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    I've continued to add to the Boy Scout photos from 1966 to 1970. Changes have been made to the page that
    I'd done when No. 272 was sent. Here's a link to it. There are now eight pages of pictures from that time.
    Each one has links to the others. The new ones include summer 1968, Mt. Greylock trip, the fall camporee,
    1968, leaving for summer camp, meetings at the Community House, winter camp, 50-mile hike, and

    Other recent additions to existing pages include: Hopedale Manufacturing Company (A paragraph about the
    company and its consolidation with the Draper Corporation in 1927.)     Hopedale Coal & Ice (A letter sent by
    Bill Barney in 2002 containing some memories of the company, and of his father who was the company
    manager for many years.)  .   Adin Ballou (Milford News obituary.)       Recent deaths.


    Twenty-five years ago - April 1990 - The 1990 United States Census begins. There are 248,709,873
    residents in the U.S.

    Junk bond financier Michael Milken pleaded guilty to fraud-related charges. He agreed to pay $500 million in
    restitution and was sentenced on November 21 to 10 years in jail.

    The Hubble Space Telescope is launched aboard Space Shuttle Discovery.

    Fifty years ago - April 1965 -  The Intelsat I ("Early Bird") communications satellite is launched. It becomes
    operational May 2 and is placed in commercial service in June.

    In Cold Blood killers Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, convicted of murdering four members of the Herbert
    Clutter family of Holcomb, Kansas, are executed by hanging at the Kansas State Penitentiary for Men in
    Lansing, Kansas.

    The first Students for a Democratic Society march against the Vietnam War draws 25,000 protesters to

    U.S. troops occupy the Dominican Republic.

    For Hopedale news articles from 25 and 50 years ago, see clippings further down on this page. The
    clippings are from the Bancroft Memorial Library, the Milford Library, and John Butcher.


                                                               10,000 Jam Hopedale for Parade

                                                Marchers Climb "Heartbreak Hill" on Two-Mile Route

                                                                                  By Virginia Cyr
                                                                                 Daily News Staff

    HOPEDALE - The town's Centennial Parade was a tremendous success yesterday as more than 10,000
    people braved a blazing sun and 80-degree temperatures to view the five-division extravaganza, a highlight
    of the town's 100th birthday celebration. A bright sun beat down mercilessly on marchers throughout the two
    and one half hour event, but it failed to stifle the spirit of the day. Hopedale was in a celebrating mood, and
    hundreds from area towns joined in cheering and applauding the perspiring paraders along the two-mile
    Parade participants deserved a standing ovation for their endurance during the long march, which included
    a climb up a rather high hill on Mendon Street. The heat was intense, but the youngest to the oldest
    participants kept moving along in step as unit leaders sprayed them with cooling water.

    Emergency medical technicians reported that less than a dozen calls were received for medical assistance,
    all for problems caused by the heat and humidity.

    The parade got off to a prompt start when Division I moved onto Mendon Street from the Fitzgerald Drive
    staging area at 1 p.m. Two youngsters carried a banner welcoming visitors to the town and parade. William
    Gannett, parade grand marshal, driving an antique car with his wife, Nancy, seated beside him, led the

    Larry Heron served as division marshal and marched in front of the Lawrence Heron DAV Post contingent.
    The Hopedale High School band, playing its special arrangement of the happy birthday song, called to the
    attention of one and all that the parade was being held to celebrate the town's birthday.

    The first division featured six floats and four bands, including the Hopedale High School band, the
    Hopedale Junior High School band, The Citations from Framingham, and the Clan Southerland Pipe Band
    from Framingham, attired in traditional kilts.

    The Hopedale Board of Selectmen appeared in this division, marching the entire route with Chairman
    Robert Barrows and fellow board member Edward Scott wearing tall hats and colonial suits while Annette
    Lawson, the town's first woman selectman, appeared in a pink colonial-style gown.

    State Rep. Richard T. Moore and State Sen. John Houston also appeared in the first division.

    The second division included the numerous units in the Shriners' parade group. Rev. Robert Cummings of
    the Unitarian Church, Pastor Carl DeLorey of the Community Bible Chapel, Rev. Robert Pugh of Union
    Evangelical Church and Rev. Bernard Reilley of Sacred Heart Church led the group as division marshals
    along with Rev. George Warren of Trinity Episcopal Church in Milford.

    The Shriners, who get paid a large sum for their appearances in parades, added much to the enjoyment.
    The money they are paid is used entirely for the benefit of children whose lives are made better because of
    treatment at the Shriners Hospital.

    The Arab Patrol unit was a mounted unit, and all Arabian horses were of the same color. A motorized
    vehicle follows the unit and moves from one side of the road to the other making those viewing the
    operation wonder why the procedure is taking place. As the little vehicle passes, its function is quite clear,
    because written on the side is the information, "Sooper Duper Pooper Scooper," and the registration plate
    reads "Kleen.

    The Oriental Band, marching down the street in fuchsia and teal blue outfits with gold shoes turned up at
    the toe in oriental fashion, caught everyone's eye as the leader directed the group with a waving saber.
    The pipe band also drew attention as it appeared in typical kilts of green plaid. The clowns and many other
    groups delighted the crowd.

    Joseph Rosenfeld of Milford led the third division which included five bands and numerous floats. Milford
    selectmen appeared in this division as did State Rep. Marie Parente and State Sen. Louis Bertonazzi. Mrs.
    Parente was another eye-catcher as she marched the route attired in a pink colonial-style gown with a white
    lace had and a pink parasol.

    The fourth division was led by Winogene Noyes of Dutcher Street who has lived in Hopedale for more than
    84 years. Mrs. Noyes received numerous greetings from residents as she moved along the two-mile route.
    Mendon selectmen were included in this division which had five bands, a drill team and more than a half
    dozen floats.

    The fifth division was led by co-marshals A. Harold Soderberg and Laura Grady. Soderberg, a long-time tax
    collector here, represented the senior citizens passing the town's future onto  the younger generation
    represented by young Laura Grady, a student in the elementary school. Officials represented in this group
    included the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen. The division included five bands, a drill team and 10 floats.
    Members of the birthday committee were attired in colonial dress.

    The parade moved right along without any delays, and the committee members, police from Hopedale and
    neighboring towns, fire personnel and emergency medical technicians from Hopedale and area towns,
    along with Northbridge, Uxbridge and Alves Ruggerio Ambulance Service, which furnished ambulances for
    standby, offered their best efforts to assure an enjoyable and safe day for all. Milford Daily News, May 19,

    Thirty photos of the parade          Parade booklet with pages of names of the committee, sponsors and
    contributors          Video of the parade on YouTube - Part 1     Part 2          Hopedale News Headlines, 1986     

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