (Saturday, the
    23rd) brought down a big section of a willow tree into  a
    flowering crab in my backyard. DJ and I went to work on
    it this morning (the 24th) and cleaned up most of it. You
    can see below what's leftt. We'll get back to that later

    Inman Street - White Christmas. These
    pictures were taken at mid-morning. By 11,
    the snow had stopped and the sun was out.

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