May 1960
Nat. Register Nomination

    Below - Photo taken in 2001 by Kathleen Kelly Broomer for
    the Hopedale HIstoric Village National Register Nomination.

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Hopedale in May 2019

Ezine for May - Chapel and Church   

Hopedale in May 2018   

Hopedale in April 2019   

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    One of many items on display at the
    Milford History Museum, Memorial Hall.

May Day in the park.

    Thanks to Joan Szemethy for this photo of the Hopedale Manufacturing Company. It was located on
    Sumner Street in Milford  and was formed after General Draper's brothers, Eben and George Albert,
    booted him out of his job as president of the Draper Company. I usually refer to the HMC  as the
    family feud company. Click here if you'd like to know more about the company, and here for the feud.

    This ebay item must have belonged to one of the
    people on the list of Hopedale High grads in 1941.

May 3. Site where house burned in February 2018.

    From a Sacred Heart Women's Guild
    cookbook published decades ago.

    Gannett family members and Hopedale Community House
    Trustees at the dedication of the bench and garden in
    memory of Bill Gannett at the Community House on May 4.

Peter Ellis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
May 1960

    From Hopedale Senior News, the monthly newsletter
    of the Council on Aging, Tribute to Claudette written by
    Council director, Carole Mullen.

    Edesia's mission is to help treat and prevent malnutrition
    in the world's most vulnerable populations. Edesia  

    On Saturday, May 11, DJ and I paddled along  the Blackstone
    River from the village of Manville to the city of Woonsocket. Near
    the river in Manville we saw a neighborhood of row houses.
    You can see in the Google Earth view that there are eight rows
    of them. Here's a bit about Manville from Widipedia.

    The village is known for the former Manville-Jenkes mill that
    burned down in 1956. The mill was a popular place to work in
    the village. Several row houses were constructed by mill
    owners to house their workers in the early 1900s. These
    rowhouses are known by the residents of Manville as "the Brick
    Blocks", as well as the "Murnighan Mile".

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    May 13 - a cool and, before the
    games were over, rainy day.

Mouseover the picture to see this Inman Street house in the 1920s.

    Hopedale Post Office workers, probably in the 1960s. Here's my guess at some names. Postmaster John Bresciani,
    second from left, shaking hands with Ralph Holt. (Hey, Uncle Ralph, get rid of the cigarette.) Then Shirley Stewart. A
    responder who wishes to remain anonymous added Fred Lescoe, Bob Weaver (assistant postmaster) and Bill
    O'Reilley. I think that's Bill on the right end.  Click here to see several more additions to the Now and Then at the Post
    Office page. Thanks, Kate.

    Thanks to Ryan Newfell for this photo of the well-named Water Street in Milford during the
    flood of 1955. Here's what he wrote about it.

    This is from Water Street in Milford (it looks to me to be taken from in front of the Verizon
    building, looking towards the corner of Thayer and Water Street) - the 4 decker is still
    there, but the house to the left of the image looks to be gone.

    From Facebook - Don Howes‎ to Hopedale MA Bulletin Board

    It is official.
    The Hopdale Board of Health has signed a contract with a new trash-recycling
    hauler. E.L. Harvey will begin handling the town as of 7/1/19.

    There will be many changes, some will have their pickup day changed. Trash and
    recycling will be picked up on the same day, (every week) by the same truck, it is a
    split body truck. This will reduce by 1/2 the trash truck traffic on your streets.

    The biggest change will be the major improvement in service. There will be some
    initial glitches we are sure, but Harvey and the Hopedale Board of Health are
    committed to this positive change.

    Please stay tuned for updates regarding schedules, changes, etc. There will be
    info on the Town of Hopedale website, on FB, mailings, and in the local papers.

    There is one bit of "bad news"

    The previous contract allowed for bulk items to be picked up curbside and the
    homeowner did not pay for that service. The town however did, and this of course
    had the effect of raising the total contract costs in a slightly unpredictable fashion.
    The new method will be; you call Harvey, pay for the item with a card (a list of
    items/prices will be forthcoming) on the appointed day you put the item out

    There are other options. When you buy a new item, you arrange for them to
    remove the old one. You can bring most items to the recycling center, (a cost
    appies).You sell or give it away, Freecycle, FB marketplace, donate, etc.
    This is a more realistic and equitable approach.

An osprey ( I think) over the Qunsigamond River in South Grafton.

    "Uncommon" according to an Audubon book. We see lots of
    painted turtles sunning themselves along the ponds and
    rivers in the area, but today in the Parklands we had the rare
    luck to spot a spotted turtle. In the picture above, it was on the
    Parklands road. I moved it in the direction it was headed so it
    wouldn't get run over by a bike. Click  here for an Audubon
    page with info on turtles in Massachusetts.

    Months of work at 75 Dutcher Street has
    been completed and it's now for sale.

    The gentleman on the left has been coming to Hopedale from
    Marblehead twice a year since 2001 to set up and take down the
    winter covering on the Statue of Hope. He has decided to retire from
    doing that, and is showing the gentleman on the right how it's done
    so that he can take over the job. A new cover had to be made this
    year and there were some difficulties in the project so it wasn't
    completed in time to use, but it will be ready for next winter.

    Below - The statue later the same day.

Hopedale Pond - May 22 - Seven swans a-swimming.

Kitchen fire on Inman Street - May 31.