BU bridge. The right side goes over a railroad bridge.

BU's DeWolfe Boat House on left.

    At this point we had turned a bit before going under
    the Mass Ave bridge, and were heading upstream.

BU buildings

She passed us like we were standing still.

Riverside Boat Club on the left.

    Week's foot-bridge ahead. After going under
    it, we turned and headed back downstream.

    We put in to the Charles River from a little launch site off of Memorial Drive, Cambridge. It's a
    great spot for getting into this part of the river. Plenty of parking (at least there was when we
    were there on a Monday) and a very easy put-in. You can see the location circled in blue in the
    Google Earth view above. We crossed to the Boston side and headed downstream. Shortly
    before reaching the Mass Ave bridge, we crossed the river again, and headed upstream. We
    would have continued to the Basin, but it was rather windy and the wind would likely have been
    stronger there. We continued upstream as far as the Weeks footbridge, and then headed back
    to the launch site.

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    Our launch site was by the little "pushpin" at 020 on the Google Earth view
    above. The white line on the river shows our path, down almost to the
    Mass Ave bridge, and then up to the Weeks footbridge at DeWolfe Street.