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Hopedale in September 2018

Hopedale in August 2018   

Hopedale in September 2017   

Ezine for September 1 -
Hopedale Community Members   

Ezine for mid-September -
The Water Cure House   

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    Want to get a good look at the evening sky? You can
    borrow this telescope from the Bancroft Library.

    This postcard with a view of the Union Church was sent in 1910. Postcards, the
    email of that time. I presume the 7 o'clock car refers to the trolley. It was
    postmarked Bedford and was addressed to Miss Beatrice Fletcher, Bedford, Mass.

    Above - Mendon Street area kids in front of the IGA Market (Also
    operated for some years as the DR Market) in the early 1950s.
    Click here to see names.

    Below - The same place, but now it's the Hopedale Package Store.

    Looks like the people who put up that
    sign don't care if anyone can see it.

    Clare Draper and his wife, Matilda lived where Memorial School is now. Clare
    was the son of Gen. William F. and Lilla Draper. His son, Clare Draper II moved
    to the South as the Draper business was expanding into that area. Since then,
    many of his descendants have lived in Georgia.. Clare Draper III (photo above)
    of Birmingham died on August 28. Click here to go to the Clare Draper page,
    with an impressive obituary for Clare Draper III at the bottom of the page.

    Here are Bob and Bernie waiting for
    your scrap at the recycling center.
    Behind them you can see signs of
    work going on at the wastewater
    treatment plant.

    If this Hopedale cemetery doesn't look familiar
    to you, that's because it's in Missouri.

Day in the Park - September 15.

    We put in to the Blackstone at Cold Spring Park on Route 122 (Harris Ave)
    in Woonsocket. The Explorer that you see in the picture is operated in
    different sections of the river by the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council.
    This week (we were there on September 15) it's on the part between
    Thundermist dam and the center of Blackstone.

    We talked to a couple of guys who were there with the dragon boat. I was
    hoping to see it flying down the water, but they had already had their
    practice session. They said their next race will be in Worcester. Lake
    Quinsigamond, no doubt.

    For turtles in the Blackstone Canal, it's easy being
    green. Actually it must be hard to be anything else.

    Delicious, sun-ripened produce at the Daniels Farmstead Farmers’ Markets every Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 3:
    00 p.m. through October 7, 2018.   Enjoy entertainment listed below.  Take a history tour. Three centuries,
    ten generations of one family, and many great stories to share!

    Vendors include:
    •        Oakdale Farms, many varieties of fresh veggies & fruits.
    •        Spring Brook Farm,  Natural Raised Beef and Pork.
    •        Giacomo’s Gourmet Cranola, Granola bars, Pesto, Olive Tapenade, Roasted garlic, Roasted
    Tomatoes, Herb infused dipping oil & Soups, homemade kettle corn.
    •        Hurricane Farm, local produce, homemade bakery items, jams, jelly.
    •        The Fudge Lady, large assortment of homemade specialty fudge.
    •        Elzire’s Acre Goat Milk Soap, large variety of scents & colors goat milk soap.
          Daniels Farmstead’s own organic produce and Daniels Farmstead Raw Honey & fresh baked goodies.

    September 23   Farmer’s Market, 11 to 3, Music, Grey Whisker Pickers (bluegrass/folk) noon to 2Pm
    September 30  Farmer’s Market, 11 to 3, Music, Rose Kerr, singer/songwriter, noon to 2pm.
    October 7         Farmer’s Market 11 to 3, APPLE FESTIVAL with many special events. Music, Vocal students
    led by Shanna Keegan.

    Ted Reinstein will be speaking about his book on country
    stores at the Bancroft Library on Wednesday, September 26.
    The program will begin at 6:30 pm. Here's a page about
    Hopedale's country store - Patrick's.

From the Hopedale Bulletin Board page on Facebook.

Ahh, turns out they do want the sign to be visible.

    A couple of days later, Dan Iacovelli posted this:

    The rugs have been returned, thank you to the person who did the
    right thing. Seems like it could have been a misunderstanding.

    That was followed by several paragraphs of explanation of the
    situation by the rug owner.