Arthur Brown - Sgt Brown was one of only two survivors when his plane was shot down over Germany in 1944.

    I've added three more pages of photos Bob Anderson rescued from the trash in the last days of the Draper
    Division in Hopedale - Page 11 - photos from inside the shop     Page 12 - building the West Foundry     Page 13
    - the "old foundry"


    Twenty-five years ago – January 1995 - 21 Bosnian Serb commanders are charged with genocide and crimes
    against humanity in the United Nations' International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, a tribunal on
    human rights violations during the Wars in the Balkans.

    Steve Fossett lands in Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada, becoming the first person to make a solo flight across
    the Pacific Ocean in a balloon.

    Fifty years ago – January 1970 - The American Football League and National Football League officially merge
    under the NFL's name, with its 26 teams realigned into the American Football Conference and National Football

    A jury finds the Chicago Seven defendants not guilty of conspiring to incite a riot, in charges stemming from the
    violence at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Five of the defendants are found guilty on the lesser
    charge of crossing state lines to incite a riot.


                                                                 Hopedale in 1920 – Part 2

    News items from the Bancroft Library, published in the weekly Milford Gazette.

    May 7, 1920 – Employees of the Draper Corporation have been offered the free use of company land for
    gardening purposes

    Myron Higgins and William Collins have left the employ of the Draper Corporation and will work this summer on
    a large farm in East Lexington.

    May 14 – Bert Noyes will report for jury duty in Worcester next Monday.

    William Cole was taken to the Milford hospital Sunday for treatment of cuts on the left hand. He was attended by
    Dr. F.H. Lally.

    May 21 - The girls employed at the Henry Patrick Co. store tendered Miss Viola Tracy a dinner Sunday at the
    home of M. and Mrs. Ray Holland in Worcester. She was presented a graphophone in honor of her approaching

    Dr. K.A. Campbell and family are occupying their summer cottage in Mendon.

    May 28 – Walter Meade is building a cottage at Lake Nipmuc.

    About a score of the young women employed at the Hopedale Mfg. Co. tendered Miss Viola Tracy a surprise
    party Friday evening at her home here and presented her with several pieces of Pyrex cooking dishes. Miss
    Tracy is soon to be married to Lester P. Mann.

    June 4 Mrs. Montgomery Blair of Washington is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Draper.

    Memorial Day exercises were carried out here Monday in accordance with the pre-arranged program. After the
    exercises a luncheon was served at Town Hall through the courtesy of Clare H. Draper.

    Mrs. Katherine Phipps lost control of her new Overland touring car in Uxbridge Sunday night, and the machine
    was considerably damaged in a collision with a tree. A 10-year old son of Mrs. Phipps was thrown from the car
    and slightly bruised, but Mrs. Phipps escaped with a severe nervous shock.

    June 11 - Mrs. B.H.B. Draper entertained about 200 guests Saturday afternoon, and the recently remodeled
    residence was open for inspection. After the reception, dancing was enjoyed to the music of Lowe’s orchestra.

    The latter part of next month Mr. and Mrs. Draper will leave for a two months’ vacation in Europe.

    June 18 Princess Boncompagni will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clare H. Draper Sunday.

    Frank Rudolph, 13 years old, was slightly hurt on Dennett Street Monday morning when the cart on which he was
    coasting was struck by a truck and wrecked. The boy jumped in time to escape serious injury.

    June 25 - Fred Doherty, chauffeur for H. L. Patrick, has gone to Buffalo to drive home a new Cadillac automobile
    recently purchased by Mr. Patrick.

    Miss Marjorie Rockwood entertained friends Monday evening in honor of Winogene E. Phipps, who was married
    yesterday afternoon to Ira. W. Noyes.

    July 9 – Ira Noyes, who was recently married here to Miss Winogene Phipps, is recovering from an operation
    performed at a hospital in Bangor, Maine.

    An executor’s inventory of the estate of the last Susan Preston Draper shows personal property of $3,890,414.61
    and $17,800 in real estate. The sum of $109,583.65 is invested in Liberty bonds.

    Cecil Leith won the three-mile race from scratch on the Boston Common Monday. His time was 15 minutes, 51
    4/5 seconds. He will go to the Olympic Games at Antwerp with a Canadian track team.

    July 16 – The registrar of motor vehicles has suspended the operating license of Kate K. Phipps of this town.

    Neighbors of Mrs. E.L. Emery enjoyed the opening of a night blooming cereus at her home on Dutcher Street

    July 23 Capt. Eben .S. Draper entertained friends at the golf clubhouse last evening.

    A son was born at the Milford hospital recently to Mr. Mrs. William H. Barney.

    Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Austin left town Sunday for an automobile trip over the Mohawk trail to Pittsfield.

    July 30 – Charles Kaberry attended the grand lodge session of the Sons of St. George at Haverhill this week.

    Mrs. H.R. Bartlett entertained friends from Thompsonville, Conn., last Thursday. The trip was made by

    August 6. William Larson is at Rockport, Me., for his vacation.

    Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Burrill are enjoying a vacation in Fairhaven and New Bedford.

    Census returns for Hopedale show a population of 2777, as compared with 2188 in 1910, and 2087 in 1900.

    August 13 – Edwin Nealley and Miss Ada Munyon are to be married next week. Saturday noon the shop office
    employees of the Draper Corporation presented them a chest of silver and a $10 gold piece.

    Edward S. Adams died here Wednesday night of hardening of the arteries from which he had suffered for
    several years.

    Mrs. Walter Meade entertained about 20 children at Lake Nipmuc last Thursday in honor of the seventh birthday
    of her daughter Ruth.

    August 20 – The young ladies employed in the roll room at the Draper plant tendered a tin shower to Miss Ada
    Andrew at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Andrew, Monday evening, when an enjoyable evening
    was spent. She was also presented a set of silver spoons. A mock marriage was a feature of the evening. Miss
    Andrew is to be married Saturday, September 4, to Lewis E. Fisher.

    August 27 – It has been announced that Hopedale’s tax rate for the coming year will be $10 on $1000, an
    increase of $5 over that of last year.

    Lawrence Hoel of North Uxbridge, formerly of Hopedale, and Miss Adeline Paul of this town were married here
    last Friday by Rev. Charles F. Niles. The bride, who was prettily attired in a gown of white maline, was attended
    by Mrs. Henry Hoel as matron of honor.

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