Hopedale History
    June 15, 2012
    No. 206
    Local News, 1920

    Hopedale in June

    This summer’s band concert schedule

    John “Gilly” Gilbertson   Gilly’s memories from the late 1920s, through World War II and his years
    working for Drapers

    Winning entry – Adin Ballou Peace Essay Contest   

    A few names and faces from the summer of ’62.

    Draper soccer team, 1923 – Names include Wilson, Stevenson, Burrill, Saffstrom, Tetlow, Nuttall,
    Fuller, Young, Taylor, Kag and Lescoe.

    The Founding of the Taft Library, Mendon.   Also, another find by Peter Metzke - Mendon maps, 1870  –
    Thank you, Peter.

    Recent deaths

    Twenty-five years ago – June 1987 –.Town population 4,750 – up 219 from 1986   
    James Gardner and Timothy Connors Appointed Permanent Police Officers to Replace John Moran
    and Nicholas Lioce     

    Fire Chief David Durgin Honored by Call Firefighters Association

    Fifty years ago – June 1962 – John Fino and Justine Arone Receive American Legion Awards,
    Presented by Fred Lescoe     

    At the Hopedale High School class day, Joan Cicchetti and Joseph Francesconi read the class will.
    Bernadette Sooley, Joseph Castagnaro and Nancy Hourihan read the class prophecy and Sandra
    Ruscitti and Marian Farrell presented gifts to the faculty.


                                                          Local News, 1920

    The following lines were printed in the Hopedale column in several issues of the weekly Milford
    Gazette in 1920. I copied them from a scrapbook at the Bancroft Library.

    Employees of Draper Corporation have been offered the free use of company land for gardening
    purposes. (This practice continued in several areas of town at least through the fifties and probably

    At the presidential primaries next Tuesday, the polls will be open from 5 to 8 p.m.

    The Leap Year whist club met Wednesday evening with Mrs. M. A. Barker at 7 Lake Street.

    Captain Eben S. Draper entertained friends at the golf clubhouse last evening.

    The play, “Lucia’s Lover,” was presented by the Camp Fire Girls Monday evening in Town Hall before
    a large audience. Dancing followed the performance.

    Thomas Hill has sold his household furniture and is boarding in Milford.

    The automobile of George P. Sheldon was stolen from his home here Wednesday night and was
    found abandoned in an alley in Boston yesterday.

    At the presidential primary Tuesday, 108 Republican and three Democratic votes were cast.

    Miss Anna M. Bancroft and Mrs. H.W. Bracken have returned from San Mateo, Florida, and will remain
    at Hotel Somerset, Boston, until June 1, when they will go to Salter Point, South Dartmouth, for the

    Freeman Hammond entertained a number of his young friends Friday afternoon in honor of his
    seventh birthday. Games were enjoyed and refreshments served.

    The 11th annual prize speaking contest will be held in Town Hall this evening.

    Captain Eben S. Draper spent $33.03 in securing the Republican nomination for representative.

    Facilities for exhibiting motion pictures are being installed in the Town Hall building for the use of the
    Hopedale Community House.

    Mrs. Montgomery Blair of Washington, D.C. is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Draper.

    Eben D. Bancroft has retired as purchasing agent for the Draper Corporation and is succeeded by
    Harry A. Billings, who retires as manager of the Grafton & Upton Railroad.

    Mrs. Katherine Phipps lost control of her new Overland touring car in Uxbridge Sunday night and the
    machine was considerably damaged in a collision with a tree. Her 10 year old son was thrown from
    the car and slightly bruised, but Mrs. Phipps escaped with a severe nervous shock. A couple of weeks
    later the following item appeared: The Registry of Motor Vehicles has suspended the operating
    license of Kate E. Phipps.

    Mrs. B.H.B. Draper entertained about 200 guests Saturday afternoon, and the recently remodeled
    residence was open for inspection. After the reception, dancing was enjoyed to the music of Lowe’s
    orchestra. Next month Mr. and Mrs. Draper will leave for a two months’ vacation in Europe.

    Princess Boncompagni will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clare H. Draper Sunday.

    Frank Rudolph, 13 years old, was slightly hurt on Dennett Street Monday morning when the cart on
    which he was coasting was struck by a truck and wrecked. The boy jumped in time to escape serious

    The Draper Corporation is building 14 new two-tenement houses on Inman Street.

    The high school alumni association will hold its annual reunion and dance in Town Hall next Monday

    Miss Marjorie Rockwood entertained friends Monday evening in honor of Winogene E. Phipps, who
    was married yesterday afternoon to Ira W. Noyes.

    Princess Margaret Boncompagni sailed Wednesday for France, where she will remain until
    September with headquarters in Paris. Before her departure she made a generous donation to the
    Sacred Heart Church of Milford.

    The census bureau has announced the population of this town to be 2777.

    Half a dozen residents of this town went to Worcester Saturday for their final naturalization papers.

    B. J. Davenport and Miss Adeline Davenport started yesterday on an automobile trip to California. They
    will be gone a year.

    The formal celebration of the Fourth next Monday evening will open with an auto and horrible parade at
    7 o’clock, for which prizes will be given. From 7:45 to 9 o’clock the Hopedale band will give a concert,
    and the evening’s entertainment will conclude with fireworks on the island.

    Mr. and Mrs. B.H.B Draper have secured an apartment at Hotel Somerset for the winter.

    An executor’s inventory of the estate of the late Susan Preston Draper shows personal property of
    $3,890,414.61 and $17,800 in real estate. The sum of $109,588.65 is invested in Liberty bonds.

    The Draper property on K Street, Washington has been offered for sale by Princess Boncompagni,
    who is not likely to return to this country in the near future. Many of the art treasures at the home in
    Washington have been removed to Italy, where the princess and her husband will make their
    permanent home.

    The Fourth passed without special incident other than the pre-arranged program. At midnight Sunday
    the fire department served a lobster salad supper, and about 12:10 a.m. a false alarm was sounded
    from Box 62.

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    I presume the reason for mentioning Johanna Connolly
    would be that she must have been not only the first
    Hopedale woman to vote in the election in the report, but
    also the first ever. Click here for more on votes for women in