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    Twenty-five years ago - February 1990 -  The Communist Party of the Soviet Union votes to end its
    monopoly of power, clearing the way for multiparty elections.

    Nelson Mandela is released from prison after 27 years behind bars.

    An agreement is reached for a two-stage plan to reunite Germany.

    The Pale Blue Dot photograph of Earth is sent back from the Voyager 1 probe.

    Fifty years ago - February 1965 - Ranger 8 crashes into the Moon, after a successful mission of
    photographing possible landing sites for the Apollo program astronauts.

    Malcolm X is assassinated in New York City.

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                                        Fire Truck Parade and Fireman's Muster

                                                            By Virginia Cyr
                                                            Daily News Staff

    The numbers 1886 sounded on the fire alarm system here Saturday at noon and signaled the start of
    Hopedale's centennial fire truck parade and fireman's muster. The assorted sounds from the various sirens
    on the apparatus could be heard all over town as the vehicles moved over the parade route that covered
    more than five miles. Fire Chief Donald Moore and his wife, Norma, and Deputy Chief Rolland Morin and his
    wife, Doris, all riding in Moore's car, led the vehicles over the parade route

    The event began at Draper Field which was the center of activities. When the parade route had been covered,
    the apparatus was parked at Draper Field where a number of interested people took the opportunity to
    examine the trucks and equipment at close range.

    "KCE," a five-month old Dalmatian, the symbolic dog associated through the years as a firefighter's mascot,
    made his first appearance in a parade, riding in Milford's ladder truck. owned by Milford firefighter Patrick J.
    Lapan, KCE got an abundance of attention from young and old alike.

    At Draper Field, apparatus from visiting towns was judged in a variety of categories. Winning the trophy for the
    oldest truck in service was a 1935 Ford pumper owned by the Town of Douglas. Holliston's 1986 Farrar
    pumper which was acquired on June 27 took the trophy for the newest piece of apparatus on parade. The
    trophy for the vehicle with the best appearance went to Blackstone's 1986 F.M.C. pumper.

    The 1986 L.M.I. vehicle, with a 105 foot rear mounted aerial ladder owned by the Town of Franklin took the
    trophy for best ladder truck. The best antique vehicle trophy went to the 1926 Maxim pumper,  formerly owned
    by the Town of Holliston, but now privately owned.

    The Town of Bourne received the trophy for the department traveling the furthest. Bourne sent two vehicles;
    one a brush fire truck and the other, a Maxim pumper. Judges for the apparatus awards were all retired fire
    chiefs and included John DePaolo of Milford, Walter Stank of Upton, Linwood Lowell of Mendon, Vincent
    Thayer of Bellingham and Charles Watson of Hopedale.

    The muster events produced an abundance of activity, cheering an enjoyment as teams from the towns of
    Franklin, Upton, Millis, Medway, East Brookfield, North Brookfield and Milford competed. Millis, with a time of
    20 seconds won the wet hose event. Upton, with a time of 20.25 seconds took second place, and Medway,
    with a time of 21 seconds took third place.

    Winner of the salvage event was North Brookfield. Milford finished second, and third place went to Millis. The
    mystery event was taken by North Brookfield, with Milford coming in second and Millis third. The trophy for the
    team with the most goofs went to Franklin. East Brookfield was awarded the best sportsmanship trophy.
    Judges were Rolland Morin, Jack Cutter, Bob Barrows, David Carchio and David Durgin. Sandwiches, hot
    dogs, hamburgers, tacos, soda, coffee , pastries and beef were available at the field throughout the

    Members of the parade committee included chairman Thomas Daige, who was assisted by David Durgin,
    Charles Gaffney, Ken Spindola, Ken Crowther and David Bliss. The muster committee was headed by
    Michael McGann. He was assisted by Ken Spindola, Shawn Moran and John Kampersal. Kevin Alger was
    chairman of the concession committee and he was assisted by Dave Pendleton and John Johnson.
    Daige estimated that well over 2,000 people viewed the parade and muster events. Milford Daily News, June
    28, 1986

    A video of the muster and fire truck parade that I put on YouTube in 2011 has received over 34,000 hits.
    Here's a link to it.  For more of Hopedale in 1986, here's the centennial parade - Part 1        Part 2    If you're
    looking for familiar faces, you're most likely to find them in the earlier minutes of Part 1 (taken on Mendon
    Street, a little east of the Hopedale Street intersection), and the end of Part 2, starting at the 19 minute point
    (taken on Hopedale Street, between Freedom and Chapel). More newspaper articles on the 1986 muster
    and parade, and also on a fire truck parade in Hopedale in 1976.

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