Twenty-five years ago – January 1996 - Motorola introduces the Motorola StarTAC
    Wearable Cellular Telephone, the first clamshell mobile phone.

    The North Cape oil spill occurs as an engine fire forces a tugboat ashore on Moonstone
    Beach in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. The North Cape Barge is pulled along with it
    and leaks 820,000 gallons of home heating oil.

    France undertakes its last nuclear weapons test.

    Fifty years ago – January 1971 - A ban on radio and television cigarette ads goes into
    effect in the United States.

    The landmark television sitcom All in the Family debuts on CBS.

    Charles Manson and three female "Family" members are found guilty of the 1969 Tate–
    LaBianca murders.

    Apollo 14 (carrying astronauts Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, and Edgar Mitchell) lifts off
    on the third successful lunar landing mission.

    News items above are from Wikipedia. For Hopedale news from 25, 50 and 100
    years ago, see below this text box.


                                                   Hopedale in 1921, Part I

                           Hopedale news items from the weekly Milford Gazette

    January 7 – Miss Mildred Stewart entertained a number of her girl friends at a watchnight
    party Friday evening.

    The Ladies Afternoon whist club met Monday with Mrs. W.L. Scott and the Evening whist
    club Monday evening with Mrs. Raymond Sadler.

    January 14 – The annual Ladies’ night of the Unitarian Men’s club will be held next
    Monday evening in Town Hall.

    Tuesday B.H.B. Draper was elected a director of the Merchants National and Shawmut
    National banks, both of Boston.

    Excavation is in progress for the new home of Captain and Mrs. Eben S. Draper. (The
    Ledges) It will be located south of their present home.

    January 21 – Following the supper of the Union Men’s class Tuesday evening, Captain
    Daniel MacKay gave an address on “The Northwest Mounted Police.”

    Following the supper of the Knighthood club Saturday evening, Chaplain W.B. Whiting of
    the Charlestown state prison gave an illustrated address and Warden E.E. Shattuck
    spoke briefly.

    February 4 – The high school basketball team was defeated at Northbrige Friday, 55 to

    Ice harvesting was commenced yesterday by the Hopedeale Coal & Ice Co.

    February 11 - Temporary organization of a local American Legion post was effected
    Tuesday, under the name of the Walter H. Tillotson post. Donald McCaslin was elected
    chairman and W. Harris Scott secretary.

    Francello G. Atwell, former school superintendent of this district died on his 58th birthday
    Friday morning at his home in Holliston from the effects of paralytic attacks. He resigned
    last spring from the superintendency of the Hopedale-Mendon-Bellingham district of which
    he had been in charge for over 12 years.

    February 25 – The high school seniors will present the play, “Patty makes things hum,”
    this evening in Town Hall for the benefit of their Washington trip fund.

    March 4 - C.H. Draper’s touring car caught fire recently when the machine was left if front
    of Gibbs’ drug store. The fire department extinguished the blaze without serious damage.

    March 11 – Under the direction of Evelyn Raymond, supervisor of music, and Sylvia
    Leonard, the pupils of the public schools gave an excellent concert with songs, readings
    and fancy dances, Friday evening in Town Hall for the benefit of the Junior Red Cross.

    March 25 - About 30 couples enjoyed the shirtwaist party of the Winter dancing club
    Saturday evening in Pythian Hall.

    April 1 - The high school seniors left Friday on their Washington trip.

    April 8 – At Worcester Friday Judge Chamberlain disallowed the will of Eugene
    Goldsmith, disposing of an estate of $75,000. Evidence was introduced to show that the
    deceased was not of sound mind when the will was executed.

    April 22 – About 200 persons enjoyed the roast beef supper at the Union church
    Wednesday noon.

    April 29Walter H. Tillotson post, A.L., held a meeting in Town Hall, Monday night and
    received several applications for membership. It was voted to have quarters in the Town
    Hall building. Commander Maroney and Leo Murphey of the Upton Post gave interesting
    talks on the Legion, it’s aims and works.

    Capt. E.S. Draper and Mr. Davidson, secretary of the state Republican Club, were the
    speakers at the meeting of the local Republican Club Monday. The object was to arouse
    an interest in naturalization.

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Hopedale News - January 1996

Hopedale Highway Department employee and truck

From the hits of 1971, Rod Stewart with Reason to Believe.

Hopedale News - January 1971

Hopedale News - January 1921

    Why so little for January 1971? Because that's all there
    was in the library scrapbooks. Why a prom in January? I
    don't know, but I'll be looking to see if that's when they were
    held in other years around that time.

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