HHS boys basketball in state finals.   


    Twenty-five years ago – March 1995 – Astronaut Norman Thagard becomes the first American to ride into space
    aboard a Russian launch vehicle

    Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway: members of the Aum Shinrikyo religious cult release sarin gas on 5
    subway trains in Tokyo, killing 13 and injuring 5,510. 11 of the principal activists are hanged in 2018.

    Fifty years ago – March 1970 - The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty goes into effect, after ratification by 56

    The critically wounded pilot of Eastern Air Lines Shuttle Flight 1320 saves the 68 passengers and five crew of the
    DC-9 jet, landing safely in Boston despite being shot by a hijacker who killed the co-pilot.

    The first Earth Day proclamation is issued by San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto.

    News items above are from Wikipedia. For Hopedale news from 25, 50 and 100 years ago, see below this
    text box.


                                                                     Hopedale in 1920, Part 3

    The news items below were published in the weekly Milford Gazette, and were obtained at the Bancroft Library.

    September 3, 1920 – Albert Butterfield is suffering from blood poisoning in his hand. (Butterfield lived at 4
    Cemetry Street.)

    The local Republican club is making a drive to enroll all the women as members.

    Mrs. P. A Phipps has been discharged from the Milford hospital and has gone to Halifax, Nova Scotia to

    September 10 – Registration previous to the primaries closed Saturday with a total of 519 males and 139

    Miss Lucy Day has returned from a visit with her brother in Vancouver. Samuel Day of New York was a guest of his
    sister over the holiday.

    September 17 – Mr. and Mrs. John R. O’Neil are enjoying a vacation in Vermont

    Mr. and Mrs. John Lahive have gone to Brunswick, Maine, for their vacation. Interesting to note that among the
    large number of vacations mentioned in the summer news of a century ago, very few were at Cape Cod.

    September 24 – Monday the directors of the Draper Corporation accepted the resignation of Charles E. Nutting
    as superintendent, who resigns after 18 years of service for a needed rest. He has been employed by the
    corporation and its predecessors for 35 years, and in November he and his wife will go to Southern California.

    October 1 - Labor difficulties over wages developed last week among the forces erecting the new houses for
    Draper Corporation and policemen were detailed to duty on the premises Saturday and Sunday to prevent any
    possibility of disorder. The men returned to work Monday, but are now out again.

    A girl’s health class has been organized in the 7th and 8th grades under the direction of the civic department of
    the Quinshipaug Woman’s Club.

    October 8 Capt. Eben S. Draper spent $33.03 in securing the Republican nomination for representative.

    In connection with the conference of the state league of women voters here last Thursday a league to include the
    towns of Hopedale, Milford, Mendon and Upton were organized with these officers: Chairman, Mrs. Millie Patrick;
    vice-chairman, Harriet Sornborger and Mrs. Beatrice Lally; sectretary, Mrs. Dana Osgood; treasurer, Mrs. Annie
    Perry. Directors were appointed at a meeting of the officers Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Patrick.

    October 15 – The young women employed in the roll room of the Draper plant will hold a dance in Town Hall,
    Saturday, Oct. 30, for the benefit of the Red Cross dental clinic.

    The Hopedale hose team won first place in the wet hose contest at Marlboro, Saturday. The team was unequaled
    in the wet reel race.

    October 22 – Clarence Lapworth is operating a new Cadillac Eight touring car, the gift of his father.

    An old-fashioned torchlight parade, headed by the Hopedale band, in which both men and women participated,
    preceded the rally in Town Hall Wednesday evening and aroused considerable enthusiasm.

    November 5 – A large crowd of men and women assembled in Town Hall, Tuesday evening for election returns.
    Hot coffee, sandwiches, doughnuts and cigars were served.

    Ten children enjoyed a Halloween party at the home of Mrs. Robert Billsbury, in observance of the fifth anniversary
    of her son, George W. Billsbury. The usual games and refreshments provided entertainment for the little people.

    A large percentage of the local registration was polled here Tuesday, 1028 out of 1071 of those eligible voting.
    Captain Eben S. Draper received the splendid vote of 927. Of the total vote 438 were cast by women. The first vote
    was cast by Mrs. Johanna A. O’Connell, and the polls were kept open until 8 PM. (Johanna O'Connell lived at 8
    Progress Street.)

    November 12 The bounds between this town and Mendon were perambulated by the selectmen of the two
    towns, Tuesday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Eben S. Draper have opened their winter home in Boston.

    The union men employed on the new houses at Hopedale voted to strike Monday morning because of a
    proposed cut in wages of 35 cents an hour Fifty or more men are involved.

    November 19 – Two gangs from Boston arrived here Wednesday to work on the new houses on Inman Street.

    The furniture of Boyd C. Parker and family has been shipped to Garfield, Utah.

    By canvass of the Eighth Worcester Representative district, Eben S. Draper was found to have received a total
    vote of 2709 and Mr. McGuiness a total of 1894.

    November 26 - The Activos have decided to conduct a candy sale in connection with the operetta, soon to be

    Mr. and Mrs. B.H.B. Draper entertained friends at a game supper Saturday evening. They recently returned from a
    hunting trip in Maine with a deer shot by Mrs. Draper and several partridges.

    December 3 – Mr. and Mrs C.E. Nutting left two Monday for a six months trip to  California and Honolulu.

    The Ladies’ Afternoon whist club met Tuesday with Mrs. Charles Bagley.

    December 10 - Mrs. E. B. Nason slipped and fell Sunday in tar which had run from the roof of the bobbin shop at
    the Draper plant. She was somewhat bruised and her clothing was ruined.

    The first moving pictures in town were shown in Town Hall Saturday afternoon before a large audience. C.F.
    Austin is acting as manager and H.L. Schultz as electrician, and Sophia Greenwood as pianist.

    December 17 – Pupils of Miss Vivian Scott’s dancing class held a social Tuesday evening in Town Hall. Music
    was furnished by Keane’s Premier orchestra of Milford.

    Frederick E. Smith, a popular resident of this town for over a half a century, died Tuesday of hardening of the
    arteries and shock. He was nearly 74 years old, and for many years had been foreman of the trucking department
    at the Draper plant. He was a veteran of the Civil War.

    December 24 – All the chestnut trees in the Prospect Street woods are being cut down on account of the ravages
    of the blight.

    The children of the town will be the guests of Mrs. B.H.B. Draper this afternoon at a special moving picture show
    at Town Hall. (After reading this, Meredith Kennedy wrote, "My grandfather George Bell often played the piano for
    the silent films, and my mother Irma sometimes filled in for him.")

    December 31 - About 80 of the overseers and officials of the Wamsutta Mills at New Bedford inspected the
    Draper Corporation plant last Thursday. The guests were entertained at a dinner at the Brae Burn Inn.

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