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    The Hopedale Pistol and Rifle Club has been in the news over the past week or so with a lead problem.
    Nothing to do with the lead, but here's a history of the club.

    During the past two weeks I've added to pages on   Gannett Family (Obituary for Bill and Nancy's nine year-
    old daughter - 1965.)      Now and Then - Cumberland Farms (Articles on an armed robbery and an
    attempted robbery added.)     Now and Then - Draper Main Office, Draper Place (Milford News articles from
    1996 when the main office was converted into an assisted living facility.)     Fatal Crash - Hopedale Airport
    (Newspaper articles added.)    The Draper Howitzer (Photo of a Draper 75 mm howitzer in York, Maine.)     
    Now and Then - The G&U Station (Milford News photo of renovation of the station in 1997.)     Now and Then
    - The Griffin-Dennett Apartments (Recreation hall named for Ed Malloy.)     Town Hall (2003 Metrowest article
    on the town hall, and 2004 Milford News article on the Town Common.)     


    Tuesday morning a pair of horses attached to the milk wagon of the Byrne Bros. of Mendon were frightened
    on Adin Street by a passing automobile and ran, crashing through a wooden fence in front of William
    Bancroft's residence. The horses were not injured and the wagon was only slightly damaged. Milford
    Journal, March 3, 1911.  (It appears that the William Bancroft residence at that time was where the post
    office is now.)

    Although trailing East Spartanburg and Swannanoa by several weeks, Hopedale's Draper plant has
    embraced the controversial new pant suit outfit. Maryann Iadarola of the main office of the Draper plant led
    the breakthrough a little over a week ago, and since then the elegant pants suits have appeared all over the
    plant. Milford Daily News, December 9, 1970.


                                                 Hopedale Home-Building Up;
                                                   Draper Land Being Utilized

                                                              By Virginia Cyr

    An open house was conducted recently at one of the two newly constructed homes on Dutcher Street. The
    home was built by R&F Realty Company of Milford. George Robertson is the "R" in the firm's name and Sam
    Farese is the "F."

    According to Robertson, the open house showing was well received  with a large response. One of the two
    homes has been sold and the second home is in the process of completion. Many firms hold open houses
    for newly-constructed homes, but this open house was unique in that land in Hopedale has been at a
    minimum for as long as residents can remember.

    Robertson and Farese bought up much of the land made available by Rockwell-Draper Division when the
    firm announced it was divesting itself of its real estate holdings here. It is doubtful if two homes have been
    built by a contractor at any time in recent years here. This has not been done at any rate on Dutcher Street or
    in the section of town where the Rockwell-Draper plant is located. Building has been nil here with only one
    or two permits issued by selectmen in any one year.

    The picture is rapidly changing however. R & F Realty has sold a lot on Northrop Street upon which they had
    built a cellar hole. Selectmen last week issued the R&F permit to the purchaser of the property, Dennis
    Phillips of Dutcher Street, who will continue with the construction of the home.

    Robertson reports that R&F Realty has sold a lot on Dana Park upon which a custom built home is to be
    constructed. Robertson further stated that R&F is in the process of having a definitive plan for a sub-division
    drawn up by a Worcester firm. The sub-division, if approved, would find homes constructed from the upper
    Jones Road area to Inman Street.

    Robertson and Farese are also the owners of the building formerly used by Rockwell-Draper Division as a
    main office. The pair have put a new roof on the building and they have also undertaken some other repairs.
    They report that there has been great interest in the building and that they have had three inquiries from
    firms wishing to locate light industrial manufacturing there, as well as two inquiries seeking to establish
    office space in the building.

    Robertson stated that the pair have not yet accepted any of the offers from those interested because they
    have been alerted that "something good" is in store for the town with a good prospect for the rental of the
    building. Robertson would go no further by way of explaining what "something good" was.

    Robertson and Farese also own the gasoline station on Dutcher Street, formerly owned by Rockwell-Draper
    Division. They have announced that the station is now leased to Vincent DeMeo and John Martello. Both
    men have earned reputations as top mechanics. Robertson said that BP gasoline will be coming to the

    Robertson is no stranger to Hopedale. For many years he operated a Cushman Bakery route throughout the
    town. Farese is no stranger to the town either. He is reported to have stated when he and Robertson
    purchased the main office, "To think I worked there (the plant) for $35 a week, and now I own the main
    office." Milford Daily News, October 17, 1977.

    Pages on home building in that era include one on Hammond Road, one on Dana Park, Cook Street,
    Nelson Street and The Driftway, and another on The Driftway and Cutler Street.

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