Kentucky Spouses

    Seven Draper men from Hopedale married women from Kentucky, and two Draper women married  
    Kentucky men. Here is a Milford Daily News article, reprinted from a Lexington, Kentucky newspaper,
    about one of the marriages and it mentions four of the others.

                                          G.O. Draper, 2d, Weds Miss Maud M'Clintock

     Lexington, Ky. March 24 - George Otis Draper, 2d, son of George Otis Draper of Milford, Mass. has
    followed the example of various other men of his family in marrying a Lexington society girl.

     The elopement and marriage of young Draper to Miss Maude Taylor McClintock of this city was
    announced yesterday. They had been sweethearts for some time following a friendship which began
    when Draper was in the Army.

     He came here Monday from Los Angeles where his mother, Mrs. Lily Duncan Draper, now lives. Last
    night he and Miss McClintock had dinner at a hotel, and later went to Versailles, Ky., where they were
    married. They returned here at midnight and informed Mr. and Mrs. John McClintock, parents of the bride.

     The new Mrs. Draper is a college graduate and took special courses in New York in kindergarten work.

     Draper is the nephew of Gen. George R. Duncan and is related to many leading families of Kentucky,
    as is his bride.

     The following Drapers of Massachusetts have married Lexington women:

     Gen. W.F. Draper married Miss Susie, daughter of Gen. W.H. Preston, ex-ambassador to Spain. Both
    are now dead. (General Draper's account of courtship and wedding.)

      Her sister, Miss Jessie Preston, became the wife of Geo. A. Draper, and she is dead.

     Arthur Joy Draper married Miss Lily Duncan Voorhies and Clare H. Draper married Miss Matilda Grace

     The bridegroom of today was discharged last week from the Regular Army in which he had served in
    occupation service overseas. The bride is 19 years old. Milford Daily News, March 24, 1922.

    It seems a bit strange, but the article hints at, but doesn't actually mention, that the grooms father,
    George Otis Draper, was another of the Draper men who married a woman from the Lexington, Kentucky
    area.  The first Kentuckian to marry a Hopedale Draper was Nancy "Nannie" Bristow. She married Eben
    S. Draper. The Bristows were on the Union side during the Civil War, while the Prestons were
    Confederates. Susan and Jessie Preston's mother took the children to Canada and remained there
    during the war.

    There was one case of a Draper woman marrying a man from Kentucky. That was Edith Draper, daughter
    of General Draper and his first wife, Lilla, who married Montgomery Blair II in 1895. He was of the family
    who had originally owned Blair House in Washington, D.C. They were related to the Prestons, and
    Preston was the middle name of several of the Blair men. Montgomery and Edith lived at Blair House for
    a while. Her diary, kept while she was a student at Miss Porter's School, is online. Click here to read the
    shorter version, that is largely restricted to family and Hopedale matters, and here for the full version.
    (You'lll have to scroll down the page a bit to get to the diary.

    Well after I had written the above paragraphs, I ran across another Draper marriage to a Kentucky man
    in the Bancroft Library files. In 1923, Grace Draper, daughter of Clare and Matilda Draper, eloped with
    her first cousin, Harry Charlot. For more on this, see the clippings below.

The Milwaukee Journal, September 6, 1899

                            Draper Marriages to Kentucky Mates

    *The Blair connection to Kentucky  for Montgomery is not as direct as it is for the rest of the
    people on this list. Earlier generations of the family lived there, but by the time of MB,II, they
    were in Maryland, and he was born in Washington, D.C.

    During the first quarter of the twentieth century there were
    at least five elopements among the young folks from
    wealthy families on Adin Street. The Drapers who wed
    that way included, B.H.Bristow Draper, George Otis
    Draper, II, and Grace Draper. There were also two
    Lapworths who eloped; William and Clarence.

New York Times - April 29, 1892

    Helene Draper may be the tenth Draper who married a Kentucky mate, but I'm not sure of
    that. While she and her husband were in Louisville at the time of her father's death, as
    you can see in his obituary above, I don't know if he was originally from Kentucky. At the
    time of her marriage, his parents were living in Warrington, Florida. His father had been a
    Navy officer, so he had probably grown up in a number of places.