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Hopedale News - January 1917

    During the past two weeks, additions have been made to the following existing pages on hope1842.com.
    The Ski Hill (New rope installed, 1967.)     The Thwing Family (A few paragraphs about some of the Uxbridge
    Thwings from an 1899 history of Worcester County.)     Caboose Houses in Hopedale (The "caboose house"
    at 212 South Main Street was demolished recently.)     Pvt. Harry W. Kimball (Request for a photo of Kimball
    from a site in The Netherlands that tells the stories of American servicemen killed in World War II. "With this
    database we want to keep the memories alive of the soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. Because
    beyond every cross, there is a soldier buried who has got his own story."    Deaths   


    Twenty-five years ago - January 1992 - Boris Yeltsin announces that Russia will stop targeting United
    States cities with nuclear weapons.

    The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic is renamed the Russian Federation, becoming the
    successor state to the Soviet Union.

    AT&T releases video-telephone ($1,499).

    Americans with Disabilities Act goes into effect.

    Fifty years ago - January 1967 - Segregationist Lester Maddox is sworn in as Governor of Georgia.

    The Human Be-In takes place in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco; the event sets the stage for the Summer
    of Love.

    Astronauts Gus Grissom, Edward Higgins White, and Roger Chaffee are killed when fire breaks out in their
    Apollo spacecraft during a launch pad test.

    News items above are from Wikipedia and OnThisDay.com. For Hopedale news from 25, 50 and 100
    years ago, see below this text box..


                                                   Hopedale in 1917, Part 1

    In the early years of the twentieth century, the weekly Milford Gazette published news items, large and small,
    for each town in the area. A stay at the hospital, a fall through the ice, a particularly low temperature reading; it
    was all there. Sometimes there was bigger news too, such as articles related to the war in Europe. The United
    States had not yet entered the war in the period covered here, but since the sinking of the Lusitania in May
    1915, Americans had favored the Allies as can be seen in some of the Hopedale news items.  The news was
    clipped and saved at the Bancroft Library, allowing me to find it and pass it on to you a century later. Here's a
    small sample of the local news columns for the first three months of 1917.

    January 5 - Miss Emma Ross is undergoing treatment at the Milford Hospital.

    A Victrola concert will be given at the Bancroft Memorial Library next Sunday afternoon by John Earl.

    Under the auspices of the Unitarian Church Men's Club, professional talent will furnish an entertainment in
    Town Hall next Monday evening.

    January 12 - The Men's Union Club will observe guest night next Monday night when Peter MacQueen will
    give a travelogue on Mexico.

    The wedding of Miss Helen H. Draper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Albert Draper, and Walbridge S. Taft
    of New York, will take place at the bride's parents' home February 10.

    Town Hall was well-filled Tuesday evening for the concert and dance for the benefit of the Allies. Lance
    Corporal John Gallishaw of the First Newfoundland Regiment gave a lecture on life in the trenches at
    Gallipoli. The concert was followed by dancing.

    Dispatches from Boston report that a Boston banking syndicate has purchased 40,000 shares of Draper
    Corporation stock in equal parts from George Albert Draper and the estate of Eben S. Draper. The
    transaction represents less than half the holdings of each and in no way affects the present management of
    the big plant.

    January 19 - Members of the fire department will conduct a dance at Town Hall this evening.

    The high school seniors will present a play next month for the benefit of the Washington trip fund.

    The fire department was called out Wednesday morning for a brisk grass fire at the house of A.A. Messinger.
    The blaze started from sparks from a locomotive.

    The Hopedale Players will present the comedy, "Captain Racket" in Town Hall January 31 for the benefit of
    the Hopedale band.

    The recent concert in Town Hall for the National Allied Relief Fund netted $143. The money has been sent to
    the Star & Garter Home for English soldiers who have been permanently crippled in the war.

    Truelove Taylor backed his horses too far while plowing ice at Hopedale Pond early Tuesday morning, and
    both he and the plow went through the thin ice which had formed over Monday's cuttings. Workmen at the
    pond assisted him from his predicament.

    A horse driven by Mrs. David Swett ran away Monday afternoon on the Upton road, and Mrs. Swett and three
    others who were in the carriage were thrown out. One of them, a child, was somewhat cut and was taken to
    the Milford Hospital for treatment. The horse was finally located in Whitinsville after a ten-mile run.

    January 26 - About 200 couples attended the firemen's dance at Town Hall Friday evening. Peachey &
    Kean's orchestra  furnished music.

    Several transfers of realty to the town have recently been recorded, by which the park system will be enlarged
    and considerably improved.

    At the high school rhetoricals Friday, honors were won by Gordon Peters, Godfrey Danielson, Edith Salmond
    and Jesse Leonard. The annual prize speaking contest is to be held later.

    February 2 - A rabbit pie supper was served at the central fire station Saturday evening.

    A. H. Yeaton, submaster at the high school, has been appointed scout master for the local patrol of Boy

    Edward Sloan underwent an operation for appendicitis Thursday at the Milford Hospital. Dr. F.D. White
    performed the operation.

    The ladies of the Unitarian Church met Wednesday afternoon in the church parlor to sew.

    February 9 - Mr. and Mrs. H.E Bowker are soon to go to Florida for a vacation.

    During January, 2,489 books were loaned from the Bancroft Memorial Library, and 232 from the branch in
    South Hopedale. Visitors to the reading and reference rooms during the month numbered 1,119.

    Mr. and Mrs. Clare H. Draper entertained about 20 relatives and friends Monday evening in honor of the
    fifteenth anniversary of their marriage.

    Tuesday, in a telegram to Senators Lodge and Weeks, the plant of the Draper Corporation and all its
    facilities was placed at the disposal of the government in case of need, and the government is invited to
    send here any engineers or other agents necessary to carry out the offer. The telegram was read at the
    Senate session Tuesday. Some changes in machinery, readily made, munitions of war could be turned out
    at the plant at short notice.

    February 16 - The thermometer registered 15 degrees below zero Monday morning.

    About 125 persons attended the oyster and cold meat supper at the Union Church last Thursday evening. A
    miscellaneous entertainment followed the supper.

    Mrs. George Albert Draper, whose daughter was married Saturday, died Sunday morning at the Draper home
    in Boston. For several months she had been ill with a complication of diseases following a nervous
    breakdown, and for some time had been under the care of specialists. The body was brought here and
    placed in the George Draper tomb to await burial in the spring.

    February 23 - The Roundabout Club met Monday evening with Mrs. Herbert Shattuck, the topic being "the
    conquest of diseases."

    The Equal Suffrage Club held a successful whist party Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H.L. Patrick. The
    prizes were potted daffodils, and a goodly sum was realized from a candy sale.

    March 2 - Mrs. S.A. Marso entertained the Ladies Afternoon Whist Club Tuesday.

    G. Almond Draper, son of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Draper, has enlisted in the Navy.

    March 9 - Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Patrick attended the inaugural exercises in Washington Monday.

    Rhetoricals were held at the high school Friday. Honors were won by Persis Arey, and Henry Knights, Gladys
    Davis and Edward Bateson were given honorable mention.

    March 16 - Selectmen have organized with E.A. Darling, chairman, and George Arnold, clerk.

    The Union Church is conducting a "bluebird" fair, which opened with a supper last evening.

    The Hopedale Mandolin Club gave a pleasing concert at the Holliston Baptist Church Monday evening.

    Several local Masons enjoyed a banquet and entertainment at the Brae Burn Inn Saturday evening.

    March 23 - Several young ladies will conduct a private dancing party in Pythian Hall next Saturday evening.
    Music will be furnished by C.S. Howard's banjo orchestra.

    The high school seniors will leave town today in charge of Principal and Mrs. A.C. Johnson for the annual
    Washington trip.

    March 30 - Dr. Conant of Boston operated on Miss Eva A. Knights of this town Friday at the Milford Hospital.

    The polls will be open from 5 to 7 p.m. at the primary for constitutional convention candidates next Tuesday.

    The will of the late Mrs. George A. Draper was filed for probate Monday. She leaves a personal estate of
    $390,000., bequeathing $2,000 to the Hopedale Cemetery Association, $10,000 to the Thomas Morgan
    Rotch, Jr. Hospital, and the residue of the estate to her husband and two children.

    The news items on this page are from the Milford Gazette. The complete columns of Hopedale news in
    the Gazette for much of the early twentieth century can be seen at the Bancroft Memorial Library.

    No. 317 will have Hopedale news for April, May and June of 1917.

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