The Little Red Schoolhouse

    The building that became the Little Red Schoolhouse originally stood off of Freedom Street where the
    Gannetts' tennis courts now stand. The construction date is unknown. At first the building served as a
    pump house for the icehouse that once stood on that site.

    In the early 1940s, after the razing of the icehouse, the pump house was moved across the pond to
    Dutcher Street. It was then that  it became known as "The Little Red Schoolhouse." Old Bill Taylor of
    Milford moved it with a team of horses. It took approximately five hours to reach its present location.

    Ethel Durgin set up a nursery school in the old pump house, and taught there. A fire bell was donated
    by the fire department when the school opened. The bell came from a 1914 Hopedale ladder truck.

    The school eventually closed and the building was converted into a workshop. The interior still contains
    some blackboards and other reminders that for some years it had been a school. From a paper
    written for the Hopedale Community Historical Society, which noted, "Information provided by
    Herbert Durgin." Photos and articles on this page are from the Milford Daily News clippings at the
    Bancroft Library in Hopedale.

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    Thanks to Debbie (Grillo) Robbins for sending this Milford News clipping. . The year was probably
    1947.. Here's what the caption says, for anyone who has trouble reading it above.

    Hopedale, Dec 24.- Christmas exercises were held by pupils of the Little Red Schoolhouse Nursery
    school in the Town Hall. Donald Keniston of Upton was Santa Claus and there were many guests
    present and some of these young folks had their pictures taken with the pupils.

    Front row: James Robert Wood of Milford, Paula Ann Tellier of Milford, David Calarese of Hopedale,
    Carolyn Thompson of Upton, Dorothy Robbins of Mendon, Philip LaBastie of Mendon, Alice Wilson of  
    Hopedale, Arlene Kirsner of Milford, Richard Moore of Hopedale, Nancy Ann Newton of Upton, Sally  
    Newton of Upton, Nancy Dudley of Mendon, Evelyn Dautrich of Mendon, "Jackie" Evans of Milford.

    Second row: Patricia Mosso of Upton, Bernadette Sooley of Hopedale, Celine Wood of Milford,
    Daniel Nicholson of Milford, Dolores Comastra of Milford, Paul Biedrzycki of Mendon, James Lovejoy  
    of Hopedale, Kathryn Sails of Milford, Karen Caulfield of Hopedale, Margaret Wilson of Hopedale,
    James Kennelly of Mendon.

    Back row: Benjamin Barnes of Hopedale, Stanley Barker of Milford, Jesse Cox of Mendon, Karen
    Jacques of Milford, John Melanson of Milford, Howard Sears of Milford, James Webber of Milford,  
    Chester Benoit of Upton, Carol Ann Hickmott of Mendon, Donald Washburn of Hopedale, Charles  
    Smith of Mendon, Barry Williams of Upton, Susan Clifford of Milford and Henry Bouchard, Jr., of

    Photo of what was once the Little Red Schoolhouse,
    behind the former Durgin home at 120 Dutcher Street.

Thanks to Ron Kimball for the diploma.

    The icehouse on the west side of Hopedale Pond. When the icehouse was
    razed, the pump house (below the windmill) was brought across the pond
    and set up behind the Durgin home at 120 Dutcher Street where it became
    The Little Red Schoolhouse.