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    January 15, 2017
    No. 316
    Hopedale in 1917, Part 2

    Hopedale in January   

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    Weather conditions permitting the hockey teams of the high schools of Hopedale, Millbury, Grafton and
    Northbridge will meet on the pond at Northbridge tomorrow afternoon for a hockey tournament. Milford
    Gazette, January 6, 1911

    Irwin Mead, a junior at the high school, has left school to accept a position in the Draper works. Milford
    Gazette, February 24, 1911

    At Mendon Saturday evening, the Hopedale Independents defeated the Mendon High School basketball team
    10 to 8. Milford Gazette, January 26, 1912


                                                       Hopedale in 1917, Part 2

    Congress declared war on Germany on April 5, and on Germany's allies a few days later.

    April 6 - The Boy Scouts made a tour of the town Monday to encourage a more general display of flags, and
    met with a generous response. The scouts sold 35 flags.

    About 17 laborers from a Providence concern employed on the foundation of an addition for the Draper
    Corporation struck Tuesday for higher wages. The men asked for forty cents an hour for a nine-hour day,
    instead of thirty cents.

    April 13 - Thomas B. Gannett and family have been at The Ledges this week.

    The no-school signal was sounded Monday on account of the storm.

    April 20 - Warren Williams has been appointed to night patrol duty as a local policeman.

    Frank O'Neil and Miss Ada Kearsley will be married at the bride's home here next Saturday.

    Employees of the Draper Corporation have been offered the use of land of the company for garden purposes.

    Department 20 of the Draper Corporation held flag raising exercises Monday afternoon. The men sang
    patriotic songs, and George Joslin recited "The Yankee Men."

    The women employed in the temple department of the Draper Corporation held a flag raising Friday afternoon
    with speeches and the singing of patriotic songs.

    April 27 - Hubbard Moorehouse has enlisted in the Navy.

    The Spindleville Gun Club will dedicate its new clubhouse May 12.

    Thomas Cassidy was found dead in bed at the Hopedale House Tuesday afternoon.

    Under the Plan of Action, mapped out by the Council on National Defense, B.H. Bristow Draper has been
    selected as chairman of the sub-committee on securing textiles for the United States.

    A local rifle club was organized with 27 members Wednesday evening at the home of W.F. Roper. The
    membership list will remain open until tomorrow night. Three ranges have been completed on land donated
    by A.W. Westcott in Spindleville.

    A big parade, the unfurling of a new flag on the Town Hall building, and an oration by Guy A. Ham of Boston
    were features of a big patriotic celebration here Saturday afternoon. Over 1,000 persons participated in the

    May 4 - Clare H. Draper, Jr, and Millard Gaskill, pupils at the high school are ill with the measles.

    The Hopedale Rifle Club will hold its first shoot at the new range in Spindleville tomorrow afternoon.

    A complaint has been made to the authorities here that jitney drivers who carry help to and from the Draper
    plant are heavily overloading their machines, and the police have ordered all drivers to discontinue the
    practice in an effort to avert possible accidents.

    May 11 - Milton Doxey went to Springfield Tuesday to enlist in Company M.

    William Northrop has taken examinations for the Plattsburg Training Camp.

    Mrs. Alice Knox has received word that her grandson, Alex Watson, serving in the Canadian Army, is in a
    French hospital with a wound in the face. His brother was killed in action last fall.

    Eben S. Draper severed his connection with the Draper Corporation Wednesday as foreman of the drilling
    department. He will soon leave for the military training camp in Plattsburg, where he will qualify for a
    commission in the United States Army.

    May 18 - The Hopedale Suffrage Club recently purchased a Lafayette bag to send to France, and
    acknowledgement has been received from the French soldier to whom it was given.

    Thomas G. Wong, of Canton, China, who is to start a cotton mill in his own country with equipment from the
    Draper Corporation, is at the local plant for a fortnight, completing a course of study in the mill business.

    May 25 - J. William Hall reported at Newport, Rhode Island Sunday as a second-class seaman.

    The Draper Corporation has subscribed $1,000,000 for Liberty Loan bonds, making the largest single
    investment up to date of any firm or corporation in New England.

    June 1- The Camp Fire Girls held a successful food sale at the Union Chapel Tuesday afternoon.

    The Draper Company nine played two games at Ashburnham Wednesday, winning 6 to 3 and 8 to 6.

    Kenneth Burnham, a student at Brown University, has enlisted in the Heavy Coast Artillery.

    June 8 - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Raymond received a telegram from Providence Monday afternoon, stating that
    their son, John, 17 years old, a private in the Rhode Island National Guard Coast Artillery, was struck by a train
    while guarding a railroad bridge near Warwick, Rhode Island, and died of his injuries four hours later at a
    Providence hospital.

    June 15 - The Boy Scouts will give a public exhibition of their work in Town Hall this evening.

    Napier Scribner is serving as page for the Honorable John L. Pace, of the state constitutional convention.

    Employees at the stores of H.L. Patrick had subscribed nearly $1,500 in Liberty Load bonds up to yesterday

    It was reported yesterday that employees of the Draper Corporation have subscribed to over $110,000 in
    Liberty Load bonds.

    A runabout, owned and driven by Henry Demarcus of Woonsocket was wrecked at the Hopedale corner
    Tuesday late night. The machine was traveling rapidly and struck a post when making the turn toward
    Spindleville. Demarcus escaped with bruises, but a young man with him lost several teeth and was scraped
    about the face.

    June 22 - The high school alumni will hold their annual reunion in Town Hall this evening. Music will be
    furnished by the Leary Concert Company.

    Norman Henry, who has enlisted in the medical corps, was surprised by friends Saturday evening, and was
    presented with a pocket shaving set.

    The annual picnic of the Unitarian Sunday school will be held at Lake Nipmuc next Thursday.

    Graduation for the high school seniors was held last evening in Town Hall. The class includes the following:
    Hazel Albee, Louise Canon, Gladys Davis, Alice Gaffney, Winogene Phipps, Roland Lowe, and George E.

    June 29 - The Draper Corporation nine defeated the strong Dorchester team here Saturday 4 to 3.

    The pianoforte pupils of Miss Bertha Beal gave a pleasing recital in Pythian Hall last evening. They were
    assisted by William F. Dodge of Boston, violinist.

    The news items above were published in the Milford Gazette. The complete Hopedale columns of the
    Gazette can be seen at the Bancroft Library in Hopedale.

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    Eben Sumner Draper was Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts from 1906 to 1908, when he
    was elected governor. He died in 1914. The picture of his Adin Street mansion above is from a
    postcard sent in 1908. In 1917, the house still would likely have looked like it does here. It was
    razed in the 1920s by Eben Sumner Draper, Jr. and replaced by the house that is there now.

    This postcard view of Town Hall was probably taken during or shortly after World War I. The
    decorative grillwork on the roof that can be seen in earlier photos, but not in this one, was
    almost certainly removed during the war and donated to a scrap metal drive for the war effort.