Hopedale Reminiscences

    Auretta Roys Aldrich - Banned in Hopedale? This piece, like Hopedale Reminiscences, was written in
    1910. My guess is that it was written to be included in Reminiscences, but was considered by the
    editors to be too harsh on the Drapers to use. (See the next-to-last paragraph.) Instead, it was printed
    in the Springfield Sunday Republican on October 30, 1910. The paper even refers to it as "Mrs
    Aldrich's Reminiscences." I found it in a scrapbook at the Bancroft Library.

    General Draper: Boyhood in Hopedale - While not part of Hopedale Reminiscences, this chapter from
    the general's autobiography was written in the same decade and about the same period as those

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F.G. Atwell, Superintendent of Schools, 1911