This was during the strike. What was called West Main
    Street at that time is now Mendon Street/Route 16.)

    Hopedale History
    August 15, 2013
    No. 234

    Hopedale in August   

    Hopedale Manufacturing Company   

    During the past two weeks, additions have been made to the following pages: Union Church (Fire
    followed by renovation, 1912)     Gov. Eben S. Draper (Obituary and brief article on the will of Mrs.
    Nannie Draper)     Eben S. Draper, Jr. (A few pictures added from his very adventurous trip to Alaska in
    1913.)     Now and Then - Corner of Dutcher and Social Streets. (Article on a fire at the restaurant that
    stood on that corner a century ago.)      Lt. Col. Robinson Billings (Article on the return of his body from
    the Singapore area to Hopedale in 1948.)     Lt. Donald Midgley (Article on posthumous award)     Billy
    Draper's Store (Obituary for William N. Draper)    Milford town election of 1925 (Article added on the
    election that resulted in Milford having two rival boards of selectmen and two police chiefs for six
    months.)   William Baer (Brothers meet in Germany after the war. William was killed in the South  
    Pacific.)      Harel House (Former Osgood estate sold by L. McVitty to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lacey.)     World
    War I Victory Celebration (Article about welcome home event in 1919 added.)    Richard Griffin  (Speech
    given on Memorial Day by Tom Wesley added)      Recent deaths     


    Former Gov. and Mrs. Eben S. Draper and daughter, Dorothy, left here Wednesday for a three month
    visit to Alaska, the trip across the continent being made by private (railroad) car. Eben S. Draper, jr. will
    join them at the completion of his school work. Milford Gazette, 1911.

    The Branch Library at South Hopedale has been used by eighty-one card holders this year and more
    than five thousand books have been circulated by the enthusiastic and efficient Librarian in charge.
    (Miss Caldwell) Report of the Librarian, Madeleine R. Burrill, 1933.



    The big Hopedale story of a century ago was the strike at the Draper Company, but here is a collection
    of the little events in town, reported in the weekly Milford Gazette. They're from a scrapbook at the
    Bancroft Library. The most common items were about church and organization meetings and
    functions, vacations, and health problems. Among many others, it was reported that William Eastwood
    spent a fortnight in Nova Scotia, and Mrs. White was spending the winter in Washington, D.C. Lincoln
    Wright was taken to Milford Hospital for treatment. There were obituaries, and all too many tragic ones
    including the report of Mildred, 19 day old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Gardner Allen who died at their
    home on Bancroft Park. Below is a sample of other events printed in the Gazette that year.

    Mr. Orr worked up until about a month
    before he died, two years later.

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    The Inman farm was in the general area of where Inman Street is now, but probably extended down to
    Hopedale Pond, and east toward what is now Route 140. Delano Patrick's farm was in the area where
    Freedom and Northrop streets meet, and included what became Oak Street, Jones Road and Maple

    According to an 1880 directory, Greenough's, Bancroft was a
    machinist and his home was on Hopedale Street, opposite
    Adin. An 1898 map shows that he owned the house where
    Simoneau's Barber Shop and Hopedale Cable is now. He
    was a brother of Joseph Bancroft.