Mendon Rd??? It goes to Mendon, but then, as now, It's Mill Street.

    The three photos to the left were marked "1954" on the backs,
    but I think that's a mistake. There was some flooding in
    Massachusetts that year as a result of Hurricane Carol, but
    there wasn't nearly as much rain as in 1955. The Milford News
    for that time had stories about wind damage in the area, but
    nothing about any flooding in Spindleville. These photos
    appear to have been taken in 1955..

The Hatt house/store floating away.

Floods in Hopedale

Thanks to Charlie Gaffney for the items on this page.

More on 1955 in Spindleville   

The 1955 Flood at Hopedale Pond/Draper Corporation   

Flood outside the Draper plant, 1955           Flood inside the Draper Plant, 1955   

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    The 1955 flood was the result of Hurricane Connie, followed by the rainy remains of Hurricane Diane. All of the photos below
    show the flood damage in Spindleville. Here's a bit on it from Wikipedia.

    Hurricane Diane was one of three hurricanes to hit North Carolina during the 1955 Atlantic hurricane season, striking an area
    that had been hit by Hurricane Connie five days earlier. Diane's winds rapidly decreased so much that it was no longer
    classified even as a tropical storm, but Diane added six to sixteen inches of rain on areas already sodden from Connie, leading
    to extensive flooding in northern Virginia, Maryland, eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, southern New York, and southern New
    England. The storm caused about 200 deaths. Diane was the costliest hurricane in United States history until it was surpassed
    by Hurricane Betsy in 1965, and was the sixth costliest U.S. hurricane of the 20th century.