Bicknell Cemetery, Mendon, MA, Mendon Vital Records
    to 1850 G. R. 4

    Given to the Mendon Historical Society in 1991 by James M. Holmes of Westboro, MA

    The following letter was received by the Mendon Historical Society, Mendon, MA from James M. Holmes, 244
    Flanders Rd., Westborough, MA on 30 July 1991.

    Dear Members,
    After about 12 years of genealogical research on several of my Mendon families, i.e. Barrows, Cook, Gaskill,
    Wilcox, I decided it would be a worthwhile project to undertake to copy all inscriptions from the over gown
    Bicknell cemetery.  This was published in the June 1991 issue of MASSOG, the quarterly publication of the
    Mass. Society of Genealogists, Box 215, Ashland, MA  01721.

    I feel it would be appropriate for your society to have a copy of this for the benefit of your members.  About 6
    years ago I donated a copy of a Gaskill genealogy to your group and Mrs. Coleman indicated their was no
    need to give the Taft Library a copy as that was where the Historical Society’s copy would be kept.  If that is
    still the case, great.  If not, pleas let me know, that I might send the Library a separate copy.

    Should further material be available on the Bicknell cemetery, I would certainly welcome hearing about it.


                          James M. Holmes

    Bicknell Cemetery

    First Division
    1.       Hayward – Large stone has broken at base and lying upside down. Footstones; J. R. H.; H.H.; S.H.;
    Infant son John R. & Olive Hayward {Mendon VR:  Olive, w., of John R.C., d. Aug. 15, 1845, @ 22 years 4
    months 2 days.  Consumption.  Daughter of Olney Cook} {Mendon VR: Sally, w. of John R. Hayward, d. 20 July
    1894 @ 65 years. Daughter of Olney Cook} {Mendon VR: John R. Hayward d. 4 September 1895 @ 75 years
    9 months. Son of Nathan Hayward.}
    2.       Hayward – Captain Nathan Hayward d. July 7, 1858 @ 69 years (broken stone. Ruth, wife of Captain
    Nathan Hayward d. March 23, 1850 @ 66 years. R.H. {maiden name: Newell}
    3.       Thurber – Sacred to the memory of Dr. Daniel Thurber who died January 22, 1836 @ 68.  D. T.  Sacred
    to the memory of Mrs. Olive {Penniman}, wife of Dr. Daniel Thurber who died September 14, 1823 @ 52. O.T.
    4.       Wheelock – Paulina C. {Cook}, wife of Thomas Wheelock, died September 30, 1833 @ 29 Years. P.C.W.
    5.       Penniman – Elijah Penniman May 4, 1794 – September 5, 1884
    6.       Bates – Benjamin Bates d. February 16, 1867 @ 86 years 2 months 10 days.  “Our Father”. {stone
    broken} Stone made by Lobdell & Warren, Providence, RI.  Footstone:  R.B. {Mendon VR: Rhoda Bates d. 24
    August 1878 @ 91 years 5 months 6 days.  {Daughter of George Kelly} {stone broken laying face down}
    7.       Bates – Jedediah Bates died April 20, 1857 @ 71 years 9 months 10 days.  J. B. field stone marked;
    Martha Bates {probably d. August 13, 1824, mother of Jedediah and wife of Joseph Bates.  Maiden name
    Chilson} Edwin Bates 1827 – 1893 {MA VR: father – Benjamin mother – Rhoda Kelly Mrs. Celicia B.
    Penniman 1811 -1888 {Mendon VR: daughter of Benjamin & Rhoda Bates; wife of James H. Penniman}
    8.       Lydia M. wife of P. M. Hunt 1851-1893 {MA VR: Parents John & Mary Zuver} Zuver – John Wesley Zuver,
    “Johnie” brother of Lydia 1856-1930
    9.       Albee – In memory of Mr. Otis Albee who died December 13, 1828 @ 38 years.  O.A.
    10.     Parnell – In memory of Mr. Daniel R. Parnell who died January 28 {Mendon VR: Jan. 29} 1828 aged 36
    11.     Battey – Jesse Battey 1822-1886 Esther G., wife of Jesse Battey, 1816-1888 {stone broken}
    12.     Burr – Captain Ezekiel Burr died January 12, 1866 @ 82 years 10 month.  Post 22 G.A.R. {Perhaps for
    War of 1812 service} Esther, wife of Capt. Ezekiel Burr, died September 18, 1856 77 years.  Marcus Burr died
    June 9, 1850 @ 37 years {stone broken}
    13.     Bates - Mary B., wife of Joel Bates, died June 3, 1858 @ 60 years 3 months {Mendon VR:  Joel Bates
    md. Polley Patterson of Northbridge int. July 7, 1817}
    14.     Pickering – Lydia, wife of John Pickering, died August 29, 1862 @ 77 years.  L.P. {MA VR: Daughter of
    Joseph & Sally Wadley}  William H., son of John and Elizabeth {Mendon VR: Pickering} Howe, died
    September 5, 1837 @ 1 year 10 months 12 days. W.H.H.
    15.    Hayward – Jotham Hayward born June 18, 1777 died February 26, 1851 @ 77 years. Levier, wife of
    Jotham Hayward, born March 7, 1782 died August 19, 1854 @ 72 years {Mendon VR: maiden name Laviah
    16.    Mann – Helen Maria, daughter of Richard E. * Sarah E. Mann, born September 17, 1846 died September
    6, 1848 {Mendon VR: Ellen Maria @ 1 year 10 months 20 days}  Clarinda E., daughter of Richard E. & Sarah
    E. Mann, died August 12, 1844 @ 1 year 11 months  C.E.M. {Mendon VR indicate Richard, son of Richard E. &
    Sarah E. (Cook) Mann was b. 23 August 1841 and died 20 November 1841 and was buried in Bicknell
    17.    Wilcox – Willard Wilcox died November 3, 1861 @ 77 years Hannah, wife of Willard Wilcox, died April 20,
    1865 @ 80 years 2 months. {Mendon VR: Daughter of Samuel & Olive (Cook) Gaskill} George W. Wilcox
    {Mendon VR: son of Willard, died April 3, 1834/5 @ 21 years} {stone broken}
    18.     Bicknell – Elias P. Bicknell 1831-1901 footstone: Elias Louise A., his wife, 1833- 1926 {MA VR: maiden
    name Blake} Louise George E. 1858-1859 Benjamin Bicknell 1797-1867  Susan, his wife, 1796-1864
    {maiden name Parkman} S.P.B.

    Second Division
    19.        Howe – John Howe died July 8, 1866 @ 58 years {stone broken} J.H. Elizabeth, wife of John Howe,
    died March 19, 1882 @ 76 years 2 months {Mendon VR: Father; John Pickering} E.H. Martin S., his son, died
    Morris Island November 22, 1863 @ 25 years Post 22 G.A.R.  M.S.H. Stone made by Lobdell Warrem/ {Annals
    of Mendon indicate body not recovered}
    20.        Abbott – Lemuel Abbott died November 27, 1866 in the 62nd year of his age.  L.A. Sarah J., wife of
    Lemuel Abbott, died October 3, 1866 in the 60th year of age.  S.J.A. Olive, daughter of Lemuel & Sarah J.
    Abbott, died September 2, 1866 in the 29th year of her age.  O.A.
    21.        Bates – Benjamin Bates 1816-1887 Father Sarah R. Bates 1820-1902 Mother {MA VR: maiden name
    – Payson}
    22.        Hunting – John H. Hunting 1832-1916 Charlotte L. Hunting 1840-1924 {MA VR: daughter of Benjamin
    23.        Cox – J. Stuart Cox 1873-1932 Jesse E. 1874-1926 {Mendon VR: daughter of Lowell C. Cook} Bernice
    1908 {Mendon VR: stillborn 19 June 1908, daughter of J. Stuart Cox}
    24.        Bicknell – Simon P. Bicknell died November 29, 1882 @ 79 years 5 months 19 days.  Husband.  
    Rebecca, wife of Simon P. Bicknell, died June 1, 1872 @ 84 years 6 months.  Rebecca. {Mendon VR:
    daughter of Joseph Bates} Grave marker dated 1872.  At front of cemetery is a tomb marked: S.P. Bicknell
    1871. {Also possibly buried here is his second wife, Mary H. (Burdick) d. September 8, 1904 @ 72 years 7
    months 25 days}
    25.        Brown – Charles E. Brown 1836-1867 Sally F. A., his wife, 1843-1880 Edwin W., son of Charles E. &
    Sally F.A. Brown, died January 8, 1868 @ 10 years 24 days.
    26.        Worthen – Sarah H. Howe, wife of E.S. Worthen, died September 20, 1864 @ 23 years {MA VR:
    daughter of John & Elizabeth Howe}
    27.        Chilson – Willard Chilson died April 25, 1876 @ 78 years 4 months 17 days.  Father Huldah, his wife,
    died November 12, 1889 @ 84 years 7 months 2 days.  Mother. {History of Milford: daughter of Dexter &
    Esther (Hayward) Thayer}  Children of Willard & Huldah Chilson:  Harding Thayer born May 28, 1827 died
    February 1, 1828 Harding Frederic born November 13, 1832 died June 2, 1837 Frederic
    28.        Bates – George Bates died January 26, 1876 in the 66th year of his age {stone broken} G.B. {Mendon
    VR: Ellen Bates d. 4 October 1885 @ 74 years, daughter of Frederick Barkley – stone missing}  Maria, wife of
    George R. Holland, died April 11, 1858 @ 22 years 2 months 4 days. M.H.  Post 22 G.A.R. for George R.
    Holland  Thomas D., son of George & Ellen Bates died April 13, 1852 @ 9 years 3 months 13 days.
    29.        Cook – Susan, daughter of Lyman & Lucina (Streeter) Cook, died July 6, 1840 @ 4 years 2 months 12
    days.  {Mendon VR: Charles, son of Lyman & Lucina Cook, died September 26, 1848 @ 18 years 11 months
    2 days – stone missing}  {There are also 2 Post 22 G.A.R. markers.  One may be for Albert, son of Lyman &
    Lucina Cook, mortally wounded in an attack upon the Petersburg and Richmond Railroad and died 10 May
    1864.  Body not recovered.} {Lusena Cook died April 2, 1862} {Mendon VR: Lyman Cook, 2d, died September
    3, 1877 @ 70 years 6 months 24 days}
    30.        Burr – Henry Melvin Burr 1852-1933 His wife, Cora Gaskill 1855-1936 Nina M. Burr 1890-1952
    Leonard G. Burr 1894-1971 Leslie M. Burr 1893-1940 American Legion Post flag
    31.        Burr – Ezekiel P. Burr 1821-1893 Father Marion C., wife of Ezekiel P. Burr, 1826-1911 Mother {Mendon
    VR: daughter of William & Hannah Smith}
    32.        Cole – Mason D. Cole died September 17, 1902 @ 73 years 6 months Father Elizabeth, wife of
    mason D. Cole, died May 26, 1887 @ 68 years 9 months Mother Adelaide Cole 1861-1932 Adelaide  Frank
    E., son of Mason & Elizabeth Cole, died September 20, 1875 aged 13 months (?)
    33.        Burr – Elisha W. Burr 1823-1895 Father. Melissa M. Bates, wife of Elisha W. Burr 1832-1917 {broken
    stone} Fred Lincoln, son of Elisha W. & Melissa M Burr 1868-1874 {broken stone}

    Third Division
    34.        Newhall – James M. Newhall his wife, Julia A. 1829-1890 {Mendon VR: daughter of Augustus
    Randal}  Arthur I. 1864-1869 {broken stone}  Eben H. 1871-1872  Arthur I., son of James M. & Julia A.
    Newhall, died September 3, 1869 @ 1 year 5 months.  A.I.N.
    35.        Gould – Willis Gould born April 17, 1818 died February 9, 1896  Mary T. Gaskill, wife of Willis Gould
    born August 13, 1818 died March 4, 1898.  {Mendon VR:  George W. Gould, son of Willis & Mary T. Gould, died
    May 31, 1914 @ 68 years 4 months 29 days, buried Bicknell Cemetery}
    36.        Wilcox/Bradford – Samuel W. Wilcox 1836-1907 his wife, Hannah Collicott 1845-1914.  their son,
    Charles A. 1865-1868.  Charles H. Bradford 1863-1914 his wife, Enola Wilcox 1863-1931
    37.        Cook – Lowell C. Cook 1838-1921 Post 22 G.A.R. {Milford Daily News obituary indicated burial in
    Swandale cemetery, Mendon!}  Mary J. Cook 1854-1949 {Mendon VR: daughter of Hugh Gallagher} their
    daughter, Grace G. Cook 1871-1876 Grace.  Margaret Gallagher, wife of Hugh Gallagher, 1814-1896.  
    Margaret, their daughter, 1855-1938
    38.        Cook – Olney Cook died October 5, 1882 aged 84 years. Melinda Cook died January 16, 1883 aged
    77 years {Mendon VR: daughter of Willard & & Hannah (Gaskill) Wilcox}
    39.        Barrows – Charles E. Barrows 1842-1881 Father. Eveline M. 1844-1931 {Mendon VR: daughter of
    Olney & Melinda Cook} Mother.  Herbert A. 1873-1923 Herbert.
    40.        Jennison – John Jennison 1803-1894 John.  Lucinda, his wife, 1806-1887 Lucinda. George W.
    Jennison 1832-1908 George W.  Amy J., wife of George W. Jennison, 1840-188 Amy J.  {Mendon VR:
    daughter of Elijah Taft}
    41.        Hall – Alonzo Hall 1819-1895.  Merrick E. Hall died March 3, 1908 @ 72 years 11 months 28 days.  
    Mary Elcy, wife of Merrick E. Hall, died December 7, 1875 @ 39 years 10 months {broken stone}
    42.        Lazell – Daniel Lazell 1841-1931.  Nancy D. Lazell 1845-1932 {MA VR daughter of Elijah & Cynthia W..
    (Moffatt) Taft}
    43.        Wilcox – Samuel G. Wilcox 1807-1882 “an honest man” Father.  His wife, Sally C. died March 2, 1877
    @ 68 years 9 months 14 days Mother {Mendon VR:  daughter of Ariel & Crusa (Cook) Cook}.  Andrew
    Jackson, son of Samuel G. & Sally C. Wilcox, died March 22, 1848 @ 5 years 9 months 27 days.  Brother {The
    will of their daughter, Alice J. Hall, probated Worcester Probate court 1929 #98425 includes a $100. 00
    bequest to the trustees of Bicknell Cemetery for the care of the burial lot of her father & mother, Samuel G. &
    Sallie C. Wilcox.  Since such trustees could not be found the money was deposited in Milford Savings Bank.}

    Bicknell Cemetery Addition

    (Original numbering of lots)
    1.        Ezra Jenckes died February 10, 1884 @ 62 years I.O.O.F. #46 E.J.  Mary B., his wife, died September 2,
    1891 @ 69 years M.B.J. {MA VR: daughter of Willard Swan} {Obituary indicated she was buried in “the
    beautiful Bicknell Cemetery”}  Lewis B. Gaskill 1829-1918 L.B.G. Grange No. 271, his wife, Annie E. Jenckes
    1844-1930 {This lot was one of the perpetual care funds held by the Town}
    2.        Nahum Gaskill died August 24, 1985 @ 70 years 4 months 6 days. Fannie E., wife of Nahum Gaskill,
    died April 10, 1885 @ 50 years 1 month 17 days {Mendon VR: daughter of Simeon Wheelock}. Aubern Gaskill
    died April 12, 1883 @ 30 years 4 months 24 days {broken stone}
    3.        Frank Gaskill born January 5, 1860 died September 2, 1930.  Minnie L., wife of Frank Gaskill, 1863-
    1903 {broken stone} {Mendon VR: daughter of Ira G. Wilson.
    4.        Ira G. Wilson December 4, 1834 – October 31, 1902 Father.  Sarah D. Wilson August 21, 1841-April 6,
    1905 Mother {Mendon VR: maiden name Aldrich}
    5.        Loren T. Adams 1822-1899.  Lydia A. Adams 1834-1901 {Mendon VR:  daughter or Arnold Aldrich}
    6.        Lewis Bates 1843-1907 His wife, Rosabel {Mendon VR: daughter of Nahum Gaskill} 1855-1938.  
    Jesse L. Bates 1877-1894. Harry E. Bates 1884-1935.
    7.        Joseph M Wood died July 23, 1883 @ 40 years 6 months 23 days JMW.
    8.        Henry E. Staples died November 17, 1883 @ 49 years 2 months 17days.  His wife, Anna P., 1846-
    1921.  Alzie Staples Baker October 6, 1879-December 23, 1955
    9.        Joseph  Bates 1819-1903.  Maria A., wife of Joseph Bates {MA VR: maiden name Parker} 1820-1891.  
    Amanda F., wife of John S. Cox {Mendon VR: maiden name Bates} 1842-1903.  John S. Cox 1830-1900 (this
    lot had perpetual care through the Town).
    10.        Unmarked lot Owner – Charles Phillips, Jr.
    11.        Elsie L. Hayard November 28, 1877 – May 18, 1928 ELH.  Addie L. Hayward 1873-1966 ALH.  
    Elizabeth Hayward 1889-1975 EH.  Frank S. Hayward July 20, 1851 - November 1, 1930 FSH.  Hannah E., his
    wife, December 13, 1851-February 20, 1891 HEH.  Hannah E., their daughter, April 24, 1882 – April 26 1882.  
    Mary L., his wife {MA VR: daughter of Edward H. Taft}, July 31, 1857 – February 7, 1942 MLH.  Samuel P., their
    son, January 10, 1897 – June 5, 1897.  Samuel P. Hayward March 15, 1816 – May 31, 1894 Father.  Rachel
    C., his wife, {Mendon VR:  maiden name Rhodes} August 24, 1821 – May 6, 1910 Mother.  (some of these
    individuals are also buried in lot 16)
    12.        Gaskill, Wilfred December 31, 1856 – September 12 1927 Father.  His wife, Eleanor Bennett, 1869 –
    1934 Mother.
    13.        Children of F.S. & M.M. Wilcox.  Bernice L. 1894-1894.  Infant son, 1895.
    14.        Thomas B. Staples 1836-1908 {stone broken}. Anna M. 1837 {Mendon VR:  claim 1847} – 1871.  
    Dorothy 1898
    15.        Unmarked lot – Owner – Peteveon
    16.        See lot 11 above
    17.        see lot 22
    18.        Joseph H. Howard 1837-1907 Post 22 GAR Husband.  M. Ann Eliza {MA VR:  maiden name Streeter},
    wife of J. H. Howard, 1831-1898 {stone fallen over & broken}
    19.        Henry Bates 1839-1902 Co. B. 18th Regt. Mass. Volunteers Post 22 GAR.  His wife, Rachel A. Bates,
    {MA VR: daughter of Jason Staples} 1838-1928. (This lot was one of the perpetual care funds held by the
    20.        Helen B., daughter of Albert & Mary S. {MA VR:  maiden name Merriam}, 1900 @ 4 months.
    21.        Kimball, Merrill 1851-1931.  His wife, Susie, 1857-1894.
    22.        Cook, Lyman, 2d, 1851-1925. His wife, Wilhelmine Rittman, 1862-1918 Women’s Relief Corp #72.  
    Daughter, Barbara Helen Cook 1900-1900. Son of Lyman Cook, 3rd, 1927-1927.
    23.        Unmarked lot.  Owner – F. H. Plumer {Mendon VR:  Frank H. Plummer died 30 December 1897,
    buried Bicknell Cemetery}.
    24.        Unmarked lot.  Owner – Frank Barrows.  In 1991 the original deed was held by his daughter, Gladys I.
    Holmes, Westborough.  MA VR:  record two infants buried here:  Grace William Barrows born at Mendon, 1
    September 1901 and died at Mendon, 5 February 1903, daughter of Frank E. & Ellen E. (Munger) Barrows,
    buried Bicknell Cemetery.   Herbert Oscar Barrows born at Framingham, MA, 15 December 1917 and died at
    Ashland, MA 18 March 1919, son of Eugene E. & Mary F. (Bixby) Barrows, grandson of Frank E. Barrows,
    buried Bicknell Cemetery.
    25.        Charles E. Cook 1876-19?? {date of death not filled in.  Mendon VR:  died 18 January 1942,
    Tewksbury State hospital}.  Son {broken stone}  The next stone is broken & upside down.  On top is
    MOTHER.  This would be Georgianna (Martin) Cook, wife of Sylvester Cook, born 1848 {Mendon VR: died
    1916}.  Another stone base is next to these stones but the upright section is entirely missing.  This would
    likely be for Sylvester Cook, born 1846, owner of the lot and father of the above Charles E. Cook {Mendon VR:  
    died 1914}.  An additional four lots have grave-markers directly behind the addition.  Number #26 – 29.
    26.        Maxcy Jonathan B. 1853-1932.  His wife, Marianna Rounds 1851-1925.
    27.        Rowe Reuben B. 1851-1930.  His wife C. Anna 1864 – (blank)
    28.        Victor Lundvall 1868-1930. His wife, Josephine E. Larson 1869-1944.
    29.        Thayer George E. 1865-1940.  His wife, Minnie F. Bicknell 1869-1961. There is also a plastic marker
    labeled Thayer.  The given name has disappeared.

    March 1991

    Notes:  from E. Jane Coleman,
    On November 17, 1988, as a member of the Mendon Historical Commission, E. Jane Coleman brought to
    the attention of the Board of Selectmen and the Park Department the section in the Mass. General Laws
    which refers to the care of neglected burial places within the limits of a town.  Chapter 114, Section 18

    A hearing on the care of the Bicknell Cemetery was held at 7:30 p.m. on November 21, 1988 in the Selectmen’
    s office in Mendon Town Hall.  The care of the cemetery was resolved, becoming the responsibility of the Park

    Mendon Town Report for 1988, page 90
    Report of the Historical Commission
    “In conjunction with the Park Department and the Board of Selectmen resolved the Bicknell Cemetery’s
    maintenance problem.  The cemetery is located on Hartford Avenue East.”

    Mendon Town Report for 1989, page 73
    Report of the Park Department
    “We are pleased to report the clearing of overgrowth in Bicknell Cemetery. Large trees were removed and
    volunteers from the Highway Department, Park Department and many concerned Townsfolk spent a day
    clearing years of neglect from this older cemetery on Hartford Avenue East.  Roots from the trees in front of
    the cemetery were causing bulges in the wall (granite).  These were removed by the Tree Warden to prevent
    the wall from falling down.

    Older Sections of Bicknell Cemetery


    Bicknell Cemetery Addition


    Note:  Names added as lots were sold.  All Lots are 4 graves.

    Gaskill Family Cemetery, The History of the
    Jane Coleman, May 1997

    It is not known when the custom of having family burial grounds began, presumably the custom began in the
    latter part of the 18th century.  In the vicinity of Mendon the existing family cemeteries were established on
    land originally owned by residents, mostly farmers, who possessed many acres of land surrounding their

    The first Gaskill Family Cemetery was established in the south parish of Mendon (Blackstone est. 1845).  
    The Gaskill family came to this area from Salem, MA, in the early 1700’s, and owned large parcels of land
    both in the south parish and Cumberland, RI.  According too the Mendon Vital Records to 1850, the earliest
    burial in this cemetery (Grave Record #18) was that of Hannah, wife of Peter, who died July 1, 1809, at 47.  
    Earlier burials were not recorded, but may have been recorded with the Quakers, as the Gaskill family wee
    members of that faith.  (Cumberland, RI group also known as Smithfield Monthly Meeting.)

    The cemetery is located on the east side of Blackstone Street near the town water tank (see 1958 map of
    Blackstone).  For many years this cemetery was neglected and very nearly vanished.  In 1993, Craig
    Cousineau, a member of St. Theresa’s Troop 59, restored the cemetery as an Eagle Scout project.  A total of
    55 gravestones were uncovered, one dating back to 1806.  {reference Milford Daily News Article, Tuesday,
    August 3, 1993, by Paula Kurczy, Daily News Staff}

    The Gaskill Family Cemetery on George Street in Mendon was established on a parcel of land belonging to
    Naum (Nahum) Gaskill homestead. (see 1831 map of Mendon)  The exact date is unrecorded.  Nahum
    Gaskill’s homestead comprised of many acres on both sides of Providence, Neck Hill and George Street.  
    Over the years this land has been divided many times so that the original parcel is barely traceable.  The first
    burial was Olive, wife of Samuel Gaskill, died March 28, 1840 at 78. (Mendon VR: to 1850 Grave Record #3)

    The first meeting of The Gaskill Family Cemetery Association, on record, was April 11, 1927.  It is not known if
    there were earlier records kept for the cemetery.  The Gaskill Family Cemetery Association, a corporation,
    was duly established by law in accordance with the provisions of Mass. G.L. chapters 114 and 179 in 1926-
    1927.  The certificate of organization was filed in January, 1927 with the Secretary of the Commonwealth,
    Frederick W. Cook.  A set of by-laws were adopted and Chester F. Williams and Wendell Williams, councilors
    at law, assisted with the proceedings.

    Gaskill Cemetery, Mendon, MA Data from James Holmes, Westborough, MA 1993

    This small cemetery is located on the south side of George Street, near the intersection with Neck Hill Road.  
    The earliest burial took place in 1840 for Olive (Cook), wife of Samuel Gaskilll.  The cemetery is still in use by
    immediate family but there is not room for many more burials. E. Jane Coleman, Mendon, MA., a family
    member, has records of the cemetery.  Parenthesis has been used to indicate relationships, and other
    pertinent comments.

    Samuel Gaskill died December 5, 1846 aged 82.

    Olive, wife of Samuel Gaskill, died March 28, 1840, aged 73.

    Naum Gaskill died May 4, 1860 aged 72 years {only son of Samuel & Olive Gaskill}

    Sally, wife of Naum Gaskill, died April 10, 1875 aged 83 years 5 months 28 days {maiden name Southwick}

    Charles L., son of Charles & Almira F. Fletcher, died March 25, 1847, aged 2 months ( days.  Almira was 4th
    daughter of Naum & Sally Gaskill.  Charles is also inscribed on the tombstone of his parents in Swandale
    Cemetery, Mendon)

    Hannah, wife of Abner K. Sprague, died November 19, 1891, aged 80 years 2 months 10 days (Eldest
    daughter of Naum & Sally Gaskill, she had no children)

    John S. Gaskill died August 20, 1883 aged 75 years 8 months 8 days (eldest child of Naum & Sally Gaskill)

    Harriet, wife of John S. Gaskill, died September 3, 1874 aged 57 years 8 months 23 days (maiden name

    John E. Pond, grandson of John S. & Harriet Gaskill, 1872-1880.

    Jennie L. Gaskill died October 17, 1856 aged 8 months (full name was Jane Louisa)
    David M. Gaskill died September 25, 1864 aged 3 months 18 days, children of Gilbert & Ellen Gaskill (Gilbert
    Gaskill was 4th son of Naum & Sally Gaskill)

    Olive W., wife of Gilbert Gaskill, died March 24, 1851 aged 21 years (first wife.  Maiden name:  Olive Warfield

    Micajah Collins Gaskill 1816-1894 (3rd son of Naum & Sally Gaskill)

    Alzada, wife of Micajah Gaskill, 1823-1907 (Maiden name Gould, sister to above Olive Gould)

    Annie W. Gaskill, daughter of Micajah & Alzada Gaskill, 1861-1944 (never married)

    Hannah A., daughter of Micajah & Alzada Gaskill died June 26, 1870 aged 16 years 7 months 9 days.

    R. George Gaskill 1827-1904 (6th son of Naum & Sally Gaskill) Serinda L., his wife, 1840-1921 (2nd wife.  
    Maiden name Brooks)

    Sally s., daughter of Richard & Caroline Gaskill died March 7, 1848 aged 3 years 6 months (Full name:  
    Sarah Southwick)

    John S., son of Richard & Caroline Gaskill died May 24, 1874 aged 14 years 10 months 7 days.

    Gaskill:  Albert W. December 28, 1831-March 28, 1915 (8th & youngest son of Naum & Sally Gaskill.  His wife,
    Miranda Hill April 4, 1837-March 24, 1915.

    Walter A. Gaskill 1861-1946 (2nd son of Albert W. & Miranda Gaskill)

    Hattie E. Gaskill 1861-1939 (wife of Walter A. Gaskill.  Maiden name Bates)

    Edith Gaskill Johnson 1880-1976 (wife of Harry Johnson, daughter of Walter & Hattie Gaskill).

    Stella B. Gaskill 1893-1955 (youngest child of Walter & Hattie Gaskill.  Never married)

    Gaskill:  Moses U.  1869-1961 (youngest child of Albert & Miranda Gaskill).  His wife, Sarah B. 1874-1954
    (Maiden name Billings)

    Milo A. Gaskill 1863-1941 (3rd son of Albert & Miranda Gaskill)

    Gaskill:  Carleton P. 1901-  (twin son of Milo & Ethel Gaskill. Died 1974) Esther L.  1908-  (wife of Carleton
    Gaskill.  Maiden name Leas.  Died 1975)

    Albion A. Gaskill born August 18, 1864 died November 19, 1920 (youngest child of Micajah & Alzada Gaskill) .
    His wife, Abbie F. Hicks, born October 24, 1865 died May 13, 1935.

    Gaskill:  Edwin L. 1885-1978 (son of Nahum E. & Emmas Gaskill, grandson of Albert & Miranda Gaskill).  His
    wife, Pauline M. 1892-1983.

    Erle Frederick Gaskill 1888-1978 (son of Walter & Hattie Gaskill).  His wife, Myrtle Warner, 1888-1958.

    Bertha G.C. Wilson 1866-1955 (daughter of Albert & Miranda Gaskill.  Widow of both Horace S. Coleman &
    Edwin L. Wilson)

    Moses m. Coleman 1896-1919 (son of Horace & Bertha Coleman)

    Irene R. Coleman 1892-1927 (daughter of Horace & Bertha Coleman)

    Coleman:  Albert S.  1894-1966 (son of Horace & Bertha Coleman).  His wife, Emily L. 1899-   (maiden name
    Hammann).  E. Jane 1992-  (daughter of Albert & Emily Coleman.

    Kenneth F. Gibbs 1909-1975.  His wife, Thelma Gaskill 1911-1977 (Full name:  Mae Thelma.  Daughter of
    Erle & Myrtle Gaskill)

    Richard M. Gaskill born August 13, 1921 died July 17, 1971 (son of Erle & Myrtle Gaskill)

    John F. Gaskill 1926-  (son of Erle & Myrtle Gaskill).  His wife, Dorothy M. Murray, 1928-  .  John F. Gaskill, Jr.  
    1955-1971 (son of John F. & Dorothy Gaskill)

    Dale Alan Gaskill March 18-July 10, 1960

    Terry Dale Munhall January 21, 1934-March 26, 1984 (son of Lawrence B. & Elsie Munhall, grandson of Erle
    & Myrtle Gaskill).

    Gaskill Family Cemetery, Blackstone, MA
    James M. Holmes, Westboro, MA 1993

    This cemetery is located in Blackstone, Mass., on one of the roads from Mendon to Blackstone.  It is located
    directly in back of a newer house.  The cemetery has not been taken care of, consequently there were
    numerous trees in the lot until recently when the person living in the house in front of the cemetery cut them
    down.  Nonetheless, there is a good deal of low brush in the cemetery.  The cemetery is surrounded on four
    sides by a stone wall in very good condition.

    Note from E. Jane Coleman:  This cemetery was cleared in 1993 by Eagle Scout, Craig Cousineau.  
    Reference Milford Daily News Article, August 3, 1993, Paula Kurczy, Milford Daily News Staff.

    Abigail M., daughter of Levi S. & Mary Ross, died May 4, 1858 aged 5 years 5 months & 8 days.

    Otis Gaskill, son of Asa Gaskill died October 25, 1871 in the 66th year of his age.

    Loring William, son of William & _____ Kelly, died July 10, 1844 aged 7 months.

    Lucinda, wife of Cornelius Metcalf & daughter of Willard & Hannah Wilcox, died May 23, 1854 aged 43 year
    1m 23 d.

    Abigail, wife of Jonathan Cass, died July 24, 1845, aged 58.

    Johnathan Cass, died January 11, 183_ aged 18

    Aza Gaskill died August 5, 1863 in the 88th year of his age.

    Mary E. died August 30, 1812 aged 3 weeks 2 days (surname unreadable).

    David son of ____ Metcalf died _____1831?

    Elisha Gaskill, died August 26, 1867 aged 72 years.

    Olive, wife of Elisha Gaskill, died November 9, 1830 aged 29 years.

    Sarah L., wife of Elisha Gaskill, died September 9, 1858, aged 56 years.

    Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Elisha & Sarah Gaskill, died March 14, 1837 aged 3 years.

    James, son of Elisha & Sarah Gaskill, died February 14, 1844, aged 5 years 9 m 8 d.

    Edward B. Gaskill, February 20, 1836-May 29, 1913.

    Lebbeus Gaskill, died February 9, 1863, aged 69 yr 7 10d.

    Peter J., son of Peter & Hannah Gaskill, died September 18, 1846 aged 43 years 4 mos. 13 days.

    Esther, wife of Peter Gaskill, daughter Samuel & Sarah Scott of Wrentham, Mass died November 22, 1846
    aged 86 years.

    Peter Gaskill, died May 17, 1846 in the 84th year of his age.

    Hannah Gaskill, wife of Peter Gaskill, died July 1, 1809 in the 47the year of her age.

    Abby T., wife of Samuel H. Gaskill, daughter of Welcome & Sally Thayer, died April 1, 1870 in the 45th year of
    her age.

    Gilbert Gaskill, son of George & Data Gaskill, died August 11, 1867 aged 44 year 9 m 12 d.

    Rhoda, daughter of George & Data Gaskill, died January 28, 1845, aged 36.

    George Gaskill, died July 8, 1848, aged 67.

    Data, wife of George Gaskill, died February 16, 1848 aged 59 years.

    David M. Gaskill, born November 9, 1824 d. March 7, 1895.

    Mary E., wife of David M. Gaskill, b. May 25, 1825 d. Mary 11, 1871.

    Edwinn L. Gaskill, b. October 14, 1861, d. October 12, 1882.

    This cemetery is located in Blackstone, Mass., on one of the roads from Mendon to Blackstone.  It is located
    directly in back of a newer house.  The cemetery has not been taken care of, consequently there were
    numerous trees in the lot until recently when the person living in the house in front of the cemetery cut them
    down.  Nonetheless, there is a good deal of low brush in the cemetery.  The cemetery is surrounded on four
    sides by a stone wall in very good condition.

    Note from E. Jane Coleman:  This cemetery was cleared in 1993 by Eagle Scout, Craig Cousineau.  See
    Milford Daly News, Tuesday, August 3, 1993, Daily News Staffer, Paula Kurczy.

    Old Cemetery Mendon
    Mendon’s Oldest Cemetery

    Compiled by Alice Pickering Palladini,
    Curator, The Mendon Historical Society
    As reported in Mendon Gazette & Blackstone Valley View, July 26, 1993  Volume 2 No 13

    Old cemeteries are sculptured, cared-for gardens that befit the sacred function they provide:  a sanctuary for
    the dead.

    In Mendon, our Old Cemetery, located at the junction of Main Street, providence Road, and George Street is a
    unique and historic burying ground of 2.15 acres.  Mendon’s early proprietors all settle within two miles of
    this yard, and “in the main their mortal dust probably lieth here.”  Only one of the early settlers, Abraham
    Staples, has an inscribed stone, and this stone was erected only many years after his death.  It is the written
    that Old Cemetery was established by a vote of the Town of Mendon on February 2, 1669 and is the oldest
    one of seventeen within the bounds of the Town.

    A Presidential Visitor

    On August 19, 1910 President William Howard Taft and Governor Draper honored Mendon with a visit, where
    they found Old Cemetery in its worst condition ever, with heavy growth of bushes and ugly briars spread over
    much of the yard.  Soon after, the Mendon Historical Society raised funds to better the condition of the
    cemetery.  They voted “that said sum be expended under the direction of Horace C. Adams.”  Mr. Adams
    proved to be the right man for the job as the ancient yard was practically transformed.

    Artful Gravestones

    At that time it was recorded there were 260 graves with inscribed headstones and a much greater number
    that had only wall or fieldstones as markers.  Many of these had only initials carved into them.

    Slate or sandstone was used for early gravestones, and many did not survive our New England weather;
    many other have been lost through vandalism.   The remaining stone designs and inscriptions, and their
    grounds, are an irreplaceable collection of folklore and art and should be preserved as though they were
    priceless paintings.  Tones of unusual design and decoration include the stone of Mrs. Lucy Maynard, who
    died in 1793.  A rubbing taken of this stone by Edmund Vincent Gillon, Jr., author of Early New England
    Gravestone Rubbings, was published by Dover Publications Inc., New York, in 1966.  Many stones have the
    fearsome Death’s Head (skull) design with wings or the Winged Angel.  Others have Willow and Urn
    designs.  Particularly notable is the portrait stone of Rev. Grindall Rawson.  These stones exemplify the
    craftsmanship of the stonecutter, engraver and motif of the era.

    A large number of Revolutionary soldiers are buried with the confines of Old Cemetery; about 40 of them
    were located and honorably marked by the Mendon Historical Society on August 7, 1912.  Capt. William
    Torrey, whose remains are in Old Cemetery, was the great-grandfather of President Taft.  President Taft also
    sent a check to the Society to pay for the S.A.R. markers placed on his ancestors’ graves at Old Cemetery.

    The cemetery probably never again had as distinguished a visitor as President Taft; however, it is visited
    almost daily my many descendents of our founders and early settlers.  As you walk through its well cared-for
    grounds  and ancient stones, you will see various names from Mendon’s past:  Aldrich, Ammidon, Chapin,
    Davenport, Harding, Hastings, Holbrook, Metcalf, Rawson, Rockwood, Staples, Thayer, Taft, Torry, Tyler,
    Whipple, Wood, and many others.

    Past Meets present

    The good work done at this historic Old Cemetery in 1912 has continued throughout the years to the present.  
    Our town has preserved this sanctuary for the dead that served a sacred function.  Cemeteries are scenic
    landscapes to be enjoyed, and our Old Cemetery has been a monument to our individual and collective past.  
    It reflects views of life; prominent citizens and just plain folks are represented at every site, gathered in
    perpetuity.  Mendon should be proud of this historic site, Old Cemetery.

    The following was compiled by E. Jane Coleman, 1993.

    Mendon’s Old Cemetery, or Burying Ground, was established by vote of the Town of Mendon, February 2,
    1669 and is the oldest one within the original bounds of the Town.  Mendon’s early proprietor’s all settled
    within two miles of this graveyard.  Many of the early settlers were buried here but only one of them, Abraham
    Staples, has an inscribed headstone erected many years after his death.

    Page 122.  Annals of Mendon, 1694.  “It was voted that Jacob Aldrich might improve the whole tract laid out for
    ‘a burying place’, for a pasture (only excluding all swine) so long as he shall keep it inclosed with a five-rail
    fence, and allow Deacon Warfield the privilege of passage to the brook for water, he, the said Aldrich, ‘to
    subjoine his Ingagement under his hand in the publick records. …..No engagement of Jacob Aldrich being
    found upon record it presumed that he found pasturage elsewhere, and that Dea. Warfield continued to cross
    the graveyard for water without let or hindrance.”

    In 1912, it was reported that there were 260 graves that have inscribed headstones, and a much greater
    number that have only field stones, with initials and dates.  According to Mendon Vital Records, the oldest
    headstone recorded belonged to a Read who died in 1701 (exact location unknown).  Next oldest, Deborah
    Read, 1702.

    Our Old Cemetery gives us a priceless collection of early American folk art and history in the designs found
    on the gravestones.  Gravestone art began to appear in New England around 1660, but these stones are
    now hard to find.  Many interesting stones date from 1700 to 1825.  Slate and sandstone was used for early
    gravestones and some have not survived the effects of weather.  Many stones have been lost to vandalism.  
    This unusual form of folk art should be preserved.

    There were three basic motifs in early American gravestone art and all can be found in our Old Cemetery
    from the entrance to the southern part of the graveyard.  Other examples of this art can be found in other parts
    of the cemetery.  Notable individuals in the community sometimes had “portrait stones” showing the excellent
    craftsmanship of the stone cutter.  Our best example is the stone of Rev. Crandall Rawson, located at the
    extreme northern edge of the graveyard.  A variety of epitaphs can be found on stones in the Old Cemetery,
    some still clearly inscribed, others weatherworn.

    The following pictures (and much more on early gravestones) are from www.histarch.uniuc.

                                                                              Winged Death’s Head

    Jonathan Hayward, 1751  ** field stone marker next to it.

    Death’s Head or Winged Death’s Head, symbol of the short-lived nature of this world and the inevitability of
    death.  (E. Jane Coleman)

                                                                                   Winged Cherub

    Margery Torry, w. of Captain William 1786 (second row below the vault).

    Col. Clavin Smith, 1802 (near first row to right of entrance).

    Winged cherub, symbol of the resurrected soul in heaven.  (E. Jane Coleman)

                                                                                 Willow and Urn

    Willis Brunson, 1805.  (first row to right of entrance) good epitaph.  Unusual design and decoration Mrs. Lucy
    Maynard (near Brunson stone)

    Willow and Urn, late 18th century symbol, drove out older symbols, but faded away during first third of 19th
    century (1800-1830).  White marble rectangles replaced designs about 1840.  (E. Jane Coleman)

    Epitaph’s found in Old Cemetery, Mendon

    1793 – Lucy Maynard, age 55,
    An amiable mother  a loving wife
    Who of the small pox departed this life.  
    Now beneath these clods
    Lies waiting the call of Christ her saviour
    Who is all in all

    This gravestone has an unusual design and a rubbing was made by Edmund Vincent Gillon, Jr., author of
    Early New England Gravestone Rubbings, published by Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1966.  The
    gravestone is partially shown on Plate 137 of this book.  

    1805 – Willis Brunson, age 29,
    Life is uncertain death is sure
    Sin was the wound but Christ the cure  
    Unto your Great Creator then
    Be reconciled ye sons of men

    Both stones above, first row to right of entrance Old Cemetery.

    1821 – Mary Taft, age 79
    My time is spent My days are past
    Eternity must count the rest
    My glass is out my race is run
    The holy will of God is done

    1813 – Sally Thompson, age 33
    Farewell my spouse, Your children dear
    My parents and all kindred near
    May we meet in realms above
    There to dwell in peace and love

    1842 – Solomon (Zolman) Green, age 73
    Sharp were his pains his trials long
    His faith was great his patience strong
    No murmuring thought disturbed his breast
    What Jesus ordered he thought best.

    1821 – Zebulon Goss, age 85
    Draw near my friends & take a thought
    How soon the grave may be your lot
    Make sure of Christ while life remains
    And death will be eternal gain.

    1818 – Mary Goss, wife of Zebulon, age 77
    Behold and see as you pass by
    As you are now so once was I
    As I am now so you may be
    Prepare for death and follow me

    1779 – Samuel Lovett, age 23
    Depart my friends
    Wipe off your tears
    Here I must lie
    Till Christ appears

    Pine Hill Cemetery
    Located on left-hand side of Providence Road, between Mendon and Blackstone heading toward

    Article from Worcester Telegram, Monday, February 26, 1968

    May Become Historical Site

    Mendon Voters to Act on Cemetery Proposal.

    Mendon – The town’s oldest burying ground will become an historical site if voters approve the proposal at
    the March town Meeting.

    The Mendon Historical Society is sponsoring the move for preservation and care of the town’s oldest
    landmark with two articles in the town warrant.  Article 9 seeks town taking of Pine Hill Cemetery on
    Providence Street, near the Blackstone line, and Article 10 seeks $300 to be spent on care of the cemetery.

    Early records show that the cemetery was used as a burial ground by the Indians before the first white
    settlers came to Mendon in 1666.  The early residents began to use the cemetery after the town settlement
    was re-established here following its destruction in King Philip’s War.

    Gravestones in the cemetery bear names of Daniels, Pickering, Scotts, Thayers and other early settlers,
    whose descendants have since migrated to every section of the country.

    Burials to Be Stopped.

    Under the proposed historical site, there would be no more burials in the cemetery.  However, since so many
    families used the cemetery in past centuries, there has been an occasional burial even in the present century.

    There are at least 10 known Revolutionary war soldiers buried in the cemetery and other gravestones bear
    names of men who served in other early wars of the country.

    Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Scott, descendants of the early settlers cared for the cemetery for several years.  The
    Scotts resided in Woonsocket, RI, and came here to care for the burying ground.  They recently moved to St.
    Petersburg, FL and requested the historical society to take steps to have the cemetery preserved as an
    historical site.

    Action Proposed

    Mrs. Vestella Daniels, president of the society, assisted by other local members, conferred with selectmen
    and Finance Committee members, and the town meeting action was proposed.

    Mrs. Daniels families are descendants of one of the town’s first settlers, Capt. Eleazer Daniels.  Capt.
    Daniels and five succeeding generations of descendants are buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery.

    Other local members of the Society assisting in the move include the Misses Anna and Clara Pond, Mrs. Fred
    Snow, Mrs. Sumner Coleman, Miss Jane Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. G. Arthur Small and Atty. Shelley D. Vincent
    and Mrs. Vincent.  End Article.

    Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Pine Hill Cemetery (received from Louisa Snow in 1963)

    The 10 graves for which Mendon Historical Society procured markers and erected them in 1963:
    David Daniels
    David Daniels, Jr.
    Joseph Daniels
    Moses Daniels
    Capt. Benjamin Thayer
    Ichabod Thayer
    Joseph Thayer
    Joseph Thayer, Jr.
    Nicholas Thayer
    Samuel Thayer

    Quaker Cemetery, George Street
    Written by Clara Pond shortly before her death and published in Milford Daily News January 18, 1963


    There has been considerable interest in local history awakened by the recent transfer of a deed of the Old
    Quaker Cemetery in Mendon to the Swan Dale Cemetery Association of the same place.  Do you know the
    following bit of history?  In 1729 a frame building was constructed on a half-acre of land near the center of the
    town, which became the Meeting House of the Smithfield Monthly Meeting of Friends, and public worship was
    held there at regular stated times for 112 years when in 1841 services were discontinued.  Nine years later
    “the Meeting House was sold to and torn down by Col. Israel Plummer who used its timbers to build a depot
    on the line of the Providence and Worcester R.R. in Northbridge at the granite quarry” –according to the Town
    Annals of Mendon.

    The deed for the above mentioned land originally was issued by Moses Aldrich and Samuel Thayer (both of
    Mendon) for the sum of 10 pounds to three Mendon yeomen, namely – George Aldrich, Joseph Allen and
    George Smith, acting as agents for the Society of Christian people known by the name of “Quakers”.  It was
    signed on the 4th of July in the 32nd year of the Reign of George II, the Crown King of Great Britain.

    This half-acre parcel was bounded on the east with land belonging to Moses Aldrich, on the west to Samuel
    Thayer (whose wife was the sister of Moses), on the north by a highway later named “George” street, and on
    the south by the now non-existent “Quaker Lane”, extending from Gaskill street to the Providence highway
    and parallel to George street.

    The Meeting House, facing south, was located in the center of the yard with sheds at the south-west corner
    near the lane.  In the remaining part are graves of the Friends, none having head-stones up to the year of
    1850, and then only field stone markers.

    Sometime ago, from the Smithfield Monthly Meeting, Mr. Marcus M. Aldrich obtained a list of people buried
    here, and it includes the names of Aldrich, Allen, Davenport, Kelly, Smith, Streeter and their children.

    Moses Aldrich, the former co-owner of the above mentioned land, became a celebrated Friends preacher.  
    He was the son of Jacob, and grandson of George Aldrich, one of the Founders of Mendon.  He was the
    guiding spirit of his followers everywhere he ministered, and “held in high esteem by his religious
    denomination, traveled as an approved minister extensively in various parts of the United States of America,
    the West Indies, England and Ireland”.  Born at Mendon, in 1690, married Hannah White at the age of twenty-
    one in 1711, and was blessed with twelve children.  H died in his 71st year in 1761, and was buried in the
    Mendon Quaker Cemetery west of the site of the Meeting House in which he had preached about thirty years.

    On May 19, 1948, the Mendon Historical Society placed a durable granite marker at his grave, which up to that
    time had been indicated only by a wild cherry tree.  Since then, the cemetery has been completely cleared of
    underbrush, saplings, ivy, etc. by contributions for this work from interested citizens and the Historical Society.

    To keep the yard as it should be kept, a fund large enough is necessary so that the interest from it will be
    sufficient to take care of preventing the enclosure from ever growing up to brush and trees again.

    At the entrance on George Street there has been placed a black-on-white lettered metal marker, hand-
    painted by Mrs. G. Arthur Small, reading:

    Site of
    Friends Meeting House
    And Cemetery
    1729 – 1850

    The sign was donated by Mrs. Small last fall and is a clear indicator to any person seeking to identify this
    particular spot in the historic town of Mendon.

    From a Quaker Descendant.

    Quaker Cemetery- Mendon

    Quaker Cemetery, Mendon, was located on George Street.  Mr. Timothy Ellis, who lived on George Street in
    the house occupied in 1948 by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harding, told this list of names to Marcus M. Aldrich
    about 1900.  These people were buried in the Quaker cemetery.

    Aldrich, Moses – Quaker preacher-lies on the west side with wild cherry tree at headstone, and other graves
    on either side, are supposed to be his near kin.

    Smith, Charles – lies at south end of the Aldrich row of graves.

    Davenport, Charles-lies in next row of graves east of the Aldrich row.  End grave Sough.  His first wife lies next
    to his north.

    Streeters – Three small graves with stones at ends east of Mrs. Davenport’s are Streeter children from
    Streeter’s Hill.

    Staples – the row of graves south of the Aldrich graves and beyond are Staples.  George, next, his wife, next
    Abijah and his wife.

    Kelley – in the northeast corner, the graves are Nathan Allen.  Mr. Ellis thinks the others in the row are Allens.

    The wall on the south side is in the center of an old road, formerly called Quaker Lane.  The Meeting House
    was in the center of the yard or nearly, with sheds at southeast near road.  Meeting House and sheds facing

    Persons buried there – from Smithfield
    Monthly Meeting of Friends, R. Batty

    Union Cemetery in Mendon

    Records of the establishment of Union Cemetery in Mendon in 1849, Albeeville or 7th School District.  The
    cemetery shows on the 1870 map or Mendon and is off the road known as Lovell Street.  The following
    meeting minutes were given to the Mendon Historical Society in April 1978 by Mrs. J. Wheelock Towns of
    Uxbridge, MA.

    A note from the transcriber:  Since I am working from copies of copies and the minutes found here are in
    formal script from 1849 written with a quill pen with many “ink spots”, I will not include a transcript of this
    information for fear of providing inaccurate data.  If you are interested, copies may be found at Taft Public
    Library.  I can tell you that included in this documentation is the following:
    •        First meeting minutes establishing the objectives of the Association
    •        First minutes are signed by John Metcalf, Justice of the Peace, who took the minutes until a Clerk could
    be elected.
    •        Subsequent meeting minutes electing a moderator and Treasurer
    •        The Rules and Regulations established by the Association.
    •        Treasurer’s Report of Receipts and Disbursements
    •        Deed to the property
    Sharon Cutler, March 2009

    Note from E. Jane Coleman:

    Traces of the Union Cemetery, off Lovell Street, in the Albeeville section of Mendon, may still be seen.  It is not
    known how many graves are located there but a few have been identified as those of Wheelocks, Staples
    and Freemans who at one time lived in that section of Mendon (see 1831 map and 1870 map).  Fences and
    stones have broken down although present abutters attempt to keep the area cleared.  The cemetery area
    bounds land belonging to Clara Hickmott Morton and her son.  What is now Clara Hickmott Morton’s land
    was once that of a Freeman.
    May 1978, E. Jane Coleman

    Wood Cemetery
    Mendon Has Quaint Cemetery
    By Gordon E. Hopper
    Milford Daily News (date unknown)

    The is a very small and old cemetery on Hartford Avenue West in a rural section of Mendon.  It sets back a
    distance from the street and during the summer months the growth makes it almost impossible to be seen
    from the street.

    During the remainder of the year it can easily be seen although there is no road leading to this cemetery nor
    is there any vault associated with it.

    An investigation showed that this had been a private cemetery for the Wood family of Mendon.  Grace Wood
    Hutchinson who lives on Mowry Street near the old cemetery is one of the remaining descendants of this old

    Dimensions of the cemetery are approximately 40 by 25 feet and it is closed inside a four-rail round metal bar
    fence.  The rails are installed between 21 vertical granite posts which are about 12 inches square and four
    feet above the ground.

    The one entranceway between two granite posts is secured by a single rail across the top of the posts and
    two chains across the opening.  There are no signs of a gate having been installed between the posts.

    The cemetery contains a total of about 20 stones including footstones with some of the smaller ones not
    being marked.  Lettering on all the larger stones face the entrance gate side of the cemetery.

    There is a pair of matched stones in one of the front corners of the cemetery.  One of them is marked Lewis
    Wood, 1800-1881, the other is marked Sophie Wood, wife of Lewis, who died in 1863 at the age of 64 years.

    Her stone carries the following verse:
    “Sickness sore long time she bore
    Physicians were in vain
    Till God thought best to give her rest
    And freed her from all pain”

    One small footstone near these two stones is marked L. W.

    Next to the pair of stones is a beautiful tall granite stone with a single polished surface.  It marks the grave of
    Obadiah Wood who died in 1852 and it includes the verse:

    “We have missed him on earth
    May we meet him in Heaven.”
    This stone also carries the name of his wife Algy M., who died in 1859 and includes the verse:
    “She is not dead, but sleepeth”
    The nice memorial stone is mounted on a double granite base marked WOOD and it has a pointed top.

    Adjacent to this stone is one for Hannah B., wife of Alexander H. Allen and daughter of Obadiah and Elsa
    Wood.  1802-1855.  These words have been carved on the face of the stone:
    “An affectionate and devoted wife and daughter”

    Another tall stone contains the names of Joseph Hill, who died in 1863 at the age of 63 years and Mary W.
    Hill, who died in 1885 at the age of 82 on one of the polished sides.

    The name of Obadiah W. Hill who died in 1905 at the age of 71 years appears on another surface while that
    of Richard H. Hill who was 64 years old when he died in 1895 appears on the third side.

    The symbol of a fraternal organization has been cut into one of the polished surfaces and this tone also rests
    on a double granite base marked Hill.  Two small stones nearby are marked “OWH” and “RHH”.

    What is probably the tallest stone in the old Wood family cemetery is found on a granite base marked
    WOOD.  It is marked on two sides as being the resting place for Abadiah W. Wood who died in 1863 at the
    age of 54 years and his wife, Rebecca F., who died during that same year at the age of 51.

    The other surface on this stone includes the name of Mary E., their daughter, who died in 1866 at the age of
    only 20 years.

    The shaft of this monument has a hand cut into it with the first finger pointing straight up.  Above the had are
    the words, “There is rest above”.

    Three small stones nearby are marked “FATHER”, “MOTHER”, and “SISTER”.

    Another stone is marked Watee M., wife of Jesse Aldrich, formerly wife of Jesse Wood.  She died in 1851 at
    the age of 66 years.

    A most impressive stone is one polished on four sides, marked only on one side, and set on a double
    granite base marked WOOD.  It signifies the burial spot of Perry Wood who died in 1890 at the age of 76
    years and his wife Caroline who died in 1871 at the age of 51 years.

    Three more memorial stones are found near the rear of the cemetery.  One is a nicely shaped stone, the only
    one to get away from the more common straight line types found throughout the small cemetery.  It was
    made for Silas Taft, 1837-1871, and contains the verse:
    “How fading are the joys we dote upon.”

    Another one denotes the graves of Austin Wood, 1817-1899, and Louisa S. Bills, his wife 1822-1883.  This
    stone is a square granite column, polished on one side and installed on a double granite base marked

    Three small stones nearby are marked “L.S.W.” and “A.I.W.”, with the third one in script, being unreadable.

    The last stone indicates the burial place of a military man, Obadiah W. Hill, a member of Co. D in a regiment
    whose number is unreadable.

    Adjacent to this stone is a GAR Post 22 metal marker with an American flag attached to it.

    This small private family cemetery appears to have been in use between 1852 and 1905.  Except for
    automobile traffic on Hartford Avenue West, it is a quiet and tranquil spot.

    The cemetery overlooks a nearby farm, pasture land, and a small brook that flows through part of the
    pasture.  Nature has provided an ideal place for the old graveyard.

    Verry Cemetery
    180 Lincoln Street, Blackstone, MA

    This family cemetery is behind a home at 180 Lincoln Street which is directly opposite Dawn Street.  The
    cemetery is surrounded by a high stone & cement wall that is in very good condition.  The cemetery is
    overgrown with tall grass and poison ivy.  This cemetery is listed as G.R.17 in “Vital Records of Mendon, MA”.  
    Blackstone was a section of Mendon until 1845.

    Marianna Verry died December 21, 1927 @ 88 years {Mary Annah}

    Ellen M. Verry died February 10, 1927 @81 years.

    Sarah B. Crane died May 3, 1883 @ 51 years {daughter of Samuel & Anna Verry}

    Anna Verry died October 31, 1895 aged 87 years 6 months 29 days {maiden name Gaskill}

    Samuel Verry died December 7, 1878 aged 74 years 5 months 8 days.

    Our infant son, died October 28, 1844 {son of Samuel & Anna Verry}

    Samuel P. {Philliman} son of Samuel & Anna Verry, died September 1, 1838 at 2 years 9 months 17 days.

    In memory of Marvil F. Thayer, died December 18, 1836 @ 15 years 9 months 5 days {Marvelous Foster

    In memory of our children,
    Abel born November 2, 1844 died August 23, 1849
    Anna, born August 16, 1846 died September 3, 1849
    Deette, born September 14, 1848 died August 29, 1849
    Children of David S. & Chloe H. Wilder

    Foster Verry, Jr., son of Foster & Rachel {Holbrook} Verry, died June 30, 1836 at 14 years 8 months 27 days.  
    Mendon V.R. show died June 29, 1836.

    In memory of Albert Verry, son f Foster & Rachel Verry, died December 7, 1832 at 20 years 4 months 22 days.

    Rachael, wife of Foster Verry, died April 12, 1858 at 68 years 11 months 20 days.

    Foster Verry died April 9, 1872 at 82 years 5 months 12 days.

    James Verry, son of Nathan & Hannah Verry, died February 13, 1809 at 1 year 6 months 28 days.

    In memory of Mr. Nathan Verry, Jr. who died June 10, 1828 at 27 years 17 days {Mendon V.R. incorrectly gives
    age of 21 years 17 days}

    In memory of Mrs. Hannah Verry, wife of Nathan Verry, Esq., who died October 6, 1834 at 63 years 7 months
    26 days.

    Items on this page compiled by Sharon Cutler.

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