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    Twenty-five years ago - February 1994 - Byron De La Beckwith is convicted of the 1963 murder of civil
    rights leader Medgar Evers

    The 1994 Winter Olympics begin in Lillehammer.

    Fifty years ago - February 1969 - After 147 years, the last weekly issue of The Saturday Evening Post is
    published. The magazine is later resurrected, briefly, as a monthly magazine.

    The Boeing 747 "jumbo jet" is flown for the first time, taking off from the Boeing airfield at Everett,

    News items above are from Wikipedia. Hopedale news from 25, 50 and 100 years ago, printed in the
    Milford Daily News and the Milford Gazette, can be seen below this text box


                                                Hopedale A Century Ago, Part 3

    News items here were printed in the Milford Gazette in 1919 and copied from a scrapbook in the Hopedale
    history collection of the Bancroft Library.

    The first item below about the Clare Draper family being at their Sagamore home is unusual in that it was
    the only one among many items during the summer of 1919 in which a family was vacationing on or near
    Cape Cod. Those who traveled to more distant places than Lake Nipmuc generally went to Maine or New
    Hampshire, and other trips out the Mohawk Tail were sometimes mentioned.

    July 4 - Mrs C. H. Draper and children are at Sagamore for the summer. (The Clare Draper family lived on
    Adin Street, where Memorial School is now.)

    Mrs. Phillip Phipps is at her cottage at Lake Nipmuc for the summer. (Mrs. Phipps lived at 89 Hopedale

    Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Arnold are occupying their cottage at Lake Nipmuc for the summer. (The Arnold
    home was at 9 Highland Street.)

    Alfred Caddick, who has been in service in Russia, has cabled his relatives that he is leaving Archangel
    for France.

    Fifteen members were graduated from the high school this year, the exercises being held in Town Hall
    Wednesday evening.

    July 11 - A large electromagnet lifting crane has been installed in the yard of the Draper plant, for
    unloading pig iron and other metal.

    Mrs. James Northrop of Santa Anna, California is the guest of Mrs. Jonas Northrop this week. She is east
    to welcome home from hospital work in France her son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Wyatt.
    (The Jonas Northrops lived at the corner of Park and Northrop streets.)

    July 18 - Advices have been received here that the body of the late Mrs. W. F. Draper will arrive at Boston
    on the Canopic August 15, and will be brought here for entombment at the Village cemetery.

    Employees at the Draper plant received increased wages retroactive to June 1 in their pay envelopes
    Saturday noon. In some cases, the men report themselves satisfied with the increase, but in other
    instances dissatisfaction is expressed.

    July 25 - Mrs. Charles Kaberry is visiting in Newport, R.I. (The Kayberry family lived at 30 Bancroft Park.)

    Sidney Marso and family are enjoying a vacation in Dexter, N.Y. (The Marsos were at 4 Union Street.)

    The engagement of William H. Barney and Miss Lucille Pierce of Hyde Park was recently announced.
    (William Barney lived at 37 Adin Street.)

    The engagement of William F., son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Northrop, and Miss Florence Scott of Pawtuxet is

    August 1 - A local night watchman is reported to have lost his revolver while on duty Saturday night.

    The Hopedale band gave the first of a series of concerts Tuesday evening before a large crowd.

    The engagement of Lieut. Eben S. Draper and Miss Ruth L. Carroll of New York was announced Monday
    and it is reported that the marriage will take place the latter part of the month. Miss Carroll served as nurse
    on the fighting front in France and it was there that the young people became acquainted.

    August 8 - The annual field day of the Draper Corporation employees tomorrow will attract a large number
    to this town.

    Mrs. Annie Dennett and son Winburn, and Mrs. Edgar Sherman are at Wells Beach, Maine, for a fortnight.
    (The Dennetts lived at 111 Dutcher Street and the Shermans at 127 Dutcher.)

    The local suffrage club is preparing to participate in the victory bazaar of the state association to be held in
    Boston early in December.

    Eight members of the local Camp Fire Girls left Friday for Lake Sunapee, N.H., where they are the guests
    of Miss Mildred Nutting. (The Nutting family lived at 190 Dutcher Street.)

    August 15 - Mrs. Frank Aldrich and children and Mrs. Raymond Sadler and children are at Boothbay, Maine
    for a fortnight. (The Sadlers lived at 89 Dutcher Street.)

    Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Fiske and Merton Tinkham and Berley Lapworth spent the weekend at Oakland Beach.
    The local rifle club will hold a match shoot with the Springfield club next week Saturday, each club
    shooting on its own range.

    August 22- Earl, the 9-year old son of George E. Draper was reported to be missing from his home about
    9:30 o'clock Monday evening and 25 or 30 members of the fire department were called out to aid in
    hunting for him. After a fruitless search, the lad's mother discovered him asleep on the piazza under some
    rugs. (Earl Draper's family, the George E Drapers, lived at 80 Freedom Street at that time. They later lived
    on Overdale Parkway. Earl later lived at 165 Dutcher Street.)

    Patents assigned to the Draper Corporation have recently been issued to Alonzo E. Rhodes for a loom
    seat, and to Robert E. Jameson for a beam locking mechanism for looms.

    August 29 - Hopedale's tax rate next year will be $5, which will be just double that of last year.

    The main office force of the Draper Corporation enjoyed it annual outing last Saturday afternoon. The party
    included about 60 members who were conveyed in 11 motor cars to the fish hatchery at Wilkinsonville,
    thence to Purgatory in Sutton, and from there to Laselle touring park in South Sutton where the afternoon
    was spent with various sports. On their return the party took dinner at the Rogers tea house in Mendon.

    September 5 - In a fast game at Whitinsville, Friday evening, the Hopedale All Stars defeated the
    Whitinsville Red Sox 2 to 0.

    Jonas Taylor and family have removed to Milford where Mr. Taylor has a position with the Hopedale Mfg.

    Princess Margaret Boncompagni, who is spending a month at her home in Hopedale, entertained a
    number of Boston friends Tuesday. (The home was the one that had been her parents' home, located
    whee Hopedale Junior-Senior High School is now.)

    September 12 - Friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. John Enos tendered them a surprise party Friday
    evening at their home on Jones Road. Vocal selections, games and dancing were enjoyed and
    refreshments served. (The Enos family lived at 101 Jones Road.)

    Two local garages were entered by thieves Tuesday night. At the garage of E.A. Sherman five inner tubes
    belonging to Ernest Hilton were stolen, but the big Sherman touring car was not touched. At the garage of
    Joseph Prophet a spotlight was stolen from his Ford car. (Sherman lived at 127 Dutcher Street. Prophet
    lived at 104 Freedom Street.)

    September 19 - The heavy rains and damp weather of the past few days have ruined the local peach crop.

    Postmaster Sheldon received about 3000 pounds of Army food for distribution Tuesday.

    Saturday morning Chief Kellogg took in charge two boys who were roaming around near the depot. They
    were later found to be from the Lyman School and were turned over to the school authorities. (Chief
    Kellogg lived at 28 Dutcher Street.)

    Word was received here Wednesday of the arrest in Worcester of Eugene Tourtelotte and Mrs. Alvin Smith
    of this town on a misdemeanor charge. They were arraigned yesterday morning and held for the grand jury.

    September 26 - Kleber A. Campbell, Jr. has entered Yale College.

    Miss Eleanor Johnson has entered Wellesley College.

    Roy Westcott has purchased a new Buick automobile.

    The automobile of Jake Emig, containing Mr. and Mrs. Emig and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tiffany was sideswiped
    in Grafton Monday afternoon by a large touring car which swung to the wrong side of the road in avoiding
    collision with a wagon. Mr. Emig turned his car off the road and up a bank to avoid a more serious
    accident. Mrs. Emig had several teeth knocked out and was injured about the face and one shoulder, and
    Mrs. Tiffany was cut about the face and neck. (The Emigs lived at 27 Hopedale Street, and the Tiffanys
    were at 40 Bancroft Park.)

    Several new tenement houses are soon to be erected for the Draper Corporation and several of the older
    houses are to be equipped with electric lights at an early date.

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Hopedale News - February 1994
Intersection  of Freedom and Northrop streets.

Hopedale News - February 1969

Hopedale News -  February 1919

    Several new tenement houses are soon to be erected for the Draper Corporation
    and several of the older houses are to be equipped with electric lights at an early
    date. Milford Gazette, September 26, 1919