Tercentenary Events

    February 15, 1965
                  First Public Meeting at Mendon Town Hall   

    June 17, 1965
                  Second Public Meeting.
                  Henry P. Clough appointed General Chairman by Selectmen

    August 17, 1965
                  First Meeting of General Committee appointed by Chairman

    November 10, 1966
                  Organization of Mendham Brush Association

    January 1, 1967
                  Ceremony of Razor Burial by Brothers of the Brush

    January 16, 1967
                  Organization of Daughters of Mendon Pioneers

    February 10, 1967
                  First Costume Dance of Brothers of the Brush

    March 10, 1967
                  Second Costume Dance of Brothers of the Brush

    April 19, 1967
                  Tree planting at Mendon Center School   

    May 14, 1967
                  Anniversary Church Service, Unitarian Church   
                  Speaker:  Dr. Dana M. Greeley, President of the Unitarian-Universalist Association

    May 15, 1967
    Dedication of Bronze Tablet by Mendon Historical Society in memory  of soldiers of the French and
    Indian Wars and the Revolutionary War

    Thursday, June 22, 1967
    8:00 P.M. First Presentation of Historical Pageant.  Nipmuc Regional High School Auditorium

    Friday, June, 23, 1967
    7:00 P.M. Second Presentation of Historical Pageant.  Nipmuc Regional High School Auditorium

    7:30 – 11:30 P.M. Young People’s Dance. Lakeview Park Ballroom

    Saturday, June 24, 1967
                  10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Open House at:

     Baptist Church, Main Street

                  Chestnut Hill Meeting House, Millville Street

                  St. Michael’s Church, North Avenue

                  Unitarian Church, Maple Street

                  Mendon Center School, Arts and Crafts Exhibit, North Avenue

                  Mendon Historical Society Museum, Main Street

                  Taft Public Library, Main Street

    9:00 A.M. – 12:00 Sports Program, Mendon Center School Grounds

    1.        Long Distance Cross Country Run (open to residents of Mendon, Bellingham, Blackstone,       
    Hopedale,    Milford,   Millville, Northbridge, Upton, Uxbridge)

    2.        Field Day Events for boys and girls of Mendon

    1:00 – 5:00 P.M. House and Historical Sites Tour Headquarters at Mendon Town Hall, Main Street

    2:00 P.M. Firemen’s Muster, Mendon Center School Grounds,

    Participants:  Ashburnham, Southborough, Upton, Westminster, Woodville

    6:30 P.M. Tercentenary Banquet, Lakeview Park Ballroom

    Sunday, June 25, 1967
    Morning Services at Local Churches

    11:00 A.M. Ecumenical Religious Service - Bishop Bernard Flanagan, Diocese of Worcester, Dr.
    Howard Ferrin, Chancellor of Barrington College, Nipmuc Regional High School

    2:00 P.M. Tercentenary Parade, Lakeview Park to Mendon Center School

    8:00 P.M.  Band Concert, Lakeview Park - Framingham-Milford Band

    10:00 P.M. Fireworks - Lakeview Park

                                                    300th Anniversary Committees

    General Chairman:  Mr. Henry Clough

    Selectmen:  E. Theodore Giatas,  Kenneth Taylor, Arthur Wiersma

    Treasurer, Roland Kinsley, Legal Counselor, Shelley Vincent
    General Committee:   
                  Walter Butler
                  Richard Childs
                  Mrs. G. Godfrey Davenport, Jr.
                  Frank Dudley
                  Carlton Goss
                  Thomas Hackenson
                  Edward Lamothe
                  Harold Lowell
                  Linwood Lowell
                  John Quirk
                  Gerard Sweeney
                  Henry Twitchell
                  Joseph Taylor
                  Richard Varney
                  Harry York

    There were a total of 288 residents (24% of the registerd voters) of the town as members of the
    following sub-committees for the planning and execution of the festivities:

    Ecumenical Service
    Firemen’s Muster
    Historical Museum Exhibit
    House and Sites Tours
    Publicity & Information
    Former Residents
    Sports Program
    Town Decoration
    Traffic & Safety
    Souvenir Booklet
    Dance for Young People
          Arts and Crafts Exhibit
          Fireworks and Band Concert
          Tree Planting
          Mendham Brush Association
          Mendon Daughters of the Pioneers
          Assisting Committees:
                  Mendon Boy Scouts
                  Mendon Girl Scouts
                  Mendon Youth Groups

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Tercentennial Celebration, Town of Mendon, 1967

Mendon, Massachusetts
1667 – 1967
Mother of Municipalities


Mendon town – so steeped in history
Tell us your story
Indians, friends, and foe selling, them
Burning, to you we owe it all
Elifelett Holbrook, Elizaer Taft
Angel and Hannah Torrey
Clear the swamp of alders – sink
The boulders – build the fieldstone wall.


High ground, hallowed ground –
Put in your corne and pease
Rolling hills, fertile land
With air that cures disease
The hand of frontier men has surely
Toiled on these
For unlikely hedges offer up grapes
And apple trees.


Now we celebrate the tercentennial
Mendon, of thee we sing
With your panoramic views in
Winter, fall and spring.
Continue in your pastoral ways
With every passing year
And the gods that live bless
This our bounty here.

Dr. R. Allison Lukert, 1967

Brothers of the Brush, 1967