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    This town, a little over 112 years of age since its incorporation, is marking the 100th anniversary of three
    buildings this month. They include Bancroft Memorial Library, the former Dutcher Street School (now a
    condominium complex), and the Hopedale Unitarian Parish church. Virginia Cyr, Daily News
    Correspondent, August 3, 1998

    Mrs. Howard W. Bracken (Lilla Bancroft) has given the Bancroft Memorial Library $1,000 to be known as the
    Sarah M. Whipple fund, the income of which is to be used for the purchase of books for children. "Aunt
    Sally," as she was familiarly known, was Mrs. Bracken's aunt, a sister of Mrs. J. B. Bancroft, and was a
    highly esteemed resident of this village 50 years ago. For many years she lived in the house occupied in
    recent years by Mr. and Mrs. Bracken, and was interested in all the activities of the place. She is well
    remembered by many of the older residents, and the form which this memorial takes is especially fitting for
    one who was beloved by old and young alike. Milford Gazette, October 10, 1913


                                                    Hopedale in 1918, Part 4

    October 1918 was the month when the world-wide flu epidemic hit much of the US, and as you'll see below
    that certainly included Hopedale. I'd say it can be safely assumed that anyone said to have died of
    pneumonia or the grippe in that month, especially if they were in their 20s or 30s, was a victim of the flu.

    October 4 - Dr. K.A. Campbell is ill, and Dr. Sally Harding Saunders of Boston, formerly of this town, is
    taking care of his practice.

    Girls employed at the Draper plant will present "Mrs. Tubbs of Shantytown" at Town Hall on October 25 for
    the benefit of the Red Cross.

    Vernon Kellett has been sent to an officers' training school for heavy artillery located at Camp Zachery
    Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky.

    E. C. Burnham, Jr., now at Camp Hancock, Georgia, has been commissioned a second lieutenant.

    Abner A. MacNeil, 37 years old died of pneumonia Monday morning. He leaves a family.

    Walter J. Morton, 27, died Friday afternoon of double pneumonia.

    Charles St. Clair, employed in the shuttle department of the Draper plant, who lived at the Brae Burn Inn the
    last few months, died of double pneumonia Tuesday night.

    John J. Grady, 37 years old, and a plumber for the Draper Corporation, died of the grippe Sunday morning
    at his home on Union Street. He was a native of Ashland, a member of the Milford Lodge Moose, and
    leaves a wife and two children, his parents, two brothers and three sisters.

    George W. Kneeland, a former resident of this town, died of pneumonia following the grippe Sunday at the
    Taunton Hospital. He leaves a wife and three small children.

    Saturday afternoon a searching party of Hopedale firemen and others found the body of Amanda J.
    (Wheeler) the widow of Sylvester Madden who came here Monday to visit relatives. She was last seen
    Monday afternoon on Northrop Street. The body was found near a stone wall on land of the Draper
    Corporation off Northrop Street and it is believed that the aged woman was attempting to reach the home of
    friends on the Upton road by a short cut.

    Earl Dewing, 30 years old, died Saturday of influenza at the home of Asa. A. Westcott in Spindleville.

    October 11 - Private John W. Harris has been wounded in the service in France, where he was serving with
    the Canadian Army.

    Roy Gaskill, native and well-known resident of this town, died Sunday of pneumonia following an attack of
    influenza. He was 34 years old.

    Local relatives have been notified that Cpl. Walter Tillotson has been missing in action since August 26.

    Word has been received here of the death in France of the death of Private Walter Tillotson.  He was
    reported last week to have been wounded in action. His relatives are now residing in Framingham. (Two
    newspaper articles around the time of Tillotson's death list him as a private and two others as a corporal. Of
    the seven Hopedale men who died in the war, he was the only one to die in combat. I presume that's why
    the Hopedale post of the American Legion was named in his honor.)

    Local relatives were notified by the War Department Saturday of the death in France September 19 of
    pneumonia of Davis E. Gabry.

    October 18 - The Draper Corporation fire department will open a club room in Harrison Block.

    Cesare Franzoni, formerly employed at the Draper plant, died of influenza and pneumonia October 4 at a
    New York hospital. He was a Navy cook at Ellis Island.

    Earl Dewing, 30 years old, died Saturday of influenza at the home of Asa A. Westcott in,Spndleville.

    Hazel Davenport died of pneumonia Saturday at her home on Inman Street.

    Harold Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brown of this town, died Tuesday of the grippe in New
    Brunswick, New Jersey. He was about 29 years old.

    October 25 - Catherine Campbell is ill with scarlet fever.

    The price of bituminous coal here has been fixed at $9.25 per ton.

    Mrs. Frank H. French, a former resident of this town, is seriously ill at Laconia, N.H.

    Fourteen clerks employed by H.L. Patrick have been out this week on account of illness.

    Several of the girls employed at the Draper Corporation shop office have volunteered to adopt a Belgian or
    French orphan.

    The ban laid down here on account of the epidemic was not lifted this week as was done in many of the
    surrounding towns and all public gatherings have been omitted.

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    Thanks to Dick Grady for sending the newspaper articles on this page.
    The photo above is of Dick's grandparents, John and Ellen Newell Grady.
    It was taken in 1911. Seven years later, John died in the flu epidemic. One
    error in the article - Grady was 37 at the time of his deant, not 30 as stated.