We milked twelve or fourteen cows. There was the mean mother cow and
    mean Julia and gentle Daisy and Cleopatra to name a few. Dad sold the
    milk to Coffin’s Dairy in Mendon. We stored the milk in twenty-quart cans in
    the spring house, a small outbuilding with a sunken soapstone well cooled
    by cold spring water until it went to Coffin’s to be bottled and delivered.

    Where was this farm, and whose memories are these? Click here to find out.

From the Hopedale Centennial cookbook.

Hopedale in June 2019

More photos will be added to this page during this month.

Hopedale in June 2018   

Hopedale in May 2019   

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    This is an item for sale on Ebay.  Why Hopedale pillow covers? I have
    no idea, but also on Ebay you can find Hopedale as part of the name for
    bookcases, storage cabinets, pendant lights, vanity lights, table lamps,
    curtain panels, beds, shirts, pants and boots. Of course there are many
    other items with obvious connections to the various Hopedales, but for
    these goods I can't figure where the name comes from.

Click for Sailor Jerri - Hallelujah Veterans Version

Thanks to Sheila Thayer for sending it.

    Anyone who was there that night want to write their memories
    of it for me to add here? Anyone? Anyone??? I'm sure we must
    be beyond the statute of limitations. Alcohol in Hopedale.
June 1972

Click to read about Rico's and Patrick's.
It could be yours.

Managed by the elastic fabric man, William Lapworth.

    Here are a few pictures I took on June 1 when DJ and
    I took during a little trip up the Charles in Waltham.

    For my birthday this year, (78 in case you're wondering) my
    brother Ted took me to Portsmouth, Rhode Island for a six-mile
    trip pedaling the little rail car you see us on here. They're run by a
    company called Rail Explorers. After that, we walked around
    Newport for a while and then had a nice dinner. Thanks for a
    memorable day, Ted.

No, that's not us.

D-Day landing, June 6, 1944. Click here for video.

    I took these pictures of lady slippers in the Parklands (west
    side) on June 4. It's a short season for them. They flower for
    about two weeks. You might find one or two on the east side,
    but many more on the west. I saw more this time than I've
    ever seen in the past. I don't know if there really are more, or
    maybe I was just paying better attention. Click here to see
    many more lady slipper photos from the same day.  Click
    here for the Wildflowers in Hopedale menu.

    Today, June 4, is the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 14th amendment
    by the Senate. It had passed the House in May. Fourteen months later it
    became law when Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify it. (Eventually all
    states passed it, with Mississippi jumping on the bandwagon in 1984.)

    As you can see in the Milford News article, when the National League of
    Women Voters unveiled a tablet honoring those who had made the passage
    possible, Fanny Osgood of Hopedale was one of six Massachusetts women
    whose name was on it. I haven't been able to find a better photo of the tablet
    than the one you see here. Click here for more on the campaign for women's
    suffrage in Hopedale.

    Click here to see the rest of the story of a murder-suicide
    in June 1969 involving one of the Hopedale Drapers.

    Thanks to Ann Lamontagne at the Milford History Museum,
    Memorial Hall, for this photo of a Draper baseball team.

    Fairy walk in the Parklands - June 8.
    Click here to see many more photos.

    I think they were happy that I let my lawn get longer than
    usual. The rabbit, especially, spent a lot of time eating.

Worcester Tornado - June 9, 1953

    June 1752 - the Franklin kite in a thunderstorm experiment.  Touch your mouse
    arrow to the key and see if you feel a shock..  Click here for the story in detail.

Here's a hit from 1965, Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction.

The sign is down. Goodby Rite Aid, hello Walgreens.

    There's been some recent work on the G&U roadbed going toward
    Milford. This picture was taken on June 23 from near the Sacred Heart
    Church parking lot, looking toward the bridge over Hopedale Street.

    75 Dutcher Street for sale. Click here
    to see inside on realtor.com.