There have been three icehouses on Hopedale Pond.  Nineteenth century maps show one located in
    the Lake Street area.  This photo shows the other two.  The one on the right belonged to Henry Patrick
    who owned two stores in Hopedale.  Hester Chilson told us that when the Patrick icehouse was
    dismantled, the wood was used in building the duplex at 56-58 Freedom Street that was then rented
    to employees of Patrick's.

    One of Patrick's stores was where Stone's Furniture is now (the intersection was known for many
    years as Patrick's Corner) and the other was where the parking lot for the medical building next to the
    library is.

    The icehouse on the left in the picture above belonged to the Hopedale Coal and Ice Company.  This
    is the one shown in other icehouse views in this site.  I believe it was razed in 1945. The town report
    for 1944 mentions a fire alarm there, but it's not listed in the 1945 report.

    Also visible in this photo is the first bandstand at the town park.

       Icehouse article by Gordon Hopper           Another view of the two icehouses and the town park.           

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                                                  Cutting ice on Lake Nipmuc - video on YouTube           

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