Alexander H. Allen: 1800's Town Father

    Alexander Hamilton Allen served the town of Mendon with honor and distinction in the
    1800's. His family was well-established in the village center.  He married Hannah B.
    Wood in 1838, and they built their home at 20 Maple Street.  His sister, Anna Warren
    Allen, married Attorney Charles C.P. Hastings in 1838, and they lived diagonally
    across the street at 7 Maple Street.  Their house had been a wedding present.
    Another sister, Louisa Allen, married postmaster/storekeeper Henry Aldrich in 1839,
    and they lived at 15 Main Street.  The youngest sister, Minerva Allen, married James
    Cunnabell in 1849, and they lived on Maple Street.  All were active participants in the
    village community, but it was Alexander whose contributions to his town were

    To be elected as a town official is an honor, and to be re-elected is an indication that a
    commendable job had been done.  Alexander's diligence in conducting town
    business was acknowledged and rewarded by a grateful electorate many times over.  
    The public confidence entrusted in him took place between 1832 and 1879.  He was
    elected to the board of selectmen twenty-two times (one year terms), town clerk four
    times, town treasurer four times, school committee five times, and assessor once.
    His devotion to public service was most praiseworthy.

    In 1879, after forty-seven years as a town official,  it was necessary for Alexander to
    step down due to health reasons.  A town meeting vote on November 4 unanimously
    passed a resolution to thank him for his many years of dedicated service.  Attorney
    Alexander Allen was a man of sterling character who used his legal background for
    the betterment of his town.  He was first elected at age twenty-four.  It appears that at
    that time the words of John Buchan could have applied to his noble outlook on
    government, "Public life is regarded as the crown of a career, and to a young man, it is
    the worthiest ambition.  Politics is still the greatest and the most honorable

    Three generations of the Phipps family resided at 20 Maple Street in the 1900's.  Fred
    Phipps is the current owner.

      Richard Grady  
      Mendon, MA

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