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    fire vehicle at the hose house on Hopedale Street in 1893.)     Deaths     


    Our annual expense per high school pupil is approximately seventy-five dollars. Students of high school age
    have an average earning capacity of at least two hundred dollars per school year of forty weeks.
    Consequently the total annual expense to the family and the municipality is two hundred and seventy-five
    dollars per pupil, or eleven hundred dollars for the course. The cost of education for two children would
    purchase a very comfortable home. To the student who makes a wise use of his time and opportunities, a
    high school education is worth all it costs, and much more, but mere attendance upon a high school which
    does not result in a high school education is a very expensive luxury, especially to a family in modest
    circumstances. To waste opportunities purchased at such a price and involving so much sacrifice amounts
    almost to an educational tragedy. F.G. Atwell, Hopedale Superintendent of Schools, 1909

    The spacious new home of the Italian Club of Hopedale, Inc., of which Andrew Bavosi, foundry moulder, is
    president, is nearing completion. The building, which has been erected on Mendon Hill, just north of
    Mendon Street, at a cost for materials alone approximating $8000, represents an ambitious undertaking on
    the part of the members of this newest social club. Milford Daily News, April 4, 1936. Click here for more on
    the Italian Club. (And the Bright Oak Club also.)


                                                Hopedale in 1916, Part 2

    July 7 - George Otis Draper, formerly of this town, is a second lieutenant of the 71st New York regiment, now
    on duty at the Mexican border.

    An alarm was sounded Tuesday evening for a fire which destroyed a toolhouse at the Albion French sandpit
    in Spindleville. Boys set fire to the building which was empty at the time.

    July 24 - Eben S. Draper, who is now in Buffalo, in charge of the half-dozen or more members of the Harvard
    Aerocorps, has ordered a new Burgess-Dunne aeroplane for the use of the Massachusetts Naval militia.
    The plane is being built in Marblehead. It will give the Naval militia five planes; more than any other state in
    the Union.

    August 4 - A horse and wagon owned by H.L. Patrick and driven by Herbert Irving and an automobile driven
    by W.E. Boullester collided on the Upton road Wednesday evening. The two front legs of the horse were
    broken and the animal had to be shot.

    The annual clay pigeon shoot of the Draper Company employees field day was held Saturday afternoon
    before a goodly number of spectators.

    August 18 - Two ornamental bronze doors to replace the original marble doors of the General Draper
    mausoleum in the village cemetery are now being set by workmen from the architectural bronze foundry of J.
    Williams, Inc. of New York.

    September 1 - Mrs. W.F. Draper and Miss Margaret Draper were in town for a brief stay, coming from their
    summer home at Newport.

    September 8 - The Hopedale Coal & Ice Co. has purchased a new autotruck.

    The fire department has selected October 7 for its annual muster. The new central fire station will be
    dedicated in connection with this muster.

    September 22 - George A. Draper and family have returned from Bar Harbor and are occupying their Boston

    While handling a shotgun belonging to his father Sunday, Joseph Gritte, 16, shot himself in the right foot at
    his home on West Main Street.

    September 29 - Miss Helen McCabe, who has taught in grade 5 the past two weeks, has resigned to be

    October 6 - A bowling league has been organized here with Melvin Smith as president and treasurer; John
    Bell as secretary. Bottle pins will be used in all the matches.

    October 20 - Clare H. Draper has purchased two new Hudson Super-Six  automobiles.

    Earl Spaulding, who has just returned from military duty on the border, came here Saturday night to visit his

    October 27 - Winfred Scott has returned from border duty and has re-entered the employ of the Draper Co.

    Several from this town attended the wedding of Prince Boncompagni and Miss Margaret P. Draper at
    Washington, Wednesday

    Local relatives have received word of the death of Wallace Watson, well known here, who was recently
    killed, in the trenches in France.

    November 3 - An article in the town warrant for next Tuesday calls for acceptance of the legislative act
    regulating motor vehicles carrying passengers for hire.

    November 17 - Charles F. Roper, one of the leading residents of this town, died suddenly Tuesday morning
    at his home at 50 Freedom Street from hardening of the arteries.

    November 24 - Monday the Draper Company became Draper Corporation with a capitalization of
    $17,000,000. The officers and members of the corporation are the same as those of the old company and
    the change was made without any cessation of activities at the plant.

    December 8 - M. J. Reynolds gave an enjoyable Victrola concert at the library Sunday afternoon.

    December 15 - Mrs. G. Leslie Harlow was operated on for appendicitis Monday morning at the Milford

    About 150 persons enjoyed the clam chowder dinner served Friday noon by the Ladies' Aid Society of the
    Union Church.

    Lieutenant Wickliffe Draper of the British Army is at home on a month's furlough, and is with his parents, Mr.
    and Mrs. George Albert Draper in Boston.

    Mrs. Bertha E. Hill of this town was awarded $3 a week and the custody of the child in her separate support
    case against her husband, William R. Hill of Framingham.

    The fire department was called out early Sunday morning by a false alarm from Box 35. The department
    read the box as 53 and responded to the other end of town.

    The engagement of Helen Howard Draper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Albert Draper, and Walbridge
    Taft of New York, a nephew of former President William H. Taft, was announced Saturday.

    December 22 - Wilmarth A. Westcott is operating a new electric coupe.

    The Alliance has sent three Christmas barrels to a missionary in South Carolina.

    Napier Scribner has recently received his third appointment as page to the  clerk of the House of

    The high school seniors held a successful food sale Friday afternoon for the benefit of the Washington trip

    December 29 - A concert will be given in Town Hall January 9 for the benefit of National Allied Relief. John
    Gallishaw will speak, and local talent will furnish musical selections.

    Representative James R. Ferry of Northbridge was the speaker at the meeting of the local suffrage club at
    the home of Mrs. Florence Proctor.

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                                                              Friends of the Hopedale Library

    We hope everyone had a great holiday season and now it’s time to look ahead at the Adult Programs for
    2016!  This is a summary of scheduled programs and I will forward the publicized information for each one.

    February 24, 2016     Kathleen DiChiara, of the Weston A Price Foundation (Lincoln,R.I. chapter), will present
    a program about How Food, Nutrition and Environment Affect Peoples’ Lives from her book The Hidden
    Connection.   The program will begin at 6:30 and there will be time for QandA at the end.
     Please call the library at 508-634-2209 to register for this program.

    March 2, 2016     By now we should be thinking about Spring and Sam Billings will be here to help with
    “Planning your Organic Garden”!  This program will be held in the program room downstairs and will begin at
    6:30 PM.  Please call the library to register.

    Additional programs in March – 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th     Seema Kenney will be with us again, this time on
    four consecutive March Wednesday evenings to present programs on Genealogy.  Included will be an
    introduction to Genealogy, available technology, and other useful topics. These programs will be held
    downstairs in the program room and will begin at 6:30 PM.

    April 12, 2016     We will again have a Wine Tasting in April, however this year it will be held at the
    Willowbrook Restaurant in Mendon, Mass.  The hours will be 7 to 9 PM, but more information will follow!

    May 14, 2016     The Spring Book and Bake Sale will be held Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 10:00 AM until 2
    PM.  The bake sale will be upstairs in the library while the book sale will be in the program room downstairs.  
    The Plant Sale will be outside.

    September 4, 2016     A speaker from the Henry Beston Society will be here to tell us about Henry Beston, an
    American writer and naturalist, the author of The Outermost House about Cape Cod.  This program will begin
    at 6:30, please call the library to register.

    October 19, 2016     Mentalist Rory Raven is back!  His presentation will be in the program room downstairs
    and will begin at 6:30 PM.  Please call the library to register.

    The Fall Book and Bake sale will be held in November again this year.

    I put this photo from long ago here because there might be a name or
    two familiar to some of you. SS picnic? Draper screw shop, maybe.