Main Street Milford a few years after the village
    of Hopedale became a separate town.

    Hopedale History
    April 1, 2017
    No. 321
    Opinions on Separation, Part 1

    Hopedale in March   

    Bancroft Park - Milford Daily News article (March 27) - part of their neighborhood series.


    Twenty-five years ago - April 1992 - Serb troops, following a mass rebellion of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina against
    the Bosnian declaration of independence from Yugoslavia, besiege the city of Sarajevo.

    A Miami jury convicts former Panamanian ruler Manuel Noriega of assisting Colombia's cocaine cartel.

    The acquittal of 4 police officers in the Rodney King beating criminal trial triggers massive rioting in Los Angeles. The riots
    will last for 6 days resulting in 53 deaths and over a $1 billion in damages before order is restored.

    Fifty years ago - April 1967 - The first Boeing 737 (a 100 series) takes its maiden flight.

    Large demonstrations are held against the Vietnam War in New York City and San Francisco. The march, organized by the
    National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, from Central Park to the United Nations drew hundreds of
    thousands of people.

    Montreal, Quebec, Expo 67, a World's Fair to coincide with the Canadian Confederation centennial, officially opens.

    Muhammad Ali refuses military service. He is stripped of his boxing title and barred from professional boxing for the next
    three years.

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                                                            Opinions on Separation, Part 1

    With the signature of Gov. George D. Robinson, Hopedale became a town on April 7, 1886. The proposal to separate from
    Milford had created a huge controversy, and the several Milford newspapers of the time had printed a large number of
    articles, letters, editorials and ads on the subject. A number of newspapers in other Massachusetts towns and cities also
    published opinions on the matter. Here are a few of them.

    Massachusetts appears to have a mania for creating towns, which in many instances may be for the interest of all
    concerned, but in such a place as Milford, it is suicidal. In that place a little manufacturing village wishes to secede, merely
    on account of high taxes. One family, embracing several corporate firms, appears to be the only party who will be
    benefitted, and it looks seriously like a tax dodging scheme. - West Newbury Messenger

    It is alleged that the people of the town of Upton are taking an active interest in the efforts being made by the Drapers to
    have the village of Hopedale made into a separate town from Milford, and the following theory is advanced to account for it.
    Hon. William Knowlton & Sons occupy a similar social and financial position in relation to the village of West Upton, in the
    town of Upton, that the Drapers do in the village of Hopedale. It is estimated that if the move to make Hopedale a separate
    town be carried in the legislature, it will be followed by a move on the part of the Knowltons to have West Upton
    incorporated as a town, which would be opposed by the other portion, including Upton Centre.  It is further surmised that in
    case these two objects of the wealthy interested were accomplished, a railroad would be built by the Drapers and
    Knowltons from some point on the line of the M.F. and P. road to Grafton or vicinity, through West Upton and Hopedale, this
    making a new line from Providence to Worcester. - Boston Herald

    The comment about the M. F. and P. in the last sentence above seems a bit strange. It evidently seemed strange to the
    editor of the Milford paper that reprinted it. The paper added, "Mansfield, Fitchburg and Providence railroad is good. We
    judge that the Republican editor is not familiar with the railroad geography of this section of Massachusetts

    The movement to set off Hopedale from Milford to form a new town seems to have brought a storm of personal abuse upon
    those who originated the scheme. Such a fact is in itself a strong argument in favor of division, for the reason that the
    unfairness with which the people of Hopedale have been treated is thus made manifest. - Natick Bulletin

    It is highly probably that the attention of the next Legislature will be called to the proposition to divide the town of Milford. If
    the question comes up, we cannot imagine that it will have any substantial support. Milford ought not to be divided, and the
    unruly child Hopedale should receive a sound castigation for its rebellious conduct. - Brookline Chronicle

    The question of dividing the town of Milford by the secession of Hopedale is one which is likely to come before the next
    Legislature. The Milford Journal, as an intelligent, public spirited paper, is strenuously opposed to the scheme. Its reasons
    are sound and may have application elsewhere. - Attleboro Chronicle

    George Draper & Sons and others interested in the manufacturing village of Hopedale in the town of Milford will ask the
    Legislature to make Hopedale a town. It contains about 1000 population of the 10,000 making up the whole town, including
    200 of the 1800 voters. The Milford Journal earnestly opposes the scheme for a separation. - Springfield Republican

    Milford people are discussing a proposition to divide that busy, pushing place, by making a new town of the village of
    Hopedale. The conditions are such as usually exist in such cases, the smaller part being some distance from the general
    business centre. But we question the advisability of these divisions, especially in this instance, when there appears to be
    no special grievances, and the Hopedale people will be very likely to find that they will do better in the end by remaining a
    part of Milford, which has always appeared to us a very desirable place to abide in. - Waltham Record.

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    Railroad history makes for many very convoluted stories. It may
    be that the Mansfield, Fitchburg and Providence Railroad
    mentioned in the Boston Herald article on this page, was at
    some point taken over by the Old Colony Railroad.

    By Charles Eben Fisher - The Story of the Old Colony Railroad,
    Public Domain,