Capping the Old Draper and Town Dump - 2013

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    The photos above were taken on March 30 and
    31.The next five below were taken on April 1.

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    The first paragraph in the article above refers to what we used to call "the dump"
    as, "...a landfill for the Draper Corp." Well yes it was, but in effect it was the town
    dump too. For many years everyone's trash was picked up by Draper employees,
    put on a Draper truck, and taken to the dump. It didn't matter if you were in a Draper
    house or not. They took care of every house in town.

    The one thing I remember from the time when the job was turned over to the town
    was that starting then, the homeowner would have to put their barrel out on the
    sidewalk on the day it was to be collected. Before that, two men would go to the
    backyard of each home, pick up the barrel (it would be a rare family in those days
    that would need more than one), bring it to the truck, empty it, and return it to the
    backyard. I think one reason for two men to carry a barrel between them is that the
    barrels provided by the company were very heavy galvanized steel, make to last for
    decades. After the town took over the job, probably sometime in the late 1950s, for
    many years the trash continued going to the same dump.