IWW Strike - Draper Company, 1913

    The pages shown above are from the weekly Milford (Massachusetts) Gazette, and
    copied from the files at the Bancroft Library in Hopedale. (Binder in Trustees' Room
    labeled Gazette 1912-1913.) I realize there are some columns missing in trying to follow
    the sequence of these stories, and I'll improve on that in the future if I can. Meanwhile I
    think these articles, even though incomplete, give an idea of what was happening during
    the strike. The strike lasted about three months (April 1 - July 4)

    You'll see that some of the pages cover the days following the killing of Emilio (I've also
    seen it spelled Emidio, as in the death certificates) Bacchiocchi, first reported on the
    second page of the April 25 issue. I could have cropped out the local news that you'll see
    on some pages, but I thought some might find a few of those items interesting.

    Thanks to my son, DJ, for obtaining the Bacchiocchi death certificates at the
    Massachusetts Archives.

    Thanks to Giancarlo BonTempo for directions to the Bacchiocchi grave in St. Mary's
    Cemetery, Milford.

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The Hopedale Strike of 1913: The Unmaking of an Industrial Utopia

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Emilio Bacchiocchi