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    There are many references within this document that site the “Annals of Mendon” as a source.  The Annals of
    Mendon has been digitized and can be viewed on line at:

    At the annual town meeting on March 1, 1880, the following excerpt from the above book explains about its

    “The subject of the publication of a Town History was referred to a committee, and Micajah C. Gaskill,
    Putman W. Taft, Gustavus B. Williams and Julius A. George were then chosen as the committee.

    March 13th.  The committee above chosen made a report recommending the publication of a Town History,
    and were then instructed to ascertain the terms and conditions on which Dr. John G. Metcalf’s manuscript,
    entitled “Annals of Mendon,” can be procured for publication by the town, as well as the total cost of
    publication, and report at an adjourned meeting to be held April 3, proximo.

    April 3.  The committee made a verbal report that the manuscript history of the town by Dr. John G. Metcalf
    could be had for the sum of two hundred dollars and the total cost for the printing, binding and selling four
    hundred copies would be about eight hundred dollars more; whereupon the town passed the following votes
    viz: -

    Voted – that the Treasurer be authorized and directed to borrow, on the credit of the town, at the lowest
    possible rates of Interest, the sum of one thousand dollars to meet the expense necessary for the purchase
    and publication of four hundred copies or more of the manuscript history of Mendon of Dr. John G. Metcalf,
    entitled by him, “Annals of Mendon;” and said sum, or so much as may be found necessary is hereby
    appropriated for that purpose.  The note or notes issued under this vote to run one year from the date thereof,
    and before being issued, to be approved by a majority of the Selectmen and certified by them to come within
    the limit of the sum hereby voted.

    Voted – that the Committee on the Town History be authorized and directed to purchase the Manuscript
    History of Mendon, of Dr. John G. Metcalf, entitled by him, “Annals of Mendon,” and cause four hundred
    copies, at least, of the same, to be published for the town on the best possible terms and as soon as

    Voted – that the Committee on the Town History be authorized and directed to advertise and sell the edition
    of the Town History, when published, in such manner as, in their judgment, is most for the interest of the

    Voted – that the Treasurer be authorized to dispose of the Surplus Revenue Investments, in possession of
    the Town, and apply the proceeds to the redemption of outstanding Bonds of the town which mature during
    the current year.


Of the

Town of Mendon


1659 to 1880

Compiled By

John G. Metcalf, M. D.

Member of the His. Gen. and American Antiquarian Societies, Etc.

Published, Providence, RI

E. L. Freeman & Co., Printers to the State, 1880