Boy Scouts - Troop 1, Hopedale - Late 1966-1967

    The pictures on this page were sent by Mike Connelly. Here's Mike's account of how they
    happened to get back to him several decades after he had put them into a scrapbook. During
    these years, Troop 1 was very active, and twenty of the Scouts attained the rank of Eagle.

    This is from an album I put together. Scoutmaster Frank Care asked me to put this together as
    one of my duties as the troop scribe. When I moved to Framingham I gave it to my classmate
    Robert Biggs. I had forgotten this entirely. When I went to visit Robert in Naperville, Illinois, last
    November he had it waiting for me on his kitchen table. I was blown away. It has my handwriting
    all over it, for I captioned many of the pictures. Robert very generously gave the album to me last
    week and I just photoed it so others can enjoy the pictures.


 Eagle Court of Honor, 1967

 Scout pictures from the summer of 1968  

Mt. Greylock trip, 1968          Camporee, 1968   

Meetings at the Community House, 1968   

Winter Camp, 1968          50-Mile Hike, 1969   


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