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    Recent additions to hope1842 pages: Samuel Walker and Raymond Piper (Thanks to Lucy Burg for pictures
    of Raymond Piper and the Walker family.)    Deaths   


    Complaint has been made to the authorities here that jitney drivers, who carry help to and from the Draper
    plant, are heavily overloading their machines, and the police have ordered all drivers to discontinue the
    practice in an effort to avert possible accident. Milford Gazette, April 6, 1917

    In these times of war, and local and national conditions continually changing, the Trustees are anxious to
    furnish such books as will be of the greatest help to our townspeople to study and meet the new conditions,
    and especially to those learning new trades who require engineering and scientific books do we ask the
    closest cooperation with our Librarian, that the Trustees may spend the appropriation for books where it will
    be most advantageous to help win the war and contribute its share to this important defense work. Library
    Report 1942, Anna M. Bancroft, Rev. J.B. Hollis Tegarden, Harry A. Billings, Trustees of the Bancroft
    Memorial Library


                                          Hopedale Office Building Takes Shape

    The lot of land between Hopedale Pharmacy and Hopedale Town Hall is taking on a new look with the
    construction of a new professional office complex.

    The building is being constructed by Arthur C. Young and is progressing rapidly. The distinctive building
    when completed will contain four office suites and a mezzanine. Total square footage within the building will
    be 5,280 square feet of space.

    The slope of the land provides street-level entrance to the building from both Hopedale Street and Depot
    Street. Ample parking space will be available for employees at the rear of the building with vehicle entrance
    from Depot Street.

    Those clients using the various offices within the building will find ample non-metered parking space
    available to them on Hopedale, Depot and Draper streets, Young said.

    According to Young, a CPA space will be offered to tenants on either a condominium arrangement or a rental
    basis. Offices will be finished to the specifications of the tenant. Young, whose accounting firm is now
    located on the lower level of Town Hall will move into the building when it is completed. His offices will be
    located on the side of the building nearest Hopedale Pharmacy. The building is being constructed by
    Richard G. Innis of Milford. Architects are Mastroianni and McQueen of Boston and Milford.

    Young in discussing the new construction, points to the fact that Hopedale is located within close proximity
    to Route 495, and the cities of Worcester, Boston and Providence are located within 20 to 30 miles of the

    The town offers quaintness, beauty and traffic-free access for both businessmen and their clients, he said.
    Young himself is originally from Brookline. He moved to Hopedale more than 30 years ago and is emphatic
    in stating his love for the town and surrounding area.

    Young once was in the employ of the former Draper Corporation where he was the comptroller. When
    Rockwell International took over ownership of the former loom manufacturing business, Young served as
    division comptroller. He then opened his own accounting firm in Milford and subsequently moved the
    business to Hopedale.

    The site of the new building is the land upon which the Walter H. Tillotson Pos American Legion home was
    located. That building was moved to the Robert Mallard property on Depot Street more than a year ago to
    make way for the building now under construction. Milford Daily News, December 12, 1983

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