Mort Dennett

    The Dennett Apartments were named after my grandfather.  I only remember him as town clerk, although I believe
    he did work in the Draper Main Office, but that was before I remember anything.  At one point the town moved his
    office and allowed him to decorate it.  I seem to recall that he was an interior decorator (or something similar) back
    before WWII.  I remember the carpet he picked out was very colorful.  Lots of reds and purples, I think.  He was also
    an artist.  He did oil painting.  Mostly of flowers, I think, but there may have been a landscape or two in there.  He
    was also good friends with Kevin White who was Secretary of the State when my grandfather was town clerk.  When
    my grandfather passed away, Kevin, who was by then mayor of Boston, came to my grandfather's calling hours.  I
    think he flew in by helicopter. Here's another memory.  My grandparents always had a candy dish at their house
    filled with M&M's.  Today that candy dish is at my parents and always filed with --  that's right -- M&M's. After my
    grandmother died, my grandfather always came to our house after church for Sunday dinner.  Quite often my
    mother would make his favorite dessert, apple crisp.  E-mail from Charlie Dennett, October 2003.

    When I was a kid in the 1950s, I remember going to Mort to get a dog license every year. Back then, there was no
    need for a full time town clerk, and Drapers certainly had no problem with town business being conducted in their
    office, so that's where I'd get the license. I'd go through the big doors, (the main door was on the Hopedale Street
    side of the building then) up the stairs and into the huge lobby. I'd speak to the receptionist who would send me
    over to Mr. Dennetts' area where he'd come up to the counter which was much like what you'd see at at bank. I think
    of it now as an indicator of Hopedale being a "company town," but I don't suppose I gave that any thought back then.
    To go to the dentist or the barber, I'd go to the town hall, but to see the town clerk, I'd go to the Draper Main Office.
    Dan Malloy, March 2007.

    Mort was the first president of the Hopedale Community Historical Society.

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August 10, 1962