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    May 1, 2017
    No. 323
    Hopedale Schools, 1886, Part 1   

    Hopedale in April   


    Twenty-five years ago - May 1992 - Russian leaders in Crimea declare their separation from Ukraine as a new
    republic. They withdraw the secession on May 10.

    Space Shuttle Endeavour makes its maiden flight, as a replacement for Space Shuttle Challenger.

    The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson airs its final show on NBC.

    Fifty years ago - May 1967 - Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu are married in Las Vegas

    The United Kingdom and Ireland apply officially for European Economic Community membership.

    The Soviet Union ratifies a treaty with the United States and the United Kingdom, banning nuclear weapons from
    outer space.

    The news above is from Wikipedia. For Hopedale news from 25, 50 and 100 years ago, see  below the 1886
    school information below this text box.


                                                        Hopedale Schools, 1886, Part 1

    The appropriation meeting was held so soon after the town election, that we had not had opportunity to thoroughly
    study the condition of the schools and their wants. The estimates in some directions were not enough to cover the
    expenses incurred, but as the year was a short one the most needed improvements and repairs have been made
    without exceeding the amount credited to the department. ("...but as the year was a short one..." because Hopedale
    had separated from Milford in April.)

    The South Hopedale school was very badly out of repair and with few facilities for the school work. Water was only
    to be obtained through the courtesy of neighbors living at quite a distance from the building. A well was located by
    parties acquainted with the premises, and although some extra expense was incurred by striking a ledge, the job
    was all the better when completed. Having been dug in a very dry season there is good reason to suppose the
    supply to be unfailing. From previous inattention to the roof, the plastering had become very badly stained, cracked,
    and in many places loosened. The blackboards were unfit for use. This has been entirely taken off and replastered
    and the blackboards so made that they should last as long as the building. The outhouse was so far gone that we
    were obliged to replace it with a new one.

    At the Hopedale building (Chapel Street School) windows were put in and the attic gables and a floor laid wide
    enough to walk upon when occasion occurs. Considerable work was done on the cornices to close cracks which
    added to the difficulty in heating the building. Here, too, we had been dependent upon outside sources for water. As
    the only supply form the water works was on Hopedale Street, it necessitated blasting through a very bad ledge.
    The water is, however, such an advantage that all will admit the advisability of securing it for both buildings.
    Vocal music has been added to the branches taught in all the schools. The interest shown by the pupils, and the
    progress they have made during the four months since it was adopted are alike evidence of the ability of the
    teacher and of the success of the system. At present, charts only are used, but in the coming year it will be
    necessary to purchase an equipment of books.

    As yet no set rules and regulations have been adopted. A part of those handed down from Milford are in operation,
    but teachers blessed with good sound common-sense will not often be obliged to appeal to formal rules. Report
    of the School Committee, 1886. Frank Dutcher, Anna Bancroft, Albert Ham

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Hopedale News - May 1992

Above - A class at the South Hopedale school.

Below -
Chapel Street School

Hopedale News - May 1967

    These pictures are from back when the
    Milford News printed photos of all the
    high school graduates in the area. There
    must have been more for Hopedale in
    1967, but these are the ones I ran across
    while at the Milford Library.

Hopedale News - May 1917

    Click here for more on
    Hopedale Boy Scouts
    from that era.

    News items from 25 and 50 years ago are from the Milford Daily News, and were found at the
    Bancroft Library in Hopedale and the Milford Library. News from 100 years ago is from the Milford
    Gazette (a weekly newspaper) and is from the Hopedale history collection at the Bancroft Library.

    In the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, Calvin's teacher is Miss
    Wormwood. Hopedale had a teacher named Miss Wormwood,
    too, as you can see in the list of teacher to the left.