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    Twenty-five years ago - January 1991 - In eastern El Salvador, Salvadoran rebels shoot down a United
    States Army helicopter and execute the 2 surviving members of its 3-man crew.

    The Congress of the United States passes a resolution authorizing the use of military force to expel Iraqi
    forces from Kuwait.

    January 16 - Operation Desert Storm begins with air strikes against Iraq.

    Eastern Air Lines shuts down after 62 years, citing financial problems

    Fifty years ago - January 1966 - President Lyndon Johnson states that the United States should stay in
    South Vietnam until Communist aggression there is ended.

    A B-52 bomber collides with a KC-135 Stratotanker over Spain, dropping three 70-kiloton hydrogen bombs
    near the town of Palomares, and one into the sea.

    About 8,000 U.S. soldiers land in South Vietnam, bringing the total to 190,000.

    News above is from Wikipedia. Hopedale items from the Milford Daily News and the Milford Gazette from
    25, 50 and 100 years ago can be seen below this text box.


    Here are some news items (Milford Gazette) from a scrapbook at the Bancroft Library, that give a little idea
    of what life in Hopedale was like a century ago.

                                                                     Hopedale News - 1916

    January 14 - Work at the Draper Co.  plant is unusually busy, and all departments are now running until 4:
    45 o'clock Saturday afternoons.

    January 21 - The Hopedale Coal and Ice Co. had a large force of men at work this week harvesting the ice
    crop, which is unusually good this year

    January 28 - At the meeting of the Boy Scouts Friday evening an enjoyable concert was given by a
    demonstrator of the Edison diamond disc phonograph.

    February 4 - Fred Ellsworth lost a valuable dog to rabies Friday morning.

    About 50 employees of the snagging room of the Draper Co. foundry have gone to New York where they
    claim to be receiving more pay.

    February 25 - About 20 young people of the town enjoyed an oyster supper at the Brae Burn Inn Saturday,
    followed by a sleigh ride to Mendon and return.

    March 24 - The new fire quarters were open for inspection Saturday evening and over 200 guests were
    present. Refreshments were served and selections from the new Victrola, which has been placed in the
    station were enjoyed.

    The electric express car from Worcester left the rails Monday evening, but was replaced without much delay.

    While delivering milk Friday, Davis Burbank was injured by a fall, requiring the services of a doctor.

    March 31 - George A. Draper has been appointed to the membership committee of the Navy League, one of
    the oldest and best organized of the national defense societies.

    The Leap Year dancing party of the Pasheemi Club in Pythian Hall introduced several new novelty dances,
    which proved attractive to the goodly number present. Peachy's orchestra furnished music and
    refreshments were served.

    April 7 - The high school seniors returned from their Washington trip Saturday. An enjoyable trip was

    A horse belonging to John Johnson, who lives in a shanty in the woods, was taken from his custody last
    week by an agent of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    April 28 - Two electrically driven trucks are being tried out at the Draper Company plant for carrying castings,
    loom fittings, freight, etc. to the several departments.

    May 12 - The telephone and street railway companies desire to erect poles near the switch on West Main
    Street (Route 16) and at the hearing Friday night before the selectmen several residents of the section
    appeared in protest.

    May 19 - In a league game here Saturday between the nines of Hopedale and Millbury, Hopedale was
    defeated 10 to 7. Both teams played a game full of errors.

    The Draper Company is handicapped by a scarcity of laborers, partly due to the recall of foreigners to their
    home countries, and partly to the high prices now paid on state highway construction and other industrial

    May 26 - At Millbury Saturday, the Hopedale High School nine lost a slow and uninteresting game by a score
    of 13 to 7.

    June 2 - Jonas Northrop is operating a new Chandler automobile, and W.H. Jordon, a new Jeffrey car.

    June 9 - Miss Fanny C. Osgood has been re-elected president of the Eastern Women's Golf Association.
    A class of ten will be graduated from the high school in exercises at the town hall June 22. Congressman
    Samuel E. Winslow will present the diplomas.

    June 23 - Between 50 and 60 persons attended a meeting of those interested in women's suffrage at the
    home of Mrs. Henry. L. Patrick yesterday afternoon.

    Eben S. Draper has enlisted in the United States Aviation Corps, and it was reported early in the week that in
    case  of war with Mexico, the Draper Company has offered the government the use of its big plant as a
    munitions factory.

    At Holliston Saturday evening, a Packard touring car driven by Eben S. Draper collided with a Concord
    buggy. The buggy was seriously damaged, and the horse killed.

    June 30 - Governor McCall has appointed George Albert Draper as a member of the Massachusetts
    Patriotic Fund Committee, to assist the families of the men who have gone to the Mexican border.

    The ezine for mid-January will have Hopedale news articles from July through December, 1916.

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