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    Twenty-five years ago - February 1992 - President George H. W. Bush meets with President of Russia
    Boris Yeltsin at Camp David, where they formally declare that the Cold War is over.

    The Maastricht Treaty is signed, founding the European Union.

    The New Hampshire primary is won by Paul Tsongas on the Democratic side; for the Republicans, Pat
    Buchanan has a surprisingly strong showing (37%) against incumbent president George H. W. Bush.

    Fifty years ago - February 1967 - The 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution (presidential
    succession and disability) is ratified.

    Suharto takes power from Sukarno in Indonesia.

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                                                           1917 - Part 3

    July 6 - Friends and neighbors of Mrs. H.H. Hart tendered her a surprise party Saturday afternoon.

    Hubert Draper and William Northrop, who have enlisted in the medical corps unit under Dr. C.P. Morgan,
    expect to be called to service on July 15. They will go to Ayer for preliminary training.

    Robert Brown of this town, formerly of Mendon, was hit by a passing automobile and considerably bruised
    Saturday night when he was lighting the rear lamp of Harry Wilbur's machine near Kelley's Corner.

    The engagement was recently announced of Miss Edith Blair of Washington, a granddaughter of the late
    Gen. W.F. Draper, and Lt. Commander Adolphus Stanton, assistant to the judge advocate general of the

    July 13 - W.H. Barney is enjoying a vacation in Wolfboro, N.H.

    C.F. Austin is attending the Elks convention in Boston this week.

    Mabel and Persis Arey are spending the summer at the White Mountains.

    The annual outing and picnic of the Pythian Sisters was held at Lake Nipmuc yesterday.

    The Hopedale Rifle Club will send a five-man team to Upton tomorrow for a competitive shoot.

    Fully 1,000 persons witnessed the ball game for the benefit of the Red Cross Saturday afternoon on the
    Town Park between the Draper Corporation nine and a team from the U.S.S Georgia. Nearly $320 was
    netted, all of which was donated to the Milford and Hopedale Red Cross branch. Hopedale won, 11 to 6.

    July 20 - Members of the local Alliance are receiving instructions on the preparation of surgical dressings
    from a Worcester Red Cross nurse.

    The Draper Company nine defeated Dorchester here Saturday 5 to 1.

    July 27 John Smart has gone to Pittsburgh to attend the grand lodge session of the Moose.

    Eugene Coffin bruised his ankle painfully while moving a loom at the Draper plant last Thursday.

    Owning to a misunderstanding of dates, two baseball teams came here Saturday to play the Draper
    Corporation nine, and by agreement each team was given a five-inning game. The Hopedale team was the
    winner of each game.

    August 3 - The barn on the old Delano Patrick estate is being torn down to make room for the new Catholic

    August Wilmarth, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Westcott died Wednesday morning at the age of 26

    August 10 - A new boiler is being installed at the Dutcher Street schoolhouse.

    Fred and Frank Leary, who recently enlisted, received orders recently to report at Fort Ethan Allen.

    Walter J. Allen and family, formerly of Cuba, who have been visiting here, have gone to Berlin to reside.

    Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mead, entertained her playmates Saturday in a celebration of her fourth

    August 17 - Winburn Dennett is at Enfield N. H. as the guest of F. G. Atwell and family.

    Eben S. Draper has been studying coast artillery work at Fr. Myers, Virginia, and has received a commission
    as a second lieutenant in the Regular Army.

    Principal A.G. Johnson of the high school, who lives near the pond, heard cries for help Monday, and found
    that Donald E. Wells, had gotten beyond his depth and had become exhausted. Mr. Johnson and his
    daughter went to his aid in a boat and succeeded in rescuing him, in serious condition. Dr. Joslin was
    called and the boy is now on the way to recovery.

    August 24 - A collection of books in Italian has been loaned to the Bancroft Memorial Library by the
    Massachusetts Free Library Commission, and the books are now in circulation.

    Second Lieutenant Eben S. Draper is among the artillery reserves who have been assigned for duty and will
    soon go to France to do their bit.

    August 31 - The Alliance rooms in the Memorial Church are open for Red Cross work on Wednesday
    afternoons. Work will gladly be provided and all women are urged to join the groups for sewing or for
    surgical dressings, or to take work to their homes.

    September 7 - James D. Draper, 90 years old, and a well-known veteran of the Civil War, died suddenly
    yesterday at the home of his son, William N. Draper. He had resided here 50 years, during which time he
    was employed at the Draper plant up to a week ago.

    September 14 - The annual tag day for the benefit of the Hopedale band will be held next Wednesday, and
    the band will give a concert in the evening.

    Charles H. Sayles has returned to his home here, having been honorably discharged from the Rhode Island
    coast artillery on account of defective vision.

    Walter Drisko received word last Thursday night of the death of his sister in Bangor, Maine. The deceased
    was the mother of Darryl Lindsay, The Company M man killed by a train this summer at Chester.

    September 21 - The Suffrage Club will hold a thrift sale this afternoon for the benefit of its war relief work.

    Mrs. Bertha Greenwood, who was recently injured in an automobile accident at Marshfield, in which her
    husband and daughter were killed, was brought to the home of George Greenwood Monday from the
    Marshfield Hospital.

    September 28 - The automobile of William Nelson was considerably damage at Worcester Monday, when
    Mr. Nelson ran the vehicle into a tree to avoid hitting a child.

    The Grafton & Upton Railroad is to be equipped with electric motive power, and the work of stringing the
    trolley wires will be commenced next week.

    News items above are from a scrapbook at the Bancroft Library. They were published in the weekly
    Milford Gazette. Those below are also from the library and were printed in the Milford Daily News (1992
    and 1967) and the Milford Gazette (1917).

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