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    Twenty-five years ago - April 1993 - The Kuwaiti government claims to uncover an Iraqi assassination plot
    against former U.S. President George Bush shortly after his visit to Kuwait.

    A 51-day stand-off at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, ends with a fire that kills 76 people,
    including David Koresh.

    In Washington, D.C., the Holocaust Memorial Museum is dedicated.

    An executive order requires the United States Air Force to allow women to fly war planes.

    Monica Seles is stabbed in the back by an obsessed fan of rival Steffi Graf at a tournament in Hamburg,

    Fifty years ago - April 1968 -  2001: A Space Odyssey premieres in Washington, D.C. Planet of the Apes is
    released in theaters.

    Martin Luther King Jr. is shot dead at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. Riots erupt in major
    American cities, lasting for several days afterwards.

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau becomes the 15th Prime Minister of Canada.

    The nuclear weapon "Boxcar" is tested at the Nevada Test Site in the biggest detonation of Operation

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                 Hopedale Negotiating to Buy Downtown Site for New Police Station

                                                      Chief Sees "Golden Opportunity

                                                             By Joseph FitzGerald
                                                                Daily News Staff

    March 12, 1994 - Local officials are negotiating a deal to buy a 2,395 square-foot vacant downtown
    commercial condominium building to house a proposed state of the art police station, which is badly
    needed in the community.

    The Milford Daily News has learned that selectmen have been conduction secret negotiation sessions since
    February and are now poised to purchase the 70 Hopedale Street condominium building from owners Peter
    Young of Medway and Gale Noble of Milford.

    The purchase price being negotiated is believed to be in the area of $100,000.


                                             Hopedale to Buy Building for Cops

                                                            By Joseph FitzGerald
                                                                Daily News Staff

    April 26, 1994 - Town officials last night signed a purchase and sales agreement to buy a 2, 395-square-foot
    vacant, downtown commercial condominium building for Hopedale's new police station.

    After months of negotiations with the building's owners, selectmen, after a 15-minute executive session last
    night with Police Chief Eugene P. Costanza, voted unanimously to approve the purchase subject to town
    meeting approval and funding. The total purchase price of the building is $259,000.


                                           Downtown Station Now up to Voters

                                           Police Chief: "We are stuck in the Dark Ages."

                                                           By Joseph FitzGerald
                                                              Daily News Staff

    May 12, 1994 - Police Chief Eugene P. Costanza looks beyond Hopedale Street from the front lawn of the
    Unitarian Church and scans the facade of the vacant commercial condominium building next to Town Hall.
    From where he's standing, the buildings fading green paint and neglected shrubs contrast sharply with the
    smooth stone and stained glass of the century-old Town Hall.

    But Costanza isn't bothered by minor imperfections. After all, with a new paint job, a little landscaping and
    only $60,000 in interior renovation work, Costanza hopes to convert the 70 Hopedale Street structure into a
    new state-of-the-art police station, which has been sorely needed in this town.

    "This is the way I've always pictured Hopedale's police station," he says, staring at the building. "Located in
    the center of a small New England town, near the center of municipal government and accessible to


                                        Hopedale Voters OK New Police Station

                                                     Landslide Vote for Bond Issue

                                                            By Joseph FitzGerald
                                                               Daily News Staff

    May 16, 1994 - Annual Town Meeting voters Saturday overwhelmingly supported a bond issue of $319,000 to
    buy a downtown condominium building and convert it into a new police station.

    The 238 voters attending the 1 1/2 hour session also approved a $7.7 million town operating budget and
    supported a proposal to keep the town clerk's office at its current location at Town Hall. The town budget for
    fiscal 1995, which begins July 1, includes $4,401,622 for schools.

    With town meeting approval secured, the police department could move operations from the Public Safety
    Building on Dutcher Street to at the new facility at 70 Hopedale Street within three months.

    In a landslide vote of 233 to 4, voters agreed to buy the three-story condominium next to Town Hall and fund
    the cost by bonding the purchase over 10 years. The vote followed a videotaped introduction from Police
    Chief Eugene Costanza, who was unable to personally attend the meeting because he is on his wedding
    trip. A slide presentation was moderated by Lt. James Gardner. The slide show depicted interior shots of the
    current and the new facilities. The current police station is in disrepair and a new station has been sorely
    needed in this town for the past several years.


                                             Hopedale Police Station "Held Up"

                                            Building Sale Stymied By a Lien on Property

                                                            By Joseph FitzGerald
                                                                Daily News Staff

    July 13, 1994 - A purchase agreement that will clear the way for converting a downtown commercial building
    into a new police station was in limbo today after surprised town officials discovered that a state lien has
    been placed on the property for non-payment of income taxes.

    Hopedale Town Coordinator Chris Gaffney yesterday confirmed reports that a pending $259,000 purchase
    and sales agreement cannot be formally executed by selectmen until the lien is lifted and the previous
    owners of the vacant Hopedale Street building pay the state an undisclosed amount of income taxes.


                                          Hopedale Cops Get Downtown Station

                                                          By Joseph FitzGerald
                                                             Daily News Staff

    September 1, 1994 - Police Chief Eugene P. Costanza said yesterday that the town closed on the sale of a
    downtown building proposed for a new police station

    "Everything's been taken care of," said Costanza, who is hoping to move police operations into the building
    by December or January. "The title has been cleared and the town has closed on the property."


                                               A Stretch for Hopedale Cops

                                                             By Jason Dickey
                                                             Daily News Staff

    March 1, 1996 - Starting tomorrow, Hopedale police officers will have some long-awaited elbow room.
    The police department will begin operating out of its new station on Hopedale Street, next to Town Hall after
    everything has been moved from the old station

    Police Chief Eugene Costanza said officers have been moving items to the new station throughout the week,
    and the last remaining items will be in place at the new station tomorrow.


                                       New Police Station Has a Wet Opening

                                                              By Virginia Cyr
                                                                  Daily News Correspondent

    May 13, 1996 - This town's new police station on Hopedale Street was opened officially Saturday with
    speeches by state and local officials and a ribbon cutting ceremony.

    The skies, which were gray throughout the ceremony, opened up and poured rain on the festivities just as
    they were about to conclude.

    Recently elected State Senator Richard T. Moore, (D-Uxbridge), a native of Hopedale, served as master of
    ceremonies and opened the program from the podium at the bunting-draped front entrance of the station.

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