This Building Committee report is from the Hopedale Town Report of 1927.

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    Unless you went to General Draper High School before 1957, you might be wondering
    about the large room in the drawing above. That was called "the main room," and all
    students in the school would be there at the beginning and the end of the school day.
    At the front there was a low platform with a desk on it. The principal and assistant
    principal would be there. In my time, that was Mr. Dennett and Mr. Drisko. We'd have
    opening exercises and announcements, and then head off for class. We'd return at the
    end of the day for more announcements.

    By 1957, larger classes were coming along. Until then there were no more than about
    120 pupils in the entire school. The increase in numbers brought about the end of the
    main room. It was divided into three smaller rooms, and everyone was assigned a
    homeroom where we'd start and end the day.

    The end of the main room resulted in the end of rhetoricals. All sophomores and
    juniors were required to memorize a talk of a few minutes and deliver it to the entire
    school from the platform at the front of the room. A few would do that each morning
    until all had taken their turn. The best were selected for what was called prize
    speaking, which was held at the town hall in the earlier days, and at Memorial School
    after that was built. The end of the main room resulted in the end of rhetoricals and
    prize speaking.