It appears that there is a missing
    decimal point. I'd say that should be
    $25.00, not $2500.

    In November 2019, I received the following message in an email.

    Hello, my name is Kyle and I’m from Indiana. I recently came across a trophy
    and have been looking up some research. I found your website and noticed you
    had lots of information and was wondering if you could give me any kind of
    information about the item.

    I replied to Kyle, and we wrote back and forth a few times. Kyle sent pictures of
    the trophy, and I took a look to see what I could find about it. I got the articles on
    this page from the Milford Library. Donald Fraser was the donor of the cup, and
    Richard Kearsley was the winner. From what is stated in the August 12 article,
    Kearsley won the trophy not because of a win in any one event, but because he
    had the high total, based on a point system, for all of the events he was in.

    Thanks very much to Kyle Augustine for sending these photos from Indiana and
    giving us a peek into a day in Hopedale from 93 years ago.

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